Monday, April 30, 2012

Nana Plaza Hotels

Finding a hotel near Nana red light district is a good decision if you want to stay at a hotel that you can easily walk to Nana Entertainment Plaza (NEP). And Soi Cowboy won't be far away too because you can walk from Sukhumvit Soi 4 straight down to Soi Cowboy in 20 minutes. That's the time it should take even with tailors pestering you to buy a suit when it's hot and humid.

There are quite a few hotels I recommend that are very close to NEP and the Nana Hotel is not one of them. For one thing, it's more than a few decades old. I know it's popular and I know a bunch of Thai freelancers hang out there on the hotel's parking lot. It's still an old hotel with a 1500 Baht price tag for a room. Believe me, you can find much cleaner and newer guest friendly hotels near Nana Plaza.

Here are just a few:

Boss Suites Bangkok Hotel
Now the one hotel near Nana Plaza I really like is Boss Suites Hotel located 300 meters down Sukhumvit Soi 4, just opposite from the Woraburi Hotel, another budget girl friendly hotel I recommend. But Boss Suites is a better value. Most importantly it's less than 3 years old.

What was that? 300 meters you say? Okay so it's a 10 minute walk and I can understand if you don't want to sweat when you meet a sweetheart from Rainbow 4 go go bar.

No worries. Ask the receptionist to radio in a hotel tuk tuk and it'll take you to Nana Plaza or even to the entrance of Nana Sky Train station. Yes, it's free but tip the guy 20 Baht, it won't kill you.

I stayed in a deluxe room a few times and the room size is a little under 30 square meters. But it was as clean as can be with a nice modern touch. Though my bathroom door couldn't close completely. That's nothing to really pick about. I usually pee with my door open anyway.

The beds are soft and comfortable and the nice work desk is a great place to surf. And the hotel does provide free Wi-Fi internet access which was pretty fast.

Deluxe Room
The only thing I would suggest is to make sure that your window blinds are closed. The building configuration has the rooms windows within easy view. So if you're doing a bit of extracurricular activity with your girlfriend at night with a dim light on there's a good chance your neighbor will see. And I'm talking from experience here.

Boss Suites has a nice swimming pool and a sparse fitness room with adequate weights and nice cardio machines. And the people working at the hotel is the nicest I've ever come across. Very professional and the reception desk staff can speak English.

I give the Boss 3 shiny stars. I'd actually give it 4 but I think you guys would think I'm exaggerating. So trust me, it's a really nice hotel and worth more than what they're asking for.

There are a lot of reasons why I think Boss Suites is a recommended girl friendly hotel near Nana Plaza. But the best reason is the price tag. I paid 1500 Baht for a clean and modern deluxe room with breakfast.

A crappy old room at Nana Hotel will cost around the same. So it's a no-brainer which is better.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bangkok's Hip Hotel

The Hip Hotel in Huay Kwang
The Hip Hotel is a popular place for tourists who need a budget hotel to stay near the soapy massage parlors in the Huay Kwang district.

Natarees, Subways, Emmanuelle, Caesars and other minor soapies are a 5 to 10 minute walk to Hip Hotel.

And yes, the hotel is definitely girl friendly so guests are allowed to invite bar girls and even ladies working in the massage parlors to their rooms.

The elevator is on the first floor with only the bell hop standing by. The lobby is on the second floor right up an escalator. So you can easily bring a companion to your room without walking through lobby. Though the bell boy, who doubles as the security might discretely ask for your companion's I.D. card to keep for your safety until she leaves.

I notice that the Hip Hotel is one of the most under rated budget hotels in Bangkok. Seriously, it is. In my books it's a very clean 2 star hotel in Huay Kwang.

The Hip Hotel is only 3 stops away on the MRT subway train to Sukhumvit. The name of the MRT station close to the hotel is named Huay Kwang. So it's not far from Soi Cowboy or to transfer to the Sky Train.

And a taxi to and from Sukhumvit road should only cost around 40 to 50 Baht with no traffic, so 60 Baht at the most.

Studio Cool Room
So why do I think the Hip Hotel is under rated. Well it's got big rooms. Even their cheapest studio rooms cost around 1200 to 1400 Baht and you'll have yourself a 30 to 32 square meter room with flat screen television, audio entertainment system and in room safe. The only negative is that there Internet access is not free, which is a major no no.

There is no gym or pool. But who needs a pool when you can hop into one at a soapy massage parlor.

There are many restaurants near the Hip Hotel. And once you get onto the main road you'll find it's a place where a lot of locals live, eat and shop in. It's also a well known area where most of the ladies working in the city's sex industry keep their apartments.

The hotel is mainly used by tour companies so even though it's heavily used I really find that the hotel is well maintained and clean.

I mentioned that you can get really cheap rates for the Hip Hotel but you should book it through a discount hotel agency like Agoda.com. I noticed that the walk in rate for a studio is 1600 Baht.

Friday, April 27, 2012

The Ruamchitt Plaza Hotel - A Place to Play and Stay in Bangkok

With an updated look Ruamchitt Hotel is still one of the best budget hotels in Bangkok with Thai hookers
**Update 2018 - The Ruamchitt Hotel was renovated recently, which means they've made some money.  I'm not surprised as this post is one of my most popularly read post and can see a lot of you have booked a room at the Ruamchitt here or at least went to check prices.**

There are quite a handful of places to pick up Thai freelancers in Bangkok. But there's no place more convenient to do so than at the Thermae Bar and Coffee located right beneath the Ruamchitt Plaza Hotel on Sukhumvit road.

It's one of the most popular no joiner fee hotels near Soi Cowboy and not far at all from Nana Plaza either. But most who stay at the hotel know about Thermae and the ease of finding a companion for an hour or overnight.

Considering that a deluxe room at the Ruamchitt Hotel cost about 1600 Baht to 1900 Baht a night you can't really go wrong. You have a wide selection of restaurants to choose from. The brand new Terminal 21 shopping mall is not far. Soi Cowboy and and Nana are in easy reach. Plus the entrance to the MRT and BTS stations is super close.

A deluxe room at the Ruamchitt - Not bad
The Ruamchitt also doubles as a short time hotel too, with hourly rates going at 500 Baht. And it's most often used by patrons of the Thermae who've picked out a freelancer from the line up. (Tip: Most ladies who freelance at the Thermae don't like going long time.)

Most girls prefer to do short time where they can make the most money within a shorter time span. Lets face it, there are not many guys who can make the full 1 hour short time. And you know who you are =D

The Thermae is busiest when 10pm rolls around and anytime before then the crowd is thin with more punters than freelancers. It is possible to find some action before 10pm but it'll be slim pickings. So it's best to pay a visit after 10pm, especially on weekends at the Thermae and you may find dozens of Thai freelancers standing and sitting around the perimeter of the establishment. You might also find that all the seats are filled in by punters as well.

An early evening at the Thermae
On the ground floor of the hotel you'll find Bush Garden Pool and Bar. And it's a nice place to chill out and people watch with a live band playing inside while patrons and bar girls shoot pool. And what I mean by people watch is that there are also Thai freelancers standing right outside of the hotel's sidewalk.

You can find ladyboys standing outside of the Thermae too because none are not allowed in the premise.

The Ruamchitt is a nice clean hotel in Bangkok. And that's quite surprising given that many punters make use of their short time rooms. Considering that many upmarket hotels with upmarket room rates are being built around the Ruamchitt Hotel, it's one of the best hotel deals on Sukhumvit road and close to many adult nightlife entertainment.

A lot of tourists stay at this hotel so it's best to check current rates for Ruamchitt Plaza Hotel and book in advance to lock in a room.

More Bar Girl Friendly Hotels in Bangkok

Maxim's Inn is located between Sukhumvit road Soi 7 and 9
There are several new hotels I've come across that are girl friendly. The first is in between Soi Cowboy and Nana red light districts.

It's called Maxim's Inn and even though it's closer to Soi Cowboy you can stroll to Nana Entertainment Plaza in 10 minutes, or maybe 5 if the sidewalks of Sukhumvit road are not crowded.

Maxim's Inn is located right on Sukhumvit Soi 7/1. You can't miss the hotel and believe me it's totally easy to find. Sukhumvit Soi 7/1 is right next to an entrance for the Nana Sky Train station. But most people would know where to find Maxim's because it's near the Eden Club, a popular fantasy fulfilling brothel where men can indulge in the company of 2 ladies at the same time who go both ways if you know what I mean.

A guest's picture of a superior room at Maxim's Inn
The hotel's rooms have been done up and renovated not too long ago so the rooms should all be in good working order. It's a basic cheapish priced hotel and because of the location and proximity to shopping, eating and partying you can't go wrong. As of writing, a superior room with king sized bed and breakfast cost around 1300 Baht at Maxim's Inn.

I give the hotel a 2 star grade. The reason is that there's no swimming pool, gym or anything special. But hey, the price for a room is cheap and it's clean and you're going to be close to many adult nightlife entertainment options.

The Sukhumvit district has a lot of really affordable budget hotels under 1500THB and Maxim's Inn is on my Top 10 list of budget hotels close to Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza go go bars.

The next hotel I'd like to recommend is in Patpong's red light district. I know, I know. The go go bars at Patpong are more expensive and filled with pushy waitresses and bar girls desperate for a bar fine. And having all those leisure shoppers at the night market giving guys who enjoy go go bars and the company of a Thai lady the evil eye is off putting.

134/134/2 Silom Road
But the Lido Hotel right on Silom road is a new hotel, opened up in late 2011. And you all know how much I like new hotels in Bangkok, especially those that are guest friendly. And who doesn't like to stay at a brand new hotel with fresh linens, pillow and the lower chances of not finding old and mysterious stains.

And having a 7-Eleven shop right downstairs is always convenient.

The great thing about new hotels in Bangkok is that they'll often push out low priced hotel rates. And you'll usually find cheaper discount rates through Agoda. As of now a superior room at the Lido Millennium Hotel Silom cost around 1100 Baht with no breakfast.

Both of these hotels are confirmed as guest friendly and great options for hotels Bangkok's popular nightlife activities. Both are also relatively inexpensive with no frills service as expected. However, if you choose to stay at the Lido or Maxim you'll at least get free Wi-Fi Internet access. Also you'll have direct access to Bangkok's train systems too.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Guest Friendly Hotels in Phuket Near Bangla Road

If you have already visited Pattaya's beach and red light district then you will notice that Phuket is very much similar in geography. There is a long stretch of beach followed by a road that are next to a red light district and of course surrounded by hotels that won't charge guests a joiner fee if they wish to bring a bar girl back to their rooms.

Now Phuket is not just popular for its adult oriented nightlife. It is a popular destination in Thailand for sun and sand. It's beaches are are well known for it's crystal clear blue waters and pristine islands that dot Phuket. Compared to Pattaya, Phuket's natural beauty is a whole lot better. However, the prices for fun in the bars or even just getting around Phuket is more expensive compared to Pattaya. But compared to a beach front paradise in the West, Phuket is a real bargain and very affordable.

Phuket's red light district is medium sized and not spread out. A majority of the go go bars and beer bars are concentrated along Bangla Road. As you can see on the map, Bangla road starts right at Beach Road and the nightlife action tapers off on Rat-U-Thit Road. But it's worth a walk around the area to check out more action.

There are a lot of hotels in Phuket. And there are not a lot of guest friendly hotels. But whatever is available should be enough to accommodate tourists looking for a no joiner fee hotel near Bangla Road.

I've short listed a few recommended ones here that are very affordable and have good reviews. I've already emailed the hotels to check on their joiner fee policy already. A lot of the hotels are perfect for short time stay and you'll often get better rates if you book a room a bit longer though.

P.S. Hotel Phuket
Here is an affordable hotel 100 meters from the tail end of Bangla road where go go bars are located. It's called the P.S. Hotel. A standard room is about 1500THB or $50 USD for the night. And the rate usually includes breakfast. You can read some reviews of P.S. Hotel Phuket from Agoda.com and see that it's quiet a popular hotel in a very good spot.

Another hotel close to the action of Bangla Road is Tiger Inn. This budget hotel deserves and award for the most interesting design in Phuket. However it is quite a popular hotel for budget travelers looking for a clean place to stay. To find out what I mean check out some reviews and photos of Tiger Inn Hotel Phuket.

Tiger Inn Phuket Hotel

@ White Patong is the cheapest hotel listed here with a standard room priced around 1200THB a night. Though the quality of the hotel is not cheap. It's just that the location is a bit further away from the beach, which is only about 300 meters away. The closer the hotel property is to the beach the more it will cost. Good news is that @ White Patong hotel is right across the go go bars of Bangla Road. There are also a lot of tour agencies around so you can get a very good price just by shopping around and comparing prices. Read more guests reviews of @ White Patong Hotel Phuket and see if it's the right hotel for you.

@ White Hotel Patong Hotel Phuket
Like most of Thailand's red light districts, Phuket's is a clash of legitimate businesses among sex for sale type bars. It's sort of like Las Vegas but on overdrive. And it's one of the reasons why the country's red light districts have such a huge mix of visitor types, from honeymooners, to backpackers, to families and of course sex tourists.

As mentioned before, Phuket's nightlife district does not have a lot of guest friendly hotels. And strange as it seems some hotels only charge joiner fees during certain seasons. But I'll continue to find more hotels close to Bangla Road and the beach that are guest friendly and as soon as I do I'll post.

Phuket is very developed so there are a lot of businesses catering to tourists needs. And a lot of local businesses are able to converse in English so it's very easy to find what you need. And the beaches of Phuket are worth the trip from Bangkok or anywhere else in Thailand.