Monday, May 21, 2012

Cheap Girl Friendly Hotels Near Nana Plaza

Ahh, Nana Plaza. I know a lot of guys love that little building with 3 floors chock full of Thai gogo bar girls and aggressive Amazonian ladyboys.

And staying near Nana's go go bars is actually a pretty good choice considering it's a prime location. There is a Sky Train station and plenty of places to find food, drink and women. And with the increasing prices of having fun in the bars, there is no wonder why men are looking for cheaper places to stay around Nana, particularly in the Sukhumvit Soi 4 area.

There are the obvious hotels in the area that you can pick and choose from. One that comes to mind is the Nana Hotel, which is really famous for the hordes of hookers that stand around the hotel's parking lot entrance. The only time that I would pay a visit to the Nana Hotel is to have their pork chops for dinner. They make great pork chops.

Other than that, the hotel itself is not in great shape and at 1500THB per night you can find better, cheaper and newer hotel properties on Nana Soi 4.

I've already touched upon some great hotels in the 1500THB - 2000THB price range in this post about Nana Plaza Hotels. I can understand those rates can be a bit high for most visiting Bangkok's red light districts.

But is it possible to find a hotel that are under 1500THB in Nana? Oh yes you can! Matter of fact there are quite a lot of hotels on Sukhumvit road that are under 1300THB, am I'm talking about hotels right between Nana Plaza and down to Soi Cowboy. Though I can understand why a lot of guys like finding a place to stay right on Nana Soi 4. So here we go.

Single Studio - Majestic Suites Hotel
My first recommended cheap hotel near Nana Plaza is the Majestic Suites Hotel Bangkok and it's a 2 star hotel in my book. With taxes and set menu breakfast for 1 person, the price comes out to 1290THB per night. And that's the room rate for a 25 square meter superior room.

It's a bare bones minimal hotel but clean. The service is friendly and professional. The only real perk is you can head over to their sister hotel the Majestic Grande for a dip in their tiny pool or a workout in an equally smaller gym for free.

The Majestic is right around the corner from Nana Plaza and the Sky Train station entrance is very close.

The Majestic Suites has always been one of the most popular girl friendly hotel near Nana's go go bars. With only 55 rooms in the property you should book ahead to reserve a room for your travel dates.

I have two more cheap hotels to recommend that are run by the same management, the White Orchid Inn and Orchid Place. Both are small basic hotels but you get air conditioning, bottled water, cable television and free Wi-Fi Internet access. What else more can a guy ask for?

White Orchid Inn
The first is White Orchid Inn and it is just a 3 minute walk to Nana Plaza's go go bars.

Their standard rooms are slightly smaller than 25 square meters. There is no room safe in the hotel. So make sure you bring a lock to secure your valuables in your luggage.

There is also no elevator either. And there are 4 floors, so bear that in mind if you decide to stay there and keep the luggage to a minimum.

But you can't really expect too much. A standard room cost about 1000THB with taxes included only. It's not for everyone so I recommend reading more current reviews for White Orchid Inn to help you make a decision on whether to stay there or not.

The sister property Orchid Inn is around the corner on Sukhumvit Soi 6. It's an even smaller hotel with 19 rooms only. There is no elevator but the hotel has only 3 floors.

It's another very basic and cheap hotel surrounded by expensive ones. But it's still a decent place to stay at only 1000THB a night. Though like its sister property, you might want to read up more reviews on Orchid Place.

But overall, as long as you don't have too much expectations, then both hotels are good choices for saving some cash and spending it at Annie's soapy massage on Sukhumvit Soi 2, which is less than a 5 minute walk.

Remember that even though all of the hotels mentioned here allow you to invite bar girls to your rooms at no extra charge, they may ask your guest to leave an I.D. for security reasons. But it's also important for hotel management to check and make sure that your companion is not under-aged.

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