Monday, June 4, 2012

Intimate Hotel by Tim Boutique Pattaya

Deluxe room at Tim Boutique Hotel

Tim Boutique Hotel is a medium sized bar girl friendly hotel right in the heart of Pattaya. And it’s a particular type of hotel that I prefer staying at. Because the hotel location is not too close to Walking streets noisy go go bars and beer bars.

However, you can quite easily visit a lot of go go bars and massage parlors near the hotel as you can see from the map below.

So you can walk in almost any direction from the hotel’s doorstep and find what you’re looking for.

Personally I think the city’s red light district is too noisy with music cranked way too high (or maybe I’m getting a little too old).

Tim Boutique Hotel is located right on Second Road. So the location is tops with easy access to hop on the Songthaew for a quick 10THB ride in central Pattaya. Though you can walk to the beach and pick up freelancers in about 5 minutes. Or you can stroll down to where Walking Street begins in about 15 minutes.

But if you do choose to stay at Tim Boutique Hotel you won’t be too far at all from any go go bars or meet Thai freelancers in beer bars.

The closest go go bars is about a 5 minute walk up Second Road then down on Soi LK Metro. You’ll be going by a few beer bars where I’ve seen some pretty bar girls. Just a few minutes down on Soi Metro you find a cluster of go go bars; Champagne, Mash, the Office and Sugar Sugar.

Soi Metro has a handful of go go bars to check out
I particularly like Champagne Agogo. Their happy hour begins at 2pm and ends at 9pm and the girls working there in my opinion are sweethearts.

The closest action to the hotel that is less than a minute to walk is quite subdued, there’s TIMS go go bar and a pub called Shenanigans. Though both are close you won’t hear any noise at all if you’re room is not facing the front and have blissful quiet.

The hotel was recently renovated in 2010 even though it was only opened in 2006. This was about the first time I’ve stayed there. And even then it was always in great shape.

I have only stayed in the Deluxe rooms which are huge at 36 sq. m. And that much space is needed because the bed is at least 8 feet wide. Which would certainly come in handy if for a threesome. But before you go planning your own orgy party you should know that Tim Boutique Hotel is girl friendly. However they’ll charge you a joiners fee if you go over the 2 person occupancy rule. It's still a good hotel and if you find cheaper rates for Tim Boutique you should book a room and stay there.

Below you'll find the hotel's no joiner fee confirmation:
Dear  Jim Hunt

That your booking a single 1 pax, you can invite joiner 1 pax in room
without charge.

Best Regards,
Miss.Pornyanee Ratreevijit (Mui)
Reservation Supervisor
This is how a map looks when you draw it with a hangover.
Now after the renovation the rooms have been updated to an even more modern look and feel. And the pool area looks even more remarkable and certainly more appealing then Pattaya Beaches waters.

It’s one of the reasons why I really like Tim Boutique Hotel and the type of place I recommend to friends who are looking for a place to stay in Pattaya.

You can get a deluxe room for around 2200THB with discounts at Tim Boutique which is quite worth it especially when you get big room and all the modern comforts and convenient location.

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