Friday, April 27, 2012

The Ruamchitt Plaza Hotel - A Place to Play and Stay in Bangkok

With an updated look Ruamchitt Hotel is still one of the best budget hotels in Bangkok with Thai hookers
**Update 2018 - The Ruamchitt Hotel was renovated recently, which means they've made some money.  I'm not surprised as this post is one of my most popularly read post and can see a lot of you have booked a room at the Ruamchitt here or at least went to check prices.**

There are quite a handful of places to pick up Thai freelancers in Bangkok. But there's no place more convenient to do so than at the Thermae Bar and Coffee located right beneath the Ruamchitt Plaza Hotel on Sukhumvit road.

It's one of the most popular no joiner fee hotels near Soi Cowboy and not far at all from Nana Plaza either. But most who stay at the hotel know about Thermae and the ease of finding a companion for an hour or overnight.

Considering that a deluxe room at the Ruamchitt Hotel cost about 1600 Baht to 1900 Baht a night you can't really go wrong. You have a wide selection of restaurants to choose from. The brand new Terminal 21 shopping mall is not far. Soi Cowboy and and Nana are in easy reach. Plus the entrance to the MRT and BTS stations is super close.

A deluxe room at the Ruamchitt - Not bad
The Ruamchitt also doubles as a short time hotel too, with hourly rates going at 500 Baht. And it's most often used by patrons of the Thermae who've picked out a freelancer from the line up. (Tip: Most ladies who freelance at the Thermae don't like going long time.)

Most girls prefer to do short time where they can make the most money within a shorter time span. Lets face it, there are not many guys who can make the full 1 hour short time. And you know who you are =D

The Thermae is busiest when 10pm rolls around and anytime before then the crowd is thin with more punters than freelancers. It is possible to find some action before 10pm but it'll be slim pickings. So it's best to pay a visit after 10pm, especially on weekends at the Thermae and you may find dozens of Thai freelancers standing and sitting around the perimeter of the establishment. You might also find that all the seats are filled in by punters as well.

An early evening at the Thermae
On the ground floor of the hotel you'll find Bush Garden Pool and Bar. And it's a nice place to chill out and people watch with a live band playing inside while patrons and bar girls shoot pool. And what I mean by people watch is that there are also Thai freelancers standing right outside of the hotel's sidewalk.

You can find ladyboys standing outside of the Thermae too because none are not allowed in the premise.

The Ruamchitt is a nice clean hotel in Bangkok. And that's quite surprising given that many punters make use of their short time rooms. Considering that many upmarket hotels with upmarket room rates are being built around the Ruamchitt Hotel, it's one of the best hotel deals on Sukhumvit road and close to many adult nightlife entertainment.

A lot of tourists stay at this hotel so it's best to check current rates for Ruamchitt Plaza Hotel and book in advance to lock in a room.

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