Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bangkok's Hip Hotel

The Hip Hotel in Huay Kwang
The Hip Hotel is a popular place for tourists who need a budget hotel to stay near the soapy massage parlors in the Huay Kwang district.

Natarees, Subways, Emmanuelle, Caesars and other minor soapies are a 5 to 10 minute walk to Hip Hotel.

And yes, the hotel is definitely girl friendly so guests are allowed to invite bar girls and even ladies working in the massage parlors to their rooms.

The elevator is on the first floor with only the bell hop standing by. The lobby is on the second floor right up an escalator. So you can easily bring a companion to your room without walking through lobby. Though the bell boy, who doubles as the security might discretely ask for your companion's I.D. card to keep for your safety until she leaves.

I notice that the Hip Hotel is one of the most under rated budget hotels in Bangkok. Seriously, it is. In my books it's a very clean 2 star hotel in Huay Kwang.

The Hip Hotel is only 3 stops away on the MRT subway train to Sukhumvit. The name of the MRT station close to the hotel is named Huay Kwang. So it's not far from Soi Cowboy or to transfer to the Sky Train.

And a taxi to and from Sukhumvit road should only cost around 40 to 50 Baht with no traffic, so 60 Baht at the most.

Studio Cool Room
So why do I think the Hip Hotel is under rated. Well it's got big rooms. Even their cheapest studio rooms cost around 1200 to 1400 Baht and you'll have yourself a 30 to 32 square meter room with flat screen television, audio entertainment system and in room safe. The only negative is that there Internet access is not free, which is a major no no.

There is no gym or pool. But who needs a pool when you can hop into one at a soapy massage parlor.

There are many restaurants near the Hip Hotel. And once you get onto the main road you'll find it's a place where a lot of locals live, eat and shop in. It's also a well known area where most of the ladies working in the city's sex industry keep their apartments.

The hotel is mainly used by tour companies so even though it's heavily used I really find that the hotel is well maintained and clean.

I mentioned that you can get really cheap rates for the Hip Hotel but you should book it through a discount hotel agency like Agoda.com. I noticed that the walk in rate for a studio is 1600 Baht.

1 comment:

  1. Not recommended.

    Not frequented by locals, frequented by
    Mainland Chinese.

    Over-run by Chinese tourists who bring
    their bad manners to the dining room
    (taking all the butter, half of the french
    toast on one plate), the entrance (standing
    and blocking the entire entryway in a large
    group in standard Chinese oblivion
    fashion), and the local shops (clogging the
    lines aisles and checkout).

    The local legit Thai oil massage (Green
    sign, opposite Hip/Palazzo, next to parking
    lot) robbed me of my room key, MRT pass,
    and 1500 Bhat.

    I ordered a sandwich from room service,
    they sent sauteed Chinese veggies and rice.
    The attendant simply grunted when I pointed
    this out. Reception did not say anything
    when I mentioned this to them.

    I checked out a day early and left

    They did not care, so I do not care and
    give them a very negative review.