Monday, April 30, 2012

Nana Plaza Hotels

Finding a hotel near Nana red light district is a good decision if you want to stay at a hotel that you can easily walk to Nana Entertainment Plaza (NEP). And Soi Cowboy won't be far away too because you can walk from Sukhumvit Soi 4 straight down to Soi Cowboy in 20 minutes. That's the time it should take even with tailors pestering you to buy a suit when it's hot and humid.

There are quite a few hotels I recommend that are very close to NEP and the Nana Hotel is not one of them. For one thing, it's more than a few decades old. I know it's popular and I know a bunch of Thai freelancers hang out there on the hotel's parking lot. It's still an old hotel with a 1500 Baht price tag for a room. Believe me, you can find much cleaner and newer guest friendly hotels near Nana Plaza.

Here are just a few:

Boss Suites Bangkok Hotel
Now the one hotel near Nana Plaza I really like is Boss Suites Hotel located 300 meters down Sukhumvit Soi 4, just opposite from the Woraburi Hotel, another budget girl friendly hotel I recommend. But Boss Suites is a better value. Most importantly it's less than 3 years old.

What was that? 300 meters you say? Okay so it's a 10 minute walk and I can understand if you don't want to sweat when you meet a sweetheart from Rainbow 4 go go bar.

No worries. Ask the receptionist to radio in a hotel tuk tuk and it'll take you to Nana Plaza or even to the entrance of Nana Sky Train station. Yes, it's free but tip the guy 20 Baht, it won't kill you.

I stayed in a deluxe room a few times and the room size is a little under 30 square meters. But it was as clean as can be with a nice modern touch. Though my bathroom door couldn't close completely. That's nothing to really pick about. I usually pee with my door open anyway.

The beds are soft and comfortable and the nice work desk is a great place to surf. And the hotel does provide free Wi-Fi internet access which was pretty fast.

Deluxe Room
The only thing I would suggest is to make sure that your window blinds are closed. The building configuration has the rooms windows within easy view. So if you're doing a bit of extracurricular activity with your girlfriend at night with a dim light on there's a good chance your neighbor will see. And I'm talking from experience here.

Boss Suites has a nice swimming pool and a sparse fitness room with adequate weights and nice cardio machines. And the people working at the hotel is the nicest I've ever come across. Very professional and the reception desk staff can speak English.

I give the Boss 3 shiny stars. I'd actually give it 4 but I think you guys would think I'm exaggerating. So trust me, it's a really nice hotel and worth more than what they're asking for.

There are a lot of reasons why I think Boss Suites is a recommended girl friendly hotel near Nana Plaza. But the best reason is the price tag. I paid 1500 Baht for a clean and modern deluxe room with breakfast.

A crappy old room at Nana Hotel will cost around the same. So it's a no-brainer which is better.

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