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Guest Friendly Hotels in Phuket Near Bangla Road

If you have already visited Pattaya's beach and red light district then you will notice that Phuket is very much similar in geography. There is a long stretch of beach followed by a road that are next to a red light district and of course surrounded by hotels that won't charge guests a joiner fee if they wish to bring a bar girl back to their rooms.

Now Phuket is not just popular for its adult oriented nightlife. It is a popular destination in Thailand for sun and sand. It's beaches are are well known for it's crystal clear blue waters and pristine islands that dot Phuket. Compared to Pattaya, Phuket's natural beauty is a whole lot better. However, the prices for fun in the bars or even just getting around Phuket is more expensive compared to Pattaya. But compared to a beach front paradise in the West, Phuket is a real bargain and very affordable.

Phuket's red light district is medium sized and not spread out. A majority of the go go bars and beer bars are concentrated along Bangla Road. As you can see on the map, Bangla road starts right at Beach Road and the nightlife action tapers off on Rat-U-Thit Road. But it's worth a walk around the area to check out more action.

There are a lot of hotels in Phuket. And there are not a lot of guest friendly hotels. But whatever is available should be enough to accommodate tourists looking for a no joiner fee hotel near Bangla Road.

I've short listed a few recommended ones here that are very affordable and have good reviews. I've already emailed the hotels to check on their joiner fee policy already. A lot of the hotels are perfect for short time stay and you'll often get better rates if you book a room a bit longer though.

P.S. Hotel Phuket
Here is an affordable hotel 100 meters from the tail end of Bangla road where go go bars are located. It's called the P.S. Hotel. A standard room is about 1500THB or $50 USD for the night. And the rate usually includes breakfast. You can read some reviews of P.S. Hotel Phuket from Agoda.com and see that it's quiet a popular hotel in a very good spot.

Another hotel close to the action of Bangla Road is Tiger Inn. This budget hotel deserves and award for the most interesting design in Phuket. However it is quite a popular hotel for budget travelers looking for a clean place to stay. To find out what I mean check out some reviews and photos of Tiger Inn Hotel Phuket.

Tiger Inn Phuket Hotel

@ White Patong is the cheapest hotel listed here with a standard room priced around 1200THB a night. Though the quality of the hotel is not cheap. It's just that the location is a bit further away from the beach, which is only about 300 meters away. The closer the hotel property is to the beach the more it will cost. Good news is that @ White Patong hotel is right across the go go bars of Bangla Road. There are also a lot of tour agencies around so you can get a very good price just by shopping around and comparing prices. Read more guests reviews of @ White Patong Hotel Phuket and see if it's the right hotel for you.

@ White Hotel Patong Hotel Phuket
Like most of Thailand's red light districts, Phuket's is a clash of legitimate businesses among sex for sale type bars. It's sort of like Las Vegas but on overdrive. And it's one of the reasons why the country's red light districts have such a huge mix of visitor types, from honeymooners, to backpackers, to families and of course sex tourists.

As mentioned before, Phuket's nightlife district does not have a lot of guest friendly hotels. And strange as it seems some hotels only charge joiner fees during certain seasons. But I'll continue to find more hotels close to Bangla Road and the beach that are guest friendly and as soon as I do I'll post.

Phuket is very developed so there are a lot of businesses catering to tourists needs. And a lot of local businesses are able to converse in English so it's very easy to find what you need. And the beaches of Phuket are worth the trip from Bangkok or anywhere else in Thailand.

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