Saturday, June 30, 2012

July 2012 Discounts for Guest Friendly Hotels in Bangkok and Pattaya

Here is the latest list of discounts for hotels in Bangkok and Pattaya that are guest friendly. This time there are a lot of 50% off deals. It just goes to show with the low season coming up, hotels in Thailand are scrambling to get their rooms filled up.

Admiral Suites - Sukhumvit Soi 22
First off in Bangkok, the Admiral Suites Hotel on Sukhumvit Soi 22 has a 50% off deal for a superior room. With taxes the room rate is about 1500THB per night. Throw in a couple a hundred Baht more and you'll get a buffet breakfast.

What's so great about the Admiral Suites is that a superior room boasts a whopping 37 sq. m. and the room is equipped with a kitchenette and a microwave. So it's a great place to stay if you're planning to be in Bangkok for a little while.

You'll like the hotel because it's located to near a lot of oil and lotion massage parlors. The BTS Sky Train station is close by and only 1 stop from Soi Cowboy and 2 stops from Nana Plaza.

Check current rates and read reviews for Admiral Suites Hotel.

On the Pattaya red light district side I found 2 visitor friendly hotels with hefty discounts. The first place is Pattaya Holiday Lodge and they have a 30% off for standard rooms.

Okay, so they have small rooms. A standard room is only 17 sq. m. But it's a clean place to stay in South Pattaya. Though you can walk to Walking Street in 10 minutes you also have the option of taking a Baht bus for 10 Baht.

And yes it's a bare basic hotel but you'll have everything you'll need to enjoy your stay in Pattaya. There's free Wi-Fi Internet, air condition, TV and fridge.

Even though you'd have to take a stroll to Walking Street the hotel is in a good area with plenty of convenience stores and restaurants with cheap eats.

Which is not bad at all because with the 30% discount a room at the Pattaya Holiday Lodge is around 700THB per night with taxes.

The next guest friendly hotel in Pattaya I like to recommend has a 50% off discount and it's called the Aya Boutique Hotel.

The property is located just a few minutes off of Pattaya Beach and a 5 minute walking distance to the go go bars of Walking Street. However, there are many bars and massage parlors near the Aya to keep a single guy happy and entertained.

It's a higher end hotel in South Pattaya so it's best to take advantage of the rates before it's too late.

The deluxe rooms at the Aya Boutique Hotel are on sale right and with the 50% off will set you back 1750THB per night with taxes. And the rooms are big too at 33 sq. m. including a balcony or terrace.

I've been noticing that there are a lot more hotels now promoting hefty discounts. It's due to the fact that there are a lot of hotels popping up all over Bangkok and Pattaya. And they're trying the best to get your attention with attractive room rates.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Amora Neoluxe Suites Bangkok

The Amora Neoluxe Suites is a new guest friendly hotel I really enjoyed staying at for a few days recently. If I could describe the hotel in just a few words, it would be small, quaint, modern and super cool.

And the hotel's location is convenient if you love getting an oil or lotion massage from pretty Thai girls. Since the Amora is located on Sukhumvit Soi 31 there are many massage parlors that offer out call services so you can get a testicles massage (if that's your cup of tea) right in the comforts and privacy of your room.

Or you can just take a short walk up Soi 33 or the other nearby Sois and you'll find Teen Massages, Akane and a handful of other popular oil massage shops.

And bringing back bar girls or call girls to your room at the Amora is no problem at all, as long as you keep it to one girl in your room at a time.

The room type I stayed at was a NeoSuperior which is the hotel's lower end room type. At around 28 square meters a NeoSuperior room should be sufficient for 2 people with not a lot of luggage. For me, a single traveler, it was perfectly fine.

Since it's one of the newer hotels in Sukhumvit there are modern touch control panels for controlling every electrical appliance in the room. And it has a nice setup where you can hook up your computer or favorite iPad item to the large flat screen television and audio system.

And the bathroom is not so big but it's something I don't mind though the bathroom has some pretty expensive fixtures. A lot of money was spent on building this little hotel.

There's a roof top pool which was kind of cool and it's big enough to take short laps. The gym which is also on the roof is laughable however because there are only several equipments inside a room the size of a large closet.

There is free Wi-Fi Internet access though it was a little slow for me it was adequate for some surfing and email check ups.

Though I couldn't fit a lot of points of interest on the map above you can still see there are plenty of places to get an oil massage next to the Amora Neoluxe Suites because it's so close to Sukhumvit Soi 33. There are many restaurants to dine in or grab a beer in the immediate area. For go go bar action, Soi Cowboy is only a 10 walk west from the hotel on Sukhumvit road.

There are also 2 more guest friendly hotels in the area I can recommend; S31 Sukhumvit and Emporium Suites.

Both hotels are pricier though because they are much larger hotel properties in the 4 star range. I give the Amora Neouluxe Suites 3 stars. However, there is a 50% off discount for the NeoSuperior room and with taxes and breakfast so it'll cost about 1800THB for a night. That's a great price and very reasonable for a cool little hotel in a great area in Bangkok.

For your reference here's the Amora's visitor friendly policy via email:
Dear Mr. Hunt,

Thank you for choosing our Hotel. The Hotel is no charge for a joiner fee
but you have to take care of yourselves. The hotel is not responsible. If
you want a lady stay overnight you can make a reservation for 2 adult
because 1 room can stay 2 people and include breakfast.

Best regards,
Janjira K.
Amora NeoLuxe Suites Bangkok 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Grande Centre Point Sukhumvit Hotel by Terminal 21 Mall

Hotel Lobby
The Grande Centre Point Sukhumvit Hotel is a perfect example of a 5 star property that does not mind guests inviting bar girls and freelancers to their rooms.

It's really no surprise either because all of the Grande Centre Point hotels are guest friendly in Bangkok and have always been so because they are essentially serviced apartment typed properties. Though they cater to short term guests too.

However this location is in one of the poshest sections of Sukhumvit and located right in Bangkok's newest and shiniest mall called Terminal 21.

Besides being right inside of a super mall you've got Soi Cowboy which is a short stroll right across Asoke Road. Bangkok's BTS Sky Train and MRT subway systems entrances are just right outside the mall.

All are so close that you won't even break a sweat getting there. Nana Plaza's go go bars are a 15 minute walk east and there is a soapy massage parlor called Darling's right across Sukhumvit road on Soi 12. So as you can see, the Grande Center Point is in a perfect ideal location for shopping, dining and adult entertainment.

Superior room - 32 square meters

Since the hotel recently opened it's the best time to find hotel deals if you want to stay there. And believe me it's worth it. As of writing, you can get a superior room for 3900THB (it's now about 4800THB) per night including taxes. That's a 45% discount. Not a bad deal at all for a 5 star hotel in Sukhumvit road. And you can find this deal through Agoda.com.

Now obviously the Grande Center Point Sukhumvit is an upscale hotel with mostly upscale guests. So if you invite your flavor of the night along with you for breakfast the next morning you might get a couple of self righteous hotel guests staring daggers at you.

For your reference here is an email confirmation from the reservation department stating their visitor friendly policy:

Dear Mr. Hunt,

Thank you for your interest on our hotel property. Please be informed you that we don't collect money from joiner but we will collect ID card from them for your security.

Look forward to serving you.

Best Regards,

Pakyada Ngaoprateep (Ms.)
Guest Service Executive
Grande Centre Point Hotel and Residence Sukhumvit-Terminal 21
2, 88 Sukhumvit Soi 19 (Wattana), Sukhumvit Rd., North Khlong Toei, Wattana, Bangkok 10110
Read more reviews and find discount rates for Grande Centre Point Sukhumvit

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fusion Suites Hotel Bangkok

The Fusion Suites is possibly one of the smallest guest friendly hotels near Soi Cowboy that I have ever stayed in. But it is also one of the newest and cleanest in Sukhuvmit district.

Located between Sukhumvit road Soi 19 and Asoke Road, Fusion Suites is easy to find and in prime location with easy walking distance to MRT Sukhumvit subway station, BTS Asoke Sky Train station, Terminal 21 shopping mall and of course Soi Cowboy.

When I first saw the hotel building I was surprised at how narrow it is. There are only 35 rooms and I had booked a standard room, which I already knew was going to be around 24 square meters. And that's not bad even for 2 people sharing a room. But after seeing the building with my own eyes the first time I thought maybe the room measurement was fudged. Hey, it does happen in Thailand.

When I entered the hotel the lobby was was wicked small too. There are a few tables to the side where guests can have breakfast. And to the other side was a cool looking room to lounge with big leather sofas and flat screen television.

During check in I was happy to hear that I was upgraded to a Superior room. I asked how big that room is and was told 30 square meters. Cool, I paid 1850THB for standard room and instead got a superior that cost 300THB more.

Superior room at Fusion Suites
I suppose the extra space in a superior room went into the bathroom. And it's a very nice bathroom with expensive fixtures. I particularly like the roomy shower. And the rooms are equipped with a one touch control panel to control everything in the room from the lights, TV to air conditioning.

Though the room's design might take a little getting used to. First off there are windows, but no view. All of the windows are blocked off with some type of partition. And the room had a mix of gaudy and Thai styled furniture. None of it bother me of course because Fusion Suites is still a clean and modern hotel.

The Fusion Suites is a great little hotel and they do not mind at all if you choose to invite a bar girl back to your room. Below is a guest friendly confirmation from the hotel's reservation department:
Dear Mr.Jim,

There is no joiner free there, maximum stay 2 person a room .in case stay over 2 person ,extra charge 700 baht per Person.

Best regards,
Fusion Suites Reservation
Right now you still get a standard room for 1850THB including taxes and breakfast through our partner reservation system at Fusion Suites Bangkok.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Top 10 Budget Sukhumvit Hotels Under 1500 Baht

Most would argue that a guest friendly hotel near Bangkok's Sukhumvit district are just a place to sleep and bring bar girls and freelancers back to. So there's no need to spend too much money for a room. Just as long as the hotel has air conditioning, a television and free Internet access is all a guy really needs.

And it's true. There really is no need to spend a whole lot of money for a hotel room. Not unless money is not an issue. If it is there are plenty of economy accommodations near Soi Cowboy and Nana that are completely guest friendly.

Here's a list of 10 popular budget bar girl friendly hotels right on Sukhumvit road from Sukhumvit Soi 4 down to Soi Cowboy that are under 1500 Baht.

1. Sawasdee Hotel 8 - 1300THB | Nice hotel with clean rooms and friendly service.

2. Majestic Suites - 1300THB | A popular guest friendly hotel. Though rooms are a little dated it's still a clean place.

3. DI Place - 1200THB | Convenient location to Nana Plaza and Nana hotel parking lot's freelancers.

4. Darjelling Boutique - 1200THB | Closest to Soi Cowboy. Great little hotel. Even has a small swimming pool.

5. Cozy at Ten - 1200THB | Small rooms but clean and in a good location with easy access to nightlife options.

6. Maxim's Inn - 1200THB | Highly recommended hotel in very hectic area with plenty of small bars and massage parlors.

7. Sam's Lodge - 1000THB | A good value for the money. Close to Terminal 21 shopping mall and train stations.

8.Parkway Inn - 1300THB | Clean comfortable rooms in a busy section of Sukhumvit road.

9. Star Inn - 850THB | As a cheap hotel on Sukhumvit you can't expect much except the rooms are clean and you'll be near a lot of bar and massage action.

10. World Inn - 900THB | Another cheap hotel right on a busy section of Sukhumvit road. Good value but rooms are small.

Though Sukhumvit district is known as a pricier part of town in Bangkok that doesn't' mean you can't find a clean budget hotel with a bar girl friendly policy and have some fun. The hotels listed above are a perfect example. All are in prime location on Sukhumvit road that are close to many bars and places to meet and pick up Thai freelancers as well as have some fun with go go bar girls at Nana and Soi Cowboy.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Areca Lodge Pattaya

Areca Lodge Pattaya
The Areca Lodge Hotel is a popular resort on Soi Diana in central Pattaya and very close to a cluster of smaller yet still popular go go bars in central Pattaya.

And since the Areca Lodge is bar girl friendly you won't have any issues at all inviting one to your room whether it's for short time or long time. But they will charge 300THB if you want to invite a 3rd bar girl into your room which is not a lot of money. You can see a guest friendly confirmation from the hotel below.

Though Walking Street is not far from the hotel but I can understand most travelers want a hotel that is in a quieter area, yet at the same time would like to be near a place where they can bar fine a bar girl or two easily. That's why Soi Diana, where the Areca Lodge is located is the perfect spot. Check out the map below and you'll see that the hotel is close to quite a few popular go go bars in Pattaya.

The hotel property consists of 3 buildings, named the Areca, Corona and Evergreen, each with its own outdoor pool and gym. The entire property is enclosed so you do get a real resort feel regardless of the beer bars and go go bars blaring noises outside.

The Evergreen tower is the newer building and it's more modern and updated. Though the original Areca and Corona buildings are a little bit dated but very clean and well maintained by the friendly hotel staff.

A superior double room in Evergreen Tower
All of the standard rooms are about 32 square meters big. So the rooms are quite large and comfortable. And they are all equipped with free Internet Wi-Fi access, in room electronic safe and other types of amenities.

It's a good budget hotel in central Pattaya and they have a lot of great reviews from satisfied customers. And right now you can get a standard double room at the Areca Lodge for around 1600THB with taxes and breakfast included.

For your reference below is an email confirmation from Areca Lodge stating their bar girl friendly policy. Note that they do not allow any visitors under 20 years old into their hotel. Although the legal age of sexual consent is 18 years old in Thailand, the Areca simply has different rules.
Dear Mr. Jim,

Greeting from Areca lodge hotel, Pattaya. Thank you very much for your interest in our hotel.

Kindly be inform that  we are allowed maximum 2 persons in a double room. If there is 3rd person we will charge 300.-Baht/person/night and we are not allowed visitor below 20 years old in our hotel, their ID card must be presented upon arrival.

Best regards,

Natticha D. (Ms.)
Reservation Team

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Current Bangkok Hotel Deals - June 23, 2012

Woraburi Sukhumvit
There are 2 bar girl friendly hotels with special discounts. The first is Woraburi Sukhumvit, located on the tail end of Sukhumvit Soi 4. So if you decide to stay there you're only a 5 minute walk to Nana Entertainment Plaza's go go bars. Or you can hop onto a free complimentary tuk tuk provided by the hotel. Right now there are room rates with up to 55% off. With taxes a standard room would cost around 1100THB per night.

Salil Hotel Sukhumvit 8
The other recommended hotel is on Sukhumvit Soi 8, called the Salil Hotel Sukhumvit Soi 8. There's also a 55% off promotion too so the room cost is around 1400THB. The Salil is located about 300 meters down Soi 8 but the hotel also provided tuk tuk transportation. It's a quaint little hotel and there are no elevators though but that's where the hotel staff comes in handy. If you're staying at the hotel on a Friday night be sure to check out a bar called Det 5. It's located about 5 minutes walk north towards the entrance of Soi 8 on the right side. There's a free small buffet there only on Fridays starting at 7pm. Well... maybe it's not exactly free because you do have to buy a beer.

Both hotels are in good locations with easy access to the Nana BTS station as well as close proximity to Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza's go go bars.

President Palace Hotel Bangkok

The President Palace Hotel opened up in 2009. And it's located right on Sukhumvit Soi 11, among many other guest friendly hotels on the Soi. It's one of my highly recommended hotels on in the heart of Sukhumvit with a BTS station just 5 minutes walk from the hotel.

They are rates as a 4 star property and they deserve it. Normally, hotels liberally award themselves a higher rating. But the quality amenities and professional and friendly services makes the President Palace a true 4 star property.

What I like best is that the standard superior rooms are a whopping 39 square meters. So there's a big bed room and bathroom as well. Some hotels in Bangkok have decent rooms sizes but tiny bathrooms. President Palace on the other hand has done right and put a good balance between both rooms.

And the rooms have everything you'll need for short and long term stay. A flat screen television, a great desk to do work if you're in Bangkok on business and there is free Wi-Fi Internet access. And the rooms are cozy with a nice little sofa to chill and relax on. I think it's the perfect hotel if you've got at least a week or two in Bangkok.

A superior room - 39 sqm.
The President Palace hotel is surrounded by a wide assortment of restaurants, hip eateries and bars. The closest notable club/restaurant is Bed Supperclub. And Q Bar is not too far up the Soi, about a 5 minute walk.

And since the hotel is right between Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy go go bars, all it takes is about 10 or 15 minutes walk to find the company of a bar girl is not hard to find at all.

And street walkers are just around the corner on Sukhumvit road too. Or you can always head over to Club Climax in the parking level of the Ambassador hotel (it's also guest friendly too).

A night at the President Palace Hotel Bangkok will set you back 2800THB including tax and breakfast for a superior room. Not a bad price at all considering the location and the huge room.

And below is the hotel's no joiner fee confirmation for your reference:
Dear Sir,

Greeting from President Palace Hotel Central Reservation Office. In regards to your e-mail, kindly be informed that President Palace Hotel is guest welcome and there is no charge for joiner.

However please let your guest to register at front desk for security reasons. Should you require more information please do not hesitate to contact us and looking forward to welcome and serve you soon.

Best Regards
Wimonphan Okweha / Ms.
Central Reservation Officer

Friday, June 22, 2012

Lido Beach Pattaya Hotel

The Lido Beach Pattaya Hotel is one of the cheapest guest friendly hotels in South Pattaya

And when I say cheap I'm not only referring to the price. The hotel is an older property and even though it's not too far off from the beach I think the Lido's best days are far behind.

However, its popularity is not because of the view of Pattaya bay and hotel services. It's simply the location. It's only a 50 meter stroll to Walking Street and the delights of its popular go go bars and beer bars.

So the Lido Beach Pattaya is a hot location in terms of Walking Street's nightlife. And the beach is not too far off either where guys love to stroll around searching for prostitutes.

And even closer are a few sets of go go bars, Classroom 2, Kitten Club and a very popular ladyboy bar Obsessions. And just like in most places around south Pattaya there are crap loads of water holes where you can easily mingle with working girls.

And right behind the hotel is Boystown, a section of gay nightlife in Pattaya. It's loud and you can hear a lot of it from the hotel. So pack some ear plugs.

There's nothing really else to flaunt about the Lido. It's a medium sized hotel that is at least 10 years old. And the only real highlight that the hotel has is that it faces the beach and in close distance some of the top go go bars in Walking Street.

There is a Mcdonald's and Starbucks in front of the Lido too and in a way for some it's a positive.

To most who just need a clean place to stay in a top location with a bar girl friendly policy, the Lido is a good choice. Not so expensive too at 1300THB per night including taxes and breakfast.

But from the Lido Beach Hotel reviews, there are a mix of positive and negative reviews, which in most cases is quite normal for older hotels.

For your reference here is Lido's guest friendly confirmation email from the hotel:
Dear Mr. Jim Hunt,

For your inquiry the standard double room is suitable for only 2 persons per room and there will be an extra charges for the extra person if more than 2.

Thank you for your interested

Lido Beach Hotel

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Omni Tower Serviced Residences Bangkok

Studio room at Omni Bangkok - 32 square meters
If you're the type of guy who needs a guest friendly hotel with big rooms near Nana Plaza then the Omni Tower Serviced Residence should be right for you.

A studio room at the Omni is around 32 square meters with a kitchenette, complete with a microwave and a fridge bigger than you'd normally find in other hotels. The property was actually designed as an apartment though short term guests are just as welcomed. You get all the usual hotel perks like room cleaning etc.

Right now there are studio rooms available for around 1700THB per night with taxes and breakfast included.

Though a much better value are the 1 bedroom suites with rates starting around 2000THB. And those room sizes are around 56 square meters. It's a good place to stay if you're in Bangkok for at least a week or two because the hotel provides washing machines and dryers on premise.

Overall that's not a bad deal considering the amenities provided by the hotel. There's a swimming pool that gets plenty of sun and a gym (though the equipments are old). There is even a Squash court, which is very rare and I don't even know if anyone uses it. I guess the owner of the hotel is a Squash fanatic.

Since the Omni Tower is located on Nana Soi 4, you've got yourself a wide selection of nightlife options. Nana Plaza for go go bars and Nana Hotel parking lot for freelancers are only a 5 minute walk.

And in between the areas from Nana Plaza down to the Omni you will find a short stretch of smaller bars, pubs and a few places to drink and shoot a few rounds of pool against Thai bar girls.

And there are many street walkers in the same vicinity plus a cadre of ladyboys.

In short, there is something for everyone who stays in the area, so the Omni is particularly a strategic guest friendly hotel.

The Ibis Nana Hotel is right before the Omni and I'm mentioning the Ibis on this post because it's a good (newer) hotel but has small rooms though the room rates are about 1000THB per night. Just giving you guys some options is all.

For your reference, below is a guest friendly email confirmation straight from Omni Tower Residence Bangkok:
Dear Sir, 
Warmest greeting from Omni Tower Central Reservations Office

In regards to your query, we do not charge over night guest and please kindly exchange ID card or register at front desk for secure.

Thank you
Sanyaphong Jaraspatn

Central Reservation Officer ( Japanese)
Suite 901, One Pacific Place 140 Sukhumvit Road, Klongtoey Bangkok 10110 Thailand

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ibis Nana Bangkok Hotel

The Ibis Nana Hotel Bangkok is not the only guest friendly hotels on Sukhumvit Soi 4. But it's certainly one of the cleanest and most affordable hotel to stay in Nana red light district. It's a big hotel with about 200 rooms and still quite new looking for a hotel that's 4 years old.

The Ibis is a good quality hotel and I'd give it 2 stars only. The reason being that it's a very minimal hotel. There is no swimming pool and no gym. There is free internet Wi-Fi though and does count for something.

The rooms at the property are simple and nothing fancy. What I mean is that there are no suite rooms or deluxe or any other fancy room description with inflated rates.

There are only 2 room types; standard with one double bed and standard with 2 twin beds. And that's all.

As I mentioned before, the Ibis is a simple hotel with clean rooms. The rooms sizes are around 24 square meters. And they are your basic utility rooms with a space to hang your clothes, flat screen television, room safe, air con and a few odds and ends to make guests feel comfortable.

The Ibis is easy to find. Nana Entertainment Plaza's go go bars are about a 5 minutes walking distance from the hotel so the Ibis would be a great place to take a bar girl or freelancer back for short time. And there are a lot of freelancers lurking between NEP and down to the Ibis Nana on Suk Soi 4 when the sun goes down.

This is a recommended hotel for those who don't want to spend too much. Normally a room at Ibis cost around 1500THB per night, which is still worth it. However, as of writing you can get a room there for around 1000THB with taxes included through Agoda.com. I'm not sure how many rooms are available at that discount rate but it's safe to assume it will be limited.

The Ibis is a confirmed guest friendly hotel and below is an email from the hotel for your reference:
Dear Jim,

Thank you very much for your interest in the Ibis Nana Hotel Bangkok.

We do not charge for joiner visiting our guests. However, the joiner must have a valid I.D. We will keep the I.D. card and return it after having checked with the guest that everything is satisfactory.
Watiwichai S.
Ibis Reservation Team

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Le Fenix Sukhumvit Hotel Review

Q Bar Bangkok
Le Fenix Sukhumvit is a fun little hotel in Bangkok I always recommend to those who love clubs and bars.So it's a convenient hotel with no joiner fees if you choose to take a bar girl or freelancer back to your room.

Le Fenix was built back in 2007, so it's not exactly an old hotel. And the place is designed in line with club and party minded guests. There is a decent roof top bar on the top floor and even though the building is 8 stories tall you still get a decent view of the surrounding area.

Suprisigly even though the hotel is surrounded by a couple of Bangok's most expensive bars the hotel rates at Le Fenix Sukhumvit is not too expensive.

A standard room with a queen sized bed currently cost around 1400THB per night, about less than $50US. The room size is decent too at 25 square meters. A superior room cost around the same too and the difference is it's slightly bigger. So my guess is the hotel is really trying hard to get their rooms filled.

And for 1400THB it's not a bad price at all. There's a small swimming pool and gym. A free tuk tuk ride to the BTS Nana station which is right in front of Sukhumvit Soi 11. Though the biggest perks is you get free entrance to Q Bar and Bed Supperclub (only during non-special events). Normally you'd have to pay 500THB to 700THB entry free just to get in to both clubs. And you also get 20% off for food at Bed Supperclub so it pays to be a hotel guest at Le Fenix.
33-33 Sukhumvit 11

The hotel is located a little ways down on Suk Soi 11. About 300 meters and right across from Q Bar. So it's easy to find.

Though if you find the walk a little bit too far, the hotel does provide tuk tuk service to take you to the entrance of Sukhumvit road. And right in front is the BTS Nana station.

And the location is an ideal point for visiting Soi Cowboy or Nana go go bars. Because it's right in between the two red light districts. So you can walk to either one in about 10 minutes.

I also noticed that you can always find discounts for Le Fenix Sukhumvit Hotel through Agoda.com, so I highly recommend staying there especially when you can find a really good discount rate.

As I mentioned earlier you book a standard or superior room for about 1400THB through Agoda.com. It's not a bad price at all for a 3 star hotel in the middle of everything a single guy could need.

And it's a guest friendly hotel right on Sukhumvit so no problems with inviting bar girls or freelancers to a room there. Here's the email confirmation below for your reference:
Dear Mr. Jim,

Warm greetings from Le Fenix-Sukhumvit Hotel by Accor

Thank you for your email. As per your enquiry we are pleased to inform you
that we will not charge the joiner fee but we will keep her ID card at the
front desk (for security reason).

Should you need any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,

Supasinee Arpapongsak (Waan)
Reservation & Distribution Officer

Le Fenix Sukhumvit by Accor
33/33 Sukhumvit Road, Soi 11
Sukhumvit, Klongtoey-Nua
Wattana, Bangkok 10110 Thailand

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Galleria 10 Sukhumvit (formerly Ramada Encore Bangkok) Hotel Review

Galleria 10 Hotel on Sukhumvit Soi 10
The Galleria 10 Sukhumvit (formerly Ramada Encore) is one of the newest hotels in Sukhumvit district. Located just 300 meters down Suk Soi 10. It's not a hard hotel to find at all especially since Lollipop (a popular BJ bar) is right by the entrance of the Soi. So if you see it you're on the right track, just keep walking and you'll find the hotel on the left side.

To me the Ramada Encore is an ideal location for playing around Bangkok's red light districts. It's a bar girl friendly hotel that is in walking distance to Thermae Bar for picking up freelancers and Soi Cowboy's go go bars are just a 10 minute walk. And did I mention Lollipop BJ Bar??

Nana Plaza is about a 15 minute walk west and when you do walk during evening times you're bound to come across many street freelancers.

If you've been reading my other posts on this blog then you'd already know that I love recommending this hotel. And so it deserves a post all to itself.

I stayed in a standard room just last year

Now the Galleria opened in 2011. Tt's a medium sized hotel with 188 rooms with 7 floors. There's an awesome pool on the top floor where a club called Leap Frog, complete with a DJ booth and full kitchen is located too. There's even a private lounge room decked out with leather chairs and sofas. Fair warning though, Leap Frog is not a place to pick up Thai freelancers.

You probably won't even find a lot of people except hotel guests. It's one of the best club hotels to unwind and have a drink to start off the night in Bangkok. There is also a gym too on the 7th floor with a good selection of cardio machines.

Super comfortable mattress!
When I stayed there I booked a Standard-Cool room. The size of the room is only around 25 square meters which is not bad for 2 people. And the style of the room particularly made me feel comfortable. It's fresh and modern. Just the way I like it.

Personally I love brand new hotels. Not because the bed linens and towels are newer, it's because new hotels always push out big discounts in order to attract guests.

Currently through Agoda you can book a Standard Cool room for around 1800THB. Which is not a bad deal because the normal price is double.

It is a joiner friendly hotel too and here's an email confirmation from the hotel for reference:
Dear Mr.Jim,

As per the Question of joiner overnight in The room of Hotel. We do not charge actually. And If The Joiner come to the hotel Could you please to inform her drop ID card At The Front desk for securities of the guest in the Hotel as well.

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best Regards,
Mr.Komgrit Noysuya
Duty Manager

Ramada Encore Bangkok
21, Soi 10, Sukhumvit Road,
Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
Sukhumvit Soi 10 has a handful of guest friendly hotels but Galleria 10 Sukhumvit Hotel is simply the best. Especially when the rates are so affordable!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ambassador Hotel Bangkok Review

The Ambassador Hotel is one of the biggest guest friendly hotels on Sukhumvit Soi 11. Though its massive towers and massive convention halls are impressive, the hotel's real claim to fame is a well known club deep in the underbelly of the property.

A medium sized club in the parking basement of the hotel called Club Climax has made the hotel popular for guys who want to find Thai freelancers in the Sukhumvit area without venturing too far.

Club Climax is an after hours club and is one of the best place to find prostitutes in Bangkok after the massage parlors and go go bars have closed. And since the Ambassador Hotel doesn't charge extra fees for inviting ladies back to guests rooms is just an added convenience.

Keep in mind Club Climax has a 200THB cover charge which includes one drink ticket. And you may be asked by security for an I.D. whether you look old enough or not. And the club will stamp your hand as proof of payment for the night. So men can take a girl up to their room and come back down to the club afterwards. Freelancers inside usually have a 1500THB short time rate.

There are 760 rooms, divided amongst the main building and a separate tower. The standard rooms are all located in the main building. And all of the higher end rooms are located in the tower wing.

171 Sukhumvit Rd., Soi 11
The difference between the 2 building is that all of the economy rooms are in the main building. While the bigger yet slightly more expensive rooms are in the tower wing.

As I mentioned the hotel is huge and mainly caters to tour groups and plays host to big conventions too. So it's no surprise that the hotel has seen a lot of use.

Even though the hotel has been renovated back in 2009 there can be a portion of rooms that have seen better days due to the volumes of guests.

The economy rooms in the main building have seen the most wear and tear because that's the space provided mostly to large groups of bused-in tourists. A standard room in the main wing cost around 1700THB and the room size is 25 square meters. So not too shabby.

However a superior room in the tower wing cost around 1800THB to 1900THB and its size is 35 square meters. And that's not bad at all for a few hundred Baht more.

The Ambassador Hotel is a recommended hotel for guys who prefer Thai freelancers because it's close to Thermae Bar and Q Bar. And Lolitas is a popular BJ bar right across Sukhumvit road on Soi 8. And it's a great convenient hotel right in the heart of Sukhumvit and between Nana and Soi Cowboy go go bars. And they don't charge joiner fees so it's a big plus. Below is a email confirmation from the hotel reservation office:
Dear Mr.Jim,

Greetings from Ambassador Bangkok Hotel!
We are pleased to inform you that the joiner was free of charge.

Best regards,

Sine A. (Ms.)

Reservation  Department
The Ambassador Bangkok
171  Sukhumvit 11,
Klongtoey, Wattana,
Though it's a hotel with a lot of mixed reviews you can also find a lot of discounts too since it still is a 4 star hotel due to so many guests facilities such as a swimming pool and a big fitness center. So there's a little trade off.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Bangkok Hotel Deals - June 15, 2012

Two hotels have big discounts this week that I want to recommend. The first is Ramada Encore Hotel. I have been raving about this hotel since the first time I stayed there last year. It's a new guest friendly hotel right on Sukhumvit Soi 10 but it's about 300 meters down the Soi.

It's in a great location otherwise. You will have easy access to the BTS Asoke station and MRT Sukumvit station. Both stations are right by the brand new Terminal 21 shopping center.

And you will have a wide variety of nightlife options. Soi Cowboy is a 10 minute walk for some go go bar action. And the Thermae Bar is a 5 minute walk if you're in the mood to pick up a freelancer.

Ramada Encore Hotel - Sukhumvit Soi 10
And if you are not really in the mood to go to far there is Lolita's Bar near the entrance of Soi 10. It's BJ bar and some like it and some are not too crazy about it but the option is always there even if you just want a drink.

If you book 7 days before arrival you'll get 50% off. So after the discount and taxes included the price is around 1800THB per night for a Standard room.

Another room type with big discounts at the Ramada Encore are the Superior rooms which cost a 100THB more, but honestly a Standard room is all you really need. It's a great hotel and highly recommend!

Lebua at State Tower Hotel - 1055/111 Silom Road
The next hotel with discounts was recently popularized by the Wolf Pack in the movie Hangover 2.

It is the Lebua at State Tower Hotel right in the Silom district. So the closest red light district is Patpong. Although the immediate area around the Lebua is quiet however. Which I know some people do not mind at all.

Right now there's a 59% off discount for a Superior Suite. And it's a big room at 66 square meters with a terrace that has a great view of Bangkok. So with the discounts and taxes added a Superior Suite will set you back around 3700THB which includes breakfast.

Both are very popular guest friendly hotels in Bangkok and these deals are limited in availability so it is best to book in advance.

Keerati Homestay Pattaya Review

33/40, Soi. LK Metro
Pattaya is one of the best places in Thailand to find clean budget hotels near the beach. And certainly one of the best city to find a guest friendly hotel near a lot of go go bars.

The Keerati Homestay is a prime example. It's a nice little clean homely property surrounded by go go bars. The quality of the hotel is cool and you even get a Mediterranean feel with the ocher paint schemes and decor.

It's certainly one of the finest budget hotels right on the corner of Soi Diana and Soi LK Metro. Which means that the Keerati Homestay is in drunken stumbling distance to 7 bars. Champagne a go go, Sugar Sugar and the Office are just a few names right by the hotel.

There is a drawback. Since the hotel is so close to nightlife activity you will hear loud thumping music throughout the night, or at least until 2am. Which afterwards you'll probably hear the loud thumping beats of pissed drunk bar patrons dragging themselves back to their hotels.

So if you're the sort that turns in early at night you should ask for the room at the back of the building.

Standard double room
I've stayed in one of the corner rooms at the front of the building once and yes, the music from outside can be heard because the terrace doors are not made of very strong solid wood. But I'm always prepared with a set of ear plugs everywhere I go.

There are 29 rooms at the Keerati so you're chances of getting a room in the back of the hotel is good.

I stayed at a standard room on the fourth floor (no elevators) which was about 25 square meters in size. There's air conditioning, a television, fridge with free water and most importantly free Wi-Fi access.

I particularly like the shower because the floor is made up tiny pebbles that are great for removing dead skin. Which is useful for a guy who like to walk around in sandals. Yes, I am easy to please.

There is no room safe and you are required to leave the keys with reception when you leave the hotel. So make sure you have a lock for your bags just in case.

Here is an email from the Keerati confirming that they don't charge joiner fee's when you invite a companion back to a room:
Hello sir,

Thank you for interested staying at my place, Room can stay 2 persons, you invite lady don't charge but if stay more one 300 baht.

Thank you

There are also deluxe rooms available which are bigger and have kitchens. Which is great if you're staying in Pattaya for at least a few weeks. And it's not expensive either with deluxe rooms going for around 1300THB a night.

Otherwise, a standard room at the Keerati like the one I stayed in would suffice and it only cost about 1000THB.

True that there are a lot of budget hotels in Pattaya that can be cheaper.

But the quality of Keerati Homestay is worth it. Even though there's no pool or gym on the property itself you can walk over to a hotel that they are affiliated with called LK Metro ( a hotel I recommend and guest friendly too).

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sukhumvit Hotels Near Thai Freelancers

With the world's economy so bad these days, I can understand a lot of guys who want to avoid paying a 500THB bar fine and overpriced lady drinks at a go go bar in Bangkok. So the simple answer is to hook up with a Thai freelancer found throughout certain locations in the Sukhumvit district.

I know a lot of guys want to know if hotels in Bangkok can find and bring hookers to their rooms. And the answer is no. So you're either going to have to call an escort service (not recommended) or venture out on your own (highly recommended!).

So here are the names of some clean and affordable guest friendly hotels in Sukhumvit near some of  the best places to find Thai hookers. And most of the hotels only requires a few minutes walk or have areas where you can find call girls without stepping out too far from the comforts of your hotel.

First we'll start off with Sukhumvit Soi 4, where Nana Plaza Entertainment (NEP) is located. Starting around 7pm you'll begin to see a lot of hookers standing right outside the Nana Hotel's parking lot. And even though the Nana Hotel is joiner free it's an old tired hotel and frankly not worth the money.

A good alternative would be a 1300THB per night a room at the Majestic Suites Hotel. Less than a 3 minute walk to NEP as well as the parking lot. It's not expensive at all and it's a hotel I rave a lot about even though it's an older hotel.

DI Place Hotel though is a newer property and there are usually a cluster of Thai prostitutes standing around close to the hotel or at least sitting in the bars all around the area. A superior room at DI Place cost around 1200THB. And the hotel is very plain and basic but most importantly clean.

Guest Friendly Hotels on Suk 4
The Rajah Mansion was an older hotel but it's been renovated. The coffee shop inside the hotel is a popular place to find up Russian ladies. It's not exactly a budget hotel but at least you know where to go. Matter of fact up on Soi 3 there are even more Russians to be found there.

Heaven@4 is a new hotel on Sukhumvit Soi 4. If you can get past the gaudy decor it's not a bad budget hotel at all with rooms starting at around 1400THB. Though you can find better rates when you book more nights. Heaven@4 is one of the hotels where you can usually find girls directly downstairs in front of the hotel's bar.

Dawin Hotel is another newish hotel I like recommending. It's an affordable hotel with modern rooms and roof top swimming pool. The standard rooms cost around 1900THB. It's located a little further down from the crowds of Nana but whenever you are walking back to your hotel you won't have a problem finding prostitutes at night.

Just a little further east on Sukhumvit road there are several places where you can find freelancers near visitor friendly hotels as well

Mac Boutique Suites on Suk 7
The first is Mac Boutique Suites and it's a very good hotel on Suk Soi 7. Very affordable rooms with prices starting around 1700THB. However, I find that the room's doors are thin and you can easily hear noise from the hallway.

Mac Boutique Suites is about a hundred meters down the Soi in a quiet section but just a few minutes walk to a big beer garden with giant screens displaying sports programs. Ladies are there around 12pm but night time is when it's the busiest. It's a big place and the usual joke is you'll find a 100 girls but only 10 are pretty.

On Suk 5, Gulliver's Tavern is a huge pub and a great place to relax and unwind. And they've got some pretty good pub grub too. And I often go there for the Ostrich Steak. It's a big establishment and their bar section is famously known in Sukhumvit as one of the best places to find Thai hookers that are good lookers (hey it rhymes).

Finally the hotel I've been recommending for a long while is the Ruamchitt Plaza Hotel. It's located between Suk Soi 13 and 15, about a 10 minute walk from Mac Boutique Suites. It's simply the easiest hotel for guys to find hookers. All they have to do is head straight downstairs to the Thermae Bar.

It's a long established girl friendly hotel that has been operating also as a short time hotel on Sukhumvit road. But it's easier and much more cost effective to just to get a room at Ruamchitt Plaza Hotel because a room cost around 1700THB. Which is not bad considering that it's in a great location.

The 7 hotels listed here are right in the Sukhumvit district and basically as close as you can get to a hotel in Bangkok with call girls. And with good reasons all of them are very popular.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Guest Friendly Bangkok Hotels on Sukhumvit Soi 8

Facing the entrance of Soi 8
I like referring to hotels on Sukhumvit Soi 8 as the sweet spot. Why? Because Soi 8 is almost exactly right in between Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy. So you can walk to either in one under 10 minutes. Plus the Nana Sky Train entrance is right in front of the Soi so getting to other points of interest in the city is easy.

There are a handful of economy hotels down the Soi so it's very popular for those who choose to stay in Bangkok longer and stretch their Baht. The area is quiet and not too busy. But it's not boring either. There are massage parlors and Indian restaurants plus shops to buy a suit during a hot and humid day.

Now one of the best places I like to recommend right off is a 3 star hotel, the On8 Sukhmvit Hotel and it's conveniently next Nana BTS entrance so it's easy to find.

Deluxe Double room at On8 Sukhumvit Hotel
On8 is about three years old and it is a small hotel. But a deluxe double room is 23 square meters so it's not so bad. And the rooms are very modern with comfortable beds but not much more. Like many other bare basic hotels, On8 is still a very good bar girl friendly hotel right on Sukhmvit road.

Right now a deluxe double cost around 2000THB with an American style set breakfast at On8 hotel which is not expensive considering the location and quality of the hotel. Though there is no swimming pool or gym which is what most would expect with that price range.

Superior room at Adelphi Suites
If a pool and a gym is want you want then head 50 meters down Soi 8 and on the right side you will find the Adelphi Suites.

It's the best hotel on the Soi. A 36 square meter studio room with kitchenette will set you back around 3200THB. Though currently you can find discounts for a 1 bedroom at Adelphi Suites for around 3600THB per night for a 46 square meter room. And the room has a washer/dryer and kitchenette so it's a good hotel choice if you're planning to be in Bangkok for a little while.

If both hotels don't fit into your budget range then take a look at Sawasdee Hotel 8. The Sawasdee brand name operates a bunch of economy hotels throughout Thailand. Most of their cheap hotels are crap in my opinion but their newly built Sawasdee Hotel 8 is in top condition with friendly service.

Sawasdee Hotel Sukhumvit 8
The rooms are 23 square meters which is not bad at all considering it only cost around 1300THB per night for a brand new hotel room.

It's definitely one of the better budget guest friendly hotels in the area. And even though the hotel is not far from the Nana BTS station they still provide a 24 hour tuk tuk service.

Finally just 300 meters down is another inexpensive hotel called Salil Hotel 8. It's another very clean hotel and it's not so old either. They are a bit further down so they do provide complimentary tuk tuk service too. A superior room at Salil Hotel 8 currently cost around 1600THB.

And there are quite a few bars on Soi 8. On Fridays check out Det 5 Bar for a free buffet starting 7pm. All you have to do is buy a drink, even if it's a bottle of water. They typically have utility Thai food like pork and holy basil, green curry chicken, fried rice and fruits for dessert.

Sukhumvit Soi 8 is not devoid of any action at all either. Lolitas Bar located right by the entrance of the Soi is a place where guys go not only to grab a beer but to get their pipes cleaned at the same time.

For some late after hours club action, head over to Club Climax in the basement parking level of the Ambassador Hotel. It's a decent area to pick up Thai freelancers if you're too lazy to walk to Nana or Cowboy.

I think staying at a hotel on Sukhumvit Soi 8 would make a great base for checking out Bangkok's nightlife