Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sukhumvit Hotels Near Thai Freelancers

With the world's economy so bad these days, I can understand a lot of guys who want to avoid paying a 500THB bar fine and overpriced lady drinks at a go go bar in Bangkok. So the simple answer is to hook up with a Thai freelancer found throughout certain locations in the Sukhumvit district.

I know a lot of guys want to know if hotels in Bangkok can find and bring hookers to their rooms. And the answer is no. So you're either going to have to call an escort service (not recommended) or venture out on your own (highly recommended!).

So here are the names of some clean and affordable guest friendly hotels in Sukhumvit near some of  the best places to find Thai hookers. And most of the hotels only requires a few minutes walk or have areas where you can find call girls without stepping out too far from the comforts of your hotel.

First we'll start off with Sukhumvit Soi 4, where Nana Plaza Entertainment (NEP) is located. Starting around 7pm you'll begin to see a lot of hookers standing right outside the Nana Hotel's parking lot. And even though the Nana Hotel is joiner free it's an old tired hotel and frankly not worth the money.

A good alternative would be a 1300THB per night a room at the Majestic Suites Hotel. Less than a 3 minute walk to NEP as well as the parking lot. It's not expensive at all and it's a hotel I rave a lot about even though it's an older hotel.

DI Place Hotel though is a newer property and there are usually a cluster of Thai prostitutes standing around close to the hotel or at least sitting in the bars all around the area. A superior room at DI Place cost around 1200THB. And the hotel is very plain and basic but most importantly clean.

Guest Friendly Hotels on Suk 4
The Rajah Mansion was an older hotel but it's been renovated. The coffee shop inside the hotel is a popular place to find up Russian ladies. It's not exactly a budget hotel but at least you know where to go. Matter of fact up on Soi 3 there are even more Russians to be found there.

Heaven@4 is a new hotel on Sukhumvit Soi 4. If you can get past the gaudy decor it's not a bad budget hotel at all with rooms starting at around 1400THB. Though you can find better rates when you book more nights. Heaven@4 is one of the hotels where you can usually find girls directly downstairs in front of the hotel's bar.

Dawin Hotel is another newish hotel I like recommending. It's an affordable hotel with modern rooms and roof top swimming pool. The standard rooms cost around 1900THB. It's located a little further down from the crowds of Nana but whenever you are walking back to your hotel you won't have a problem finding prostitutes at night.

Just a little further east on Sukhumvit road there are several places where you can find freelancers near visitor friendly hotels as well

Mac Boutique Suites on Suk 7
The first is Mac Boutique Suites and it's a very good hotel on Suk Soi 7. Very affordable rooms with prices starting around 1700THB. However, I find that the room's doors are thin and you can easily hear noise from the hallway.

Mac Boutique Suites is about a hundred meters down the Soi in a quiet section but just a few minutes walk to a big beer garden with giant screens displaying sports programs. Ladies are there around 12pm but night time is when it's the busiest. It's a big place and the usual joke is you'll find a 100 girls but only 10 are pretty.

On Suk 5, Gulliver's Tavern is a huge pub and a great place to relax and unwind. And they've got some pretty good pub grub too. And I often go there for the Ostrich Steak. It's a big establishment and their bar section is famously known in Sukhumvit as one of the best places to find Thai hookers that are good lookers (hey it rhymes).

Finally the hotel I've been recommending for a long while is the Ruamchitt Plaza Hotel. It's located between Suk Soi 13 and 15, about a 10 minute walk from Mac Boutique Suites. It's simply the easiest hotel for guys to find hookers. All they have to do is head straight downstairs to the Thermae Bar.

It's a long established girl friendly hotel that has been operating also as a short time hotel on Sukhumvit road. But it's easier and much more cost effective to just to get a room at Ruamchitt Plaza Hotel because a room cost around 1700THB. Which is not bad considering that it's in a great location.

The 7 hotels listed here are right in the Sukhumvit district and basically as close as you can get to a hotel in Bangkok with call girls. And with good reasons all of them are very popular.

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