Friday, May 11, 2012

Bangkok Hotels With Girls

I receive a lot of questions regarding where one can find Thai call girls working inside guest friendly hotels in Bangkok that they can hire for sex.

Well the bad news is none. I'm not sure where people get the idea that hotels in Thailand can provide hookers for guests in the comforts of their own room. Like it's as simple as ordering room service. As far as I know Thai hotels run a legitimate business and really only care about getting tourists to fill the rooms.

Thai hotels do not play a direct role in providing hookers for guests enjoyment. Though there are plenty of hotels for example in Bangkok's Sukhumvit Road or Pattaya's Beach Road right next to beer bars to find and pick up prostitutes.

Most certainly not a typical maid in Thailand
I have also never heard of Thai housekeepers turning tricks to earn some extra cash either. But have you seen Thai housekeepers? Not the sort that you'd want to wake up to in the morning or an hour later.

I have heard of hotels in Kuala Lumpur where prostitutes go room to room knocking on doors to hunt for punters. But those occurrences typically happen in the cheaper hotels in offshoot locations of budget hotels. Perhaps that's where a lot of people get the idea and think that the hotel industry in Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket are the same.

The only possibility that I can think of where a hotel is delivering Thai bar girls straight to guests' room is not directly through the hotel itself.

Rather from the hotel staff, usually a bell boy who wants to make a nice commission by putting a nice little tax on top of what the prostitute is charging the punter.

Bell boys do have direct contact with guests especially when they spot a male checking in to a hotel all by their lonesome self near the city's red light districts.

I have been solicited by a bell hop once back awhile ago when I was visiting Bangkok. This was at a hotel near Patpong. Today it's called Furama Silom Hotel. It was a different name ages ago. When the bell boy accompanied me to my room with my bags in tow he started chatting with me, asking me questions.

Bell Boys - Great for bags, not so great for finding girls
He immediately sensed that I was not a frequent visitor to Thailand at the time. So he started asking me if I needed a guide to show me around Patpong's go go bars.

I politely declined because I knew I would have to pay for it. Yeah, I'm cheap. Anyways he then told me that he has photos of a few girls he could show me. If I like, he can send a girl to my room. Again, I politely declined.

From the look on his face he looked a little disappointed and asked if I needed a friend. It's a weird question. I replied I that have enough friends.

I wasn't being a total prick on purpose. But I'm looking to bang a bar girl. Not get banged by a bell boy who wants to make quick cash off of me.

The simple truth is I knew it's not hard to find what most single guys want in the city's playgrounds for men. I knew that Bangkok's nightlife girls are not hard to find if you'd only get out and look. There is no need to order up a girl to your room from an escort service, or through the help of the local hand in a hotel. Because you'll always end up paying more through those channels.

The the good news is you never have to go too far from a hotel near Bangkok's red light districts if you want to find Thai freelancers. As long as your hotel is in a tourist centric area such as along Sukhumvit road or close to Patpong on Silom road, it's not difficult at all to find a girl working at an establishment that's a front for prostitution.

Most of the hotels I've reviewed on this blog have map locations of not only where the hotels are located but also where the closest areas and adult establishments to have body massages, find bar girls and pick up Thai hookers.

For example Sukhumvit Soi 4 has a huge availability of prostitutes in Bangkok. The parking lot of the Nana Hotel after 9pm is where a lot of ladies gather while punters circle around like sharks in a feeding frenzy. You can go up to them, chat, and ask the ladies how much they charge. I guarantee that the price will be much cheaper than having a middle man bringing prostitutes back to your room.

A hotel that I recommend on Sukhumvit Soi 4 is the Heaven@4 Hotel. As you can see on the map below it's very close to find some action. I've even seen hookers hang out at the bar on the ground floor of the hotel. It's a hotel with budget rates and the Heaven@4 hotel management allows prostitutes to visit guests rooms.

Heaven@4 Hotel- Great location and guest friendly too!

You can also meet Thai freelancers inside club Liquid right by the Nana Hotel too, which is also right across the street from the go go bars inside Nana Entertainment Plaza. But I wouldn't recommend staying at Nana Hotel because it's quite old and the rooms are not worth the price.

Another hotel I highly recommend where you can find a lot of Thai prostitutes is the Ruamchitt Plaza Hotel. There is a bar in the basement of the hotel called Thermae. Head down there around 9pm and you'll find a handful of ladies standing around. Later on in the night there are at least 3 dozen, especially later on in the night during weekends.

So if you're planning a trip to Bangkok and it's your first time. You don't need to rely on outside help to find what you're looking for. There are plenty of useful guides to Nana and Soi Cowboy red light districts where you can find information on how much Thai bar girls and freelancers charge including where to go to find them.


  1. Hi James ! Thanks for all the useful information in blog that helps a lot to tourist visiting Thailand. I am teetotaler, not feel comfortable visiting in bars or pubs but i need a nice, decent, safe and cooperative girl with whom i could spend whole night comfortably in a hotel in Bangkok. Please suggest how and from where to get those girls at Bangkok and how much it will cost me. Can i get Non Thai girls also for this purpose at Bangkok.On my last visit to Thailand i could get only short timers. Please advice me.
    with regards,

  2. Hello Rahul,

    No worries, many visitors are just like you. My advice is relax and try to have fun.

    As for finding safe and cooperative ladies I am sorry to say I cannot help you there. For one thing, I am not a pimp.

    Another thing is many ladies will treat each other customer differently.

    You can find non thai girls in the Nana red light district, you can find Africans and Russians.

    I'm assuming you'll be visiting Thailand frequently, so there's no need to rush and pack in too much action in a short amount of time.

    Best Regards,

  3. Hi Jim !Thanks for your reply. I am extremely sorry for my query that felt you bad, my intention was not to hurt you.I am not frequent visitor to Thailand, i have visited once recently and planing to visit again in few months.You are great guide and help providing very useful information. I will need your guidance in future also, hope you will continue your support.
    with regards,

  4. Hello Rahul,

    Not quite sure where you've read into regarding I felt any bad intentions.

    Anyways, my advice as always is to relax, have fun and don't worry too much.

    No need to stress oneself on a holiday or even just planning one. Otherwise what is the point of a holiday.


  5. LOL.. this Rahul guy is a twat... hahaha a girl only wanting short time with him... thats gotta say something.. 555 ^__^