Tuesday, May 29, 2012

5 Best Bangkok Party Hotels

Non-Working Girls you can meet at Spasso
There is no doubt at all that partying in Bangkok is simple and easy. Because the go go bars and beer bars at the red light districts of Patpong, Nana and Soi Cowboy are so easy to find..

However, many hotels in Bangkok already have popular clubs and bars that are often raved about and worth a visit.

And these bars do have deserving reputations for having a great night out in town.

I know most guys want to know where they can find the best non go go clubs to party in Bangkok and meet girls. And there are quite a handful actually. There are clubs and bars inside of hotels where Thai freelancers ply their trade. Just don't mix them up with Thai ladies who are not actually prostitutes like I have once (or twice, I never learn), it's embarrassing.

Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel

For instance Spasso located in the luxurious 5 star Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel. Though Spasso is an Italian restaurant there is a lively club bar/atmosphere on the weekends packed with locals and tourists with money. And we all where there's money there's probably prostitutes. But a lot of high society Thai women who are not hookers also visit Spasso as well. And if you can meet one and have a freebie then my hats off to you sir! And well done!

Though prostitutes at a high class hotel bar like Spasso are usually stunners. Thus they'll demand a higher price for services. But something tells me if someone can afford a room at the Grand Hyatt then you can probably afford a high class hooker to take back to their swank room. But you can find better rates for Grand Hyatt Bangkok if you really, and I mean really have the cash and desire to spend it on a hot Thai girl. One last tip is to show up after 11pm and that's when Spasso transforms from a restaurant to a full on club.

Ambassador Hotel Bangkok

However if you're having trouble distinguishing a Thai non-working girl and a prostitute then head over to Club Climax at the basement parking level of the Ambassador Hotel.

The club is mostly patronized by foreigners who don't want the hassle of guessing who's a hooker and who's not. Club Climax attracts full time Thai freelancers. But you will find Thai ladies doing some hooking part time to supplement their income.

A night at Club Climax @ Ambassador Hotel
The club opens in the evening but the place gets busy around 10pm when the club puts on a show, usually a live music act with dancers on stage. Keep in mind there is a 200THB cover charge which includes 1 free drink and keep an ID on you. Ladies enter the premise for free.

Club Climax is one of the few after hours club in Bangkok and closes around 5am-ish. So you may find go go bar girls from Nana and Soi Cowboy flooding the club after 2am when they finish work and switch to freelancing to make some extra cash to buy that new iPhone.

I know a lot of guys love going to Club Climax because the prostitutes inside are not as cut throat and they keep their rates reasonable, 1000THB - 2000THB for an hour and around 4000THB for overnight (depending on the girls look). And the hotel's rates are reasonable too. Check out the latest hotel deals for Ambassador Hotel Bangkok and read guests reviews too.

Novotel Bangkok Siam Square

Another popular nightlife hotel in Bangkok with a club is the Novotel Bangkok. Located in the basement is a club called is Concept CM².

Surprisingly they are quite busy during the weekdays and on through Saturday. I always see reports that there are many absolute stunners inside. Personally, the few times I have gone inside I have seen few.

You can also find Russian prostitutes too. Though they look a bit rough around the edges if you know what I mean. But they are still popular mainly with Asian men.

However, I guess they like paying joiner fees too if they are staying at the Novotel Siam because it's not a guest friendly hotel at all unlike the rest of the hotels on this list. But  Concept CM² is worth a look see and the Novotel Bangkok is a good hotel to stay in even if you don't mind paying a 1000THB joiner's fee.

Le Fenix Sukhumvit

Q Bar Bangkok is one of the most famous bars right in between Nana and Soi Cowboy red light districts. Located down 300 meters from Sukhumvit road Soi 11.

Today some would argue that Q Bar's reputation is dimming slightly with so many new competing clubs. But it's still hands down one of the best places to meet Thai freelancers or even non-working ladies that want to have fun.

Or at least it's a place to look at hot women. And I'm not talking about Thai ladies. There are also hot foreign women who look like models partying.

Q Bar is not located inside of a hotel. But there is a hotel that I like to recommend across called Le Fenix Sukhumvit, less than a minute walk. Very affordable and the hotel even has a club like atmosphere. The hotel also has a nice little bar called Flow to kick back in.

There is an extra perk for staying at Le Fenix Sukhumvit and that is a free entrance to Q Bar (but not during special events). Otherwise the cover charge is 500THB which includes free drinks.

Lebua at State Tower Hotel

You're not going to find a whole lot of Thai freelancers at the Lebua's famous Sky Bar on the 63rd floor. However, the hotel has one of the most beautiful views of Bangkok by the riverside. It's great for a little bit of subdued partying, but not so good as a full on club. Probably for safety reasons too after all it is quite high up.

As I mentioned there are not a lot of prostitutes in Sky Bar. There might even be none. Though I have seen a few at the lobby of the hotel sitting around. Some would say it's a shame too since the hotel does allow their guests to bring bar girls from the go go bars of not too far Patpong red light district back to their rooms. It's more of a place where tourists and locals just chill out and enjoy the ambiance.

But to me it's still a great place to meet with friends and talk without having to shout over ear drum blasting thumps and beats from a mega speaker.

And when you're there on the roof top restaurant and bar you might just think the surrounding area looks familiar. Well it is. Especially if you've watched a little movie called the Hangover 2 where a major scene in the movie was filmed. And the Lebua at State Tower is a recommended hotel to party in Bangkok like the Wolf Pack.

Though a lot of these party hotels in Bangkok are on the pricey side it doesn't mean you'd have to save up some more money just to pay for a hotel. In Bangkok, there are a lot of hotels with budget hotels with rates under 1500THB. And all of those hotels are located right on Sukhumvit road with direct access to finding Thai freelancers and easy walking distance to Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy.


  1. Dear James! Your blog is great help for tourist visitng Thailand,thanx for the great help. I am planing to visit Thailand alone for 1 week as a pleasure trip. Please help me how to plan to utilize this trip with maximum enjoyment (which city to visit, to do activities that give me maximum enjoyment,share great sex pleasure that is famous of thailand etc). I will plan my journey as per your advice and do booking accordingly after your reply. My main aim to utilise maximum time in sex pleasure to make my journey memorable for lifetime.
    with regards,

  2. Hello,

    Thank you for the kind comments. I'm glad I can help out.

    Whatever information you need is found right here on this blog.

    All the info is up to date. So there's no need at all for me to work on making an itinerary.

    I can recommend if staying in Thailand for a week, you should stay a few days in Bangkok and a few in Pattaya.

    Enjoy your visit!


  3. Hi James ! Thanks for your reply. Plz let me know out of 1 week, how many days i should spend in Bangkok.Which area of Bangkok and Pattaya will be ideal for stay for various activities, considering reasonable rates and convenient locations.
    with regards,

    1. Hello Rahul,

      You can split the time between Bangkok and Pattaya.

      In Bangkok, stay near either Nana Plaza or Soi Cowboy.

      In Pattaya I prefer to stay near Soi LK Metro.

      Have Fun!

  4. Hi James,

    Any recommend for L.T girls at Soi Cowboy ? Because we have a bachelor night in BKK for 4D 3N.


    1. Hello Albert,

      I really like to help you out with recommendations of ladies. However, I've stopped a long time ago because people would tell me the girls were not as friendly as expected.

      From my experience, every girl treats every customer different.

      What I suggest is before you pay that bar fine and take the bar girl out for LT, make it clear to her that she's not supposed to leave before morning, 8am, 9am etc.

      A lot of ladies are getting sly now and try to leave earlier.

      I hope this little tip helps you out.

      Good luck,

  5. I stayed at Narai Hotel in Bangkok. Good affordable hotel, nice selection of restaurants and night market nearby!

    Nice ambiance and prompt services, A mix of old style and contemporary. I would not repeat if I can, but I had a nice stay overall.