Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Heaven@4 Hotel Bangkok Review

There are definitely no shortages of affordable bar girl friendly hotels on Nana Soi 4. And Heaven@4 Hotel is on tops on the list of budget hotels near Nana Entertainment Plaza's go go bars.

Heaven@4 is a newer hotel recently built in 2009. It's not a big hotel with just 20 rooms but it's definitely popular because of the location and proximity to so many beer bars and for fans of freelance prostitutes up and down Soi 4 starting around 7pm.

The hotel has a funky design that might take getting used to at first but the rooms are clean and modern which most guys would consider are more important.

Superior rooms are 20 square meters at Heaven@4 Hotel
Right now there's a deal through our partner reservation website where you can book a stay 4 nights pay for 3 promotion. So the rate would come out to 1125THB per night including taxes (about $35USD).

There is another deal where you book 3 nights and it'll cost about 1275THB per night including taxes (about $38USD).

Heaven@4 is a new hotel so the rooms are clean and comes with all the usual in room amenities though most importantly rooms have an electronic safe and free internet Wi-Fi access.

There are many establishments to buy a cold beer and pick up Thai bar girls close to Heaven@4. I haven't illustrated beer bar locations on my map above because frankly it's too much work. So just take my word for it. And many of the bars open around 12pm with bar girls for hire drifting in around that time. So Nana Soi 4 is a great place to be for finding some early daytime action.

And as you can see the main points of interest are Annie's Massage, the parking lot of the Nana Hotel and of course Nana Entertainment Plaza are all near Heaven@4 with easy walking distance. And Nana Soi 4 is also the place to be for finding Thai prostitutes starting at around 7pm with more arriving later on in the night.

So you can simply walk back to your room with no need to rent a short room or pay for a taxi ride. It's in a great convenient location with plenty of action all around the hotel. And with really low rates such as a stay 4 nights pay for 3 promotion it shouldn't be missed.

And Heaven@4 is a confirmed guest friendly hotel and here's an email reply for your reference:
Dear Sir or Madam - We do not charge with your joiner or guest friendly.

For further information or any assistance please do not hesitate to contact with us.

With best regards,

Reservation Department,

Address: 20/3 - 4 Sukhumvit Soi 4, Sukhumvit Road, Klongtoey, Bangkok THAILAND 10110
Tel: +662 656 9450 Fax: +662 656 9455

Monday, July 30, 2012

Golden Ville Boutique Hotel Pattaya

I've walked past the Golden Ville Boutique Hotel many times before on my way to Walking Street. I already knew it was guest friendly because a new friend I met always brings bar girls back to his room there every night. But I never had a chance to take a look inside especially since the hotel was just renovated last year.

And the hotel is in a good spot between Second and Third road and right by the Avenue Mall by the corner of South Pattaya Road. Which means that there are many beer bars and a few spread of go go bars in walking distance from Golden Ville Hotel's location. The closest action to the hotel are 3 go go bars, Kittens, Classroom 2 and Obsessions. Boystown which is a popular section for gay bars and massage parlors is a short stroll across Second Road

And the main drag of Walking Street for go go bar entertainment is about a 10 minute walk along Beach Road which is the place to go to scope out Thai Freelancers.

Superior room at Golden Ville Pattaya
A superior room at Golden Ville Boutique Hotel is around 28 square meters so there's plenty of space. And it's a basic room with the usual TV, Air Conditioning, mini fridge and free internet access. But remember to bring a lock for your luggage because superior rooms have no in room safe. But the deluxe rooms do.

Normally a superior room at Golden Ville cost around 1800THB a night with taxes. As of writing there is a room sale going on through Agoda where you can book a room for August 2012 for around 1150THB. So if you're interested in staying there you can read more reviews and check out current discount rates here.

Golden Ville Boutique is not so big and has about 20 rooms only. And they are a confirmed bar girl friendly hotel. But as usual you're only allowed to bring one girl back to your room at one time and your guest might be required to leave their Thai ID card with the front office.

Overall it's a nice little hotel with clean rooms in an ideal location. And for a small locally Thai run hotel the service is friendly and sufficient. And I've been hearing a lot of things about the hotel so eventually it might make it into my top budget hotel Pattaya list that I'm working on for this blog.

Check rates and read reviews for Golden Ville Boutique Pattaya!

Friday, July 27, 2012

July 28th 2012 Hotel Deals I Recommend

This week there are two guest friendly hotels in Bangkok I found with big discounts.

Standard room - Ramada Encore
The first is for the Ramada Encore Hotel in Sukhumvit road Soi 10. The hotel is about a 5 minute walk to Soi Cowboy past the BTS and MRT train stations. So it's in a great busy location.

I've been recommending Ramada since they've first opened and it's good to see that they're keeping a 50% off deal through Agoda.com ongoing for now. Only thing is you have to book 7 days before arrival to qualify for the discount. With the discount and taxes a standard room cost around 1800THB. It's a very nice hotel and I always enjoy staying there.

Deluxe room - S31 Sukhumvit
The next guest friendly hotel in Bangkok is the S31 Sukhumvit Hotel. It's located a bit further from Soi Cowboy, about a 15 minute walk. But it's a very modern style hotel with a 4.5 star rating.

Right now there are discounts of up to 30% off. With the discount included along with taxes and breakfast a deluxe room will set you back about 3000THB. You can find these discounts for S31 Sukhumvit Hotel offered through Agoda.com.

Both are highly recommended Sukhumvit bar girl friendly hotels and I've never heard anyone complain about their quality and service.

But if you've asked me to choose which one is better for location then I would suggest Ramada Encore because it's closer to Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza and lots of places to pick up Thai freelancers. S31 is in a quieter location but it's close to many oil massage parlors.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Paradiso Boutique Suites Hotel Bangkok

Paradiso Hotel @ 1/11-12 Sukhumvit Soi 10
I know a lot of guys prefer staying in guest friendly hotels on Sukhumvit in a quiet Soi. But not so far that they can't walk to their favorite massage parlor, beer bar or go go bar.

On Sukhumvit Soi 10 there's a very small budget hotel called Paradiso Boutique Suites that I recommend for those who don't want to stay at a hotel close to a lot of noise and traffic.

Paradiso Boutique is only a few minutes walk from the entrance of Soi 10 and just right past Lollipop Bar (a well known BJ bar) on a corner. Walking to the hotel's doors you might even hear the ladies at Lollipops hollering at you to come in for a beer (not expensive) and a BJ (800THB). Surprisingly it's not a nasty dingy bar and quite nice for a visit.

Paradiso is a really small hotel. There are only 20 rooms and the smallest rooms which are the standards are 20 square meters. And that's not so bad. Superior and deluxe rooms are 24 sq. m. and 30 sq. m respectively.

There's a good chance that if you've booked a standard and when non are available when you check in you might receive an upgrade.

There is one more room type and it's the Suite which is around 38 square meters. It's the room that I stayed in because it was the only one available at the time. And at the time I paid about 2500THB so around $80USD. Suite rooms at Paradiso are big especially bathroom. There is a huge bathtub with a separate shower room. The main room is spacious with a large king sized bed and a sitting area. And a nice big work desk with free Wi-Fi internet access. Big flat screen TV too with a lot of channels.

Suite room type at Paradiso Boutique
There are only 2 suite rooms and both are on the top floor and you do have to walk up a flight of stairs. If you do decide to book a suite room ask for a room in the front facing the park outside for a better view. I got stuck with the room in the back with a lousy view of an alley.

So I can't really say much about the other rooms but if the price is right for you I really recommend booking a suite room at Paradiso Boutique Suites.

Below is Paradiso's bar girl friendly confirmation for your reference:
Dear Mr. James Hunt

Thank you for mail interesting with our hotel.

If I book a room at Paradiso Boutiques and bring an unregistered guest back to my room, will I be charged a joiners fee?

In the room maximum can stay for 2 person. If you check in only one person you can bring one more guest to your room.

Please make room reservation again in advance.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Best  Regards,

Front  Office
As of writing all of the room rates at Paradiso include a set breakfast. And a standard room which is the cheapest cost about 1500THB, around $50USD. There is no pool or gym for guest to use so the location of the hotel is the only real highlight. Soi Cowboy is just a 5 minute walk past Terminal 21 mall and the BTS and MRT stations.

Since it is a small hotel you should book in advance to make sure you get a room for your travel dates. As always I recommend looking through Agoda.com for discount rates.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My 5 Favorite Bangkok Soapy Massage Parlors

I've been visiting soapy massage parlors in Bangkok for about 12 years now. What most don't know is that the business of body to body massages were not originally designed for the sole pleasure of foreigners like you would see in at go go bars.

Soapies were first created for the pleasures of local well off Thais, businessmen, the elite and government officials. It was only discovered by foreigners who were originally attracted to the go go bars of Patpong, Soi Cowboy and Nana. You would never see local Thais with money cavorting with bar girls in Sukhumvit.

Soapy brothels are not only places for Thai guys to screw prostitutes while their wives are out shopping. Many establishments are also casual restaurants so they can dine with friends, usually in the company of massage girls they've chosen or reserved. It's where business deals are sealed and clients are taken care of afterwards.

Now a lot of the the body massage places I like going to are a little bit out of the way and usually requires a ride on the MRT subway train, by taxi or a combination of both. I actually prefer going to places further away so I won't have a lot of competition when I arrive to pick out a massage girl.

But no matter how I look at it, to me, having a soapy massage experience is kind of like pizza. No matter how bad it is it's still edible. That said, here are my 5 favorite soapy parlors in Bangkok.

1. Nataree Massage (Closed) - I like this place because it's unpretentious. It's still a dive when it comes to atmosphere but it's very convenient. Most importantly there are a lot of cute sideline girls.

Today I usually stay away from the fishbowl girls because a lot of them are a bit rough around the edges and older. And if I wanted a lady with those attributes I would've stayed married.

So I always pick a sideliner and on a weekend at night you'll find around 40 to 50 girls to choose from. Sideliners at Nataree price range from 2300THB, 2600THB, 5000THB. I'd stay away from the 5000THB girls because they look under-aged. I could be wrong, but they do not look like they're priced for looks. Girls working in brothels are priced according to age and looks (particularly whiteness of skin).

There are already quite a lot of 18 year old hookers inside Nataree priced at 2300THB and 2600THB. When you get inside you'll immediately be face to face with a lot of sideliner girls.

Getting to Nataree only requires a ride on the MRT subway to Huay Kwang station. When you're there use exit #3. There are plenty of maps inside the station so look for the Emerald Hotel and walk towards it. You should see the establishment after walking past Emmanuel Massage (over-rated). There are two entrances to Nataree so take the first one you see.

Nataree is in the Huay Kwang/Ratchada area where there are many soapies in close walking distance.


2. Utopia Massage - The first time I've ever been to a soapy in Bangkok like Utopia I couldn't believe that brothels could be so opulent. There are Roman styled columns and winding staircases and the area is adorned with marble and carpeted floors.

Because even though prostitution is technically illegal in Thailand, when you take a look at Utopia you really just want to laugh.

Now Utopia is not cheap. And that's for a good reason. A lot of the girls there are lighter skinned and maybe a bit taller and are from the Northern regions of Thailand like Chaing Mai or Chiang Rai. You won't find any short dark skinned Issan girls at Utopia though maybe some have slipped in.

And a soapy of Utopia's quality is geared towards Thai/Asian clientele who prefer their women fair skinned. As I mentioned previously most body massage establishments are primarily for Thai customers with free spending cash.

It's kind of funny to me that whenever I visit Utopia or any other soapy establishment  I'm usually dressed in t-shirts, shorts or jeans and wearing a cap with flip-flops. While the locals are decked in casual business wear. Just by looking at the luxury cars parked outside of Utopia you can quite easily see you're sitting among men with money and means. How you dress shouldn't really matter though since there is no dress code at any of the establishments. However, in Asia, the well dressed are treated better so you'll get better attention and service  

Utopia charges foreigners a surcharge for at least 500THB to 1000THB extra depending on the lady you choose. To me, it's not the only way to make extra money but also to discourage sex tourists on a budget. And it works. There are many foreigners complaining about the falang surcharge on forums. Though any foreigner with the extra cash to spend is always welcomed!

But be prepared to bring some cash, fishbowl girls start at around 3000THB for 90 minutes. Sideliners range from 3200THB to 3600THB. There are also model classed girls who were supposed former Thai Penthouse models costing from 5000THB to the moon! Okay, not that high. But I've been quoted 8000THB for a recent model. And you only get 1 hour of playtime with the models. Plus all of the prices I mentioned do not have the dreaded surcharge added on top. As I said, make sure you pad your wallet.

Getting to Utopia is easiest by taxi. Here's the address: 69/1-3 Rama 9 Road, Huay Kwang Bangkok so have someone working at the hotel translate it into Thai. The nearest MRT subway train is Phra Ram 9. But it would require at least a 30 minute walk plus more if you are unfamiliar with the territory. I suggest taking a taxi. Here's their phone number: 0-2354-13008

Amsterdam Massage

3. Amsterdam Massage (Closed)  - Like Nataree, this popular soapy body massage parlor is right next to a MRT subway station called Phra Ram 9. You can't miss Amsterdam it's the only building on a corner with a neon sign shaped like a windmill.

It used to be a much bigger soapy encompassing 2 buildings but today it's only 1 building. That's because they've closed off the fishbowl section and only supply sideliner girls. Not sure if the fishbowl section is closed off forever. Even the papasan I always refer to isn't sure.

Most of the girls there are taller with fair skin.  It's what the local Thais with money like. So what does that mean? It means it's a pricier establishment but the prices are not as crazy as Utopia. And there's no falang surcharge.

Sideliners in Amsterdam Massage cost about 2600THB to 3000THB. They do have model categories too, though not Penthouse types as in Utopia. Amsterdam's models are taller and lighter skinned. Not necessarily prettier. As I mentioned before, Thai men value skin color over looks. And if the skin is light and the girl is attractive is just an added bonus. And a model at Amsterdam was quoted at 4500THB.

To get to Amsterdam Massage take the MRT subway to Phra Ram 9 station. Take exit #1 and walk towards Grand Mercure Fortune Hotel, which is guest friendly so you can invite girls to your room with no joiner fee required. Here's the phone number: 0-2642-0801 — 9

4. Poseidon - Perhaps one of the most well known soapies since way back when these types of establishments became popular with foreign tourists. The closest MRT stop to Poseidon is called Sutthisan station and be sure to get out from Exit #4 because it'll put you closer to the massage parlor.

Poseidon Massage
By taxi just say soi Poseidon and any taxi driver should not have a problem in locating it. A metered ride from Sukhumvit/Asoke intersection to Poseidon should cost about 60THB to 70THB and as of writing drivers do not receive a commission for taking you there. Though this establishment does include the dreaded 'falange' surcharge. Though my foreign Asian buddies are able to skirt the surcharge which is a significant savings considering it cost 1000THB extra if a Johnny foreigner chooses a model.

This massage parlor used to have a lot of soapy girls but today the numbers have dwindled a bit. However, since Poseidon is still heavily visited by locals because they are well known for the ladies in the model category.

And standard soapy girls prices range from 2200THB to 2600THB for 2 hours depending on quality such as age and looks. Though in general you will find fair skinned girls in their soapies. The soapy section is located on the second floor up a winding stair case.

Sideline girls and models are found on the 3rd floor. Sideliners cost around 2800THB to 3000THB for 1.5 hours. The price range for the famous Poseidon model girls ranges from 3000THB to 6000THB (60 minutes). You'll mostly see sideliners on the 2nd floor because model girls are typically booked up and depending on the girls popularity don't be surprised if you have to wait a full week. Is it worth it? I don't think so.

If you have that type of patience there is a photo book with pictures of the models for you to choose and make a reservation.

Catherine Massage - Looks haunted but it's not... at least I think...

5. Catherine's Massage - Of all the soapies on this list Catherine's is the furthest one out but still in Bangkok. It's not in walking distance of any MRT stations either. So the only way to get there is by taxi.

From the outside it looks a little worst for wear and compared to a lot of other places unpretentious. But the rooms inside are in good condition. It's a big place and looks like a restaurant until you see the small fishbowl on the right side when you enter the building.

All of the girls are in the fishbowl so there are no sideliners. However, prices at Catherine's Massage are not expensive. Girls sitting on the right side are 1800THB for 90 minutes. Girls on the left are 2100THB. To me there are not a whole lot of attractive girls on either side. No falang surcharge too.

I always choose girls in the 2100THB price range for better looks. But if I can't find anyone I like I'll pick the best one I see on the right side. After all I'm not going to go all the way out there for nothing.

Catherine's is mainly visited by local Thais because most foreign visitors either don't dare to venture out too far or just find that the closer establishments can already fulfill their needs.

So if you're staying at a hotel in central Bangkok, for example Pratunam or Sukhumvit, you should take a taxi to Catherines and here's the address: 341 Rama 9 Road, Soi 11 and get someone from your hotel to translate it. The address should be easy for the taxi driver to find. Once the driver turns into Soi 11, Catherines is about 200 meters down. You can't miss it, it's directly after the Royal Pacific Hotel on the right side. Here is Catherine Massage phone number: 0-2719-66724

I've listed the phone numbers of all the soapies but there's a really good chance the person picking up on the other end only speaks Thai. You can have someone at the hotel you're staying at call to get better directions so they can write it down for you to give to the taxi driver. As of writing, none of the massage parlors I recommend above do not pay taxi drivers commissions. So you won't be charged extra.

Now you know my 5 favorite soapy massage parlors in Bangkok. And my favorites are not set in stone. Sometimes I shuffle around different establishments whenever there is a big shift in the line up.

Sometimes my favorite working girls are not available anymore and may have been picked up by a wealthy sponsor/sugar daddy to fill a mistress quota. Or some girls have managed to save enough money to start their own businesses.

And there are a lot of soapy massage parlors in Bangkok and I'll drop by one to check it out and it may become my new favorite place to visit. So check back often and I'll report more on soapy parlors I recommend.

Just a reminder, most establishments open around 2pm and close at midnight. I recommend visiting a soapy starting around 7pm. You can get to one at 6pm but most of the ladies are probably still home sleeping or getting ready to go to work.

You can make bookings or reservations for massage girls so if see someone you like and want to set up an appointment just speak to the Papasan or Mamasan.

Finally tipping is not necessary. But if you choose to you may. Usually if I had a great time I would tip 300THB. And I particularly tip girls that I choose regularly or plan to choose regularly so that the next time I'll get special treatment.

One final tip is to get to know a Papasan or Mamasan. Most of them know a fair amount of English. If they see you often and remember you they will offer better info on which girls to choose or tell you who's new to the scene. And I do tip my Papasan and Mamasans 100THB. Not all the time though of course.

*** Update for 2016! - I made a new top 5 soapy list so check it out here! ***

Saturday, July 21, 2012

July 21st 2012 - Guest Friendly Hotel Discounts in Bangkok You Shouldn't Miss

This week there are 2 guest friendly hotels in Sukhumvit with up to 50% off discounts. The room sales at these hotels are limited so it's best to book them as soon as possible.

Admiral Suites
The first is Admiral Suites Hotel located about 75 meters down Sukhumvit Soi 22. It's a 4 star property closer to the Emporium Mall, Phrom Phong BTS station and lots of oil massage parlors.

As of writing I saw that there is a 50% discount if you book 2 nights and arriving at the hotel within this month.

It's a nice hotel with big studio rooms that with many modern amenities available. Check current rates for Admiral Suites.

The next hotel I recommend is the brand new and ultra modern Novotel Fenix Ploenchit Hotel. It's located right by the highway overpass which is where Sukhumvit road begins. To give you an idea, Nana Entertainment Plaza on Sukhumvit Soi 4 is about a 5 minute walk.

Superior King Room @ Novotel
The deal is 50% off if you book 21 days before arrival. So a superior room with a king size bed would cost around 2800THB or so per night with taxes included. As I mentioned these deals are short lived so you should check the rates for Novotel Fenix Ploenchit if you choose to stay there.

Both are very nice bar girl friendly hotels with swimming pools and gym. Though Admiral Suites has free internet Wi-Fi access and Novotel charges.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Darjelling Boutique Hotel Bangkok

Darjelling Boutique - Sukhumvit Soi 18
It seems like everything near Soi Cowboy happens to be more expensive. For example drinks at bars and higher quoted prices from go go bar girls.

Even hotels near Soi Cowboy are at the pricier range though often still a good value in my opinion. But there are no shortages of budget bar girl friendly hotels close to Soi Cowboy.

The Darjelling Boutique Hotel is right across Sukumvit road on Soi 18 and guests only need a 5 minute walk to reach Soi Cowboy or the BTS and MRT train lines.

It's tucked away in a quiet corner, surrounded by small restaurants, a couple of massage parlors and other local businesses.

So there's no traffic noise and hassle from touts. The Darjelling Boutique is sort of in its own little perfect oasis. Yet very close the go go bars of Soi Cowboy and areas to find hookers along Sukhumvit road.

As the name states, the Darjelling is a boutique hotel. So it's a smallish sized hotel with not a whole lot of rooms. Surprisingly a deluxe king size room, which is 24 square meters. The bathroom is small though. And there's a peek-a-boo window separating the main from the bathroom. It's great for having fun with your bar girl of the night. But so much fun if you're sharing a room with a dude or your mother. Luckily there's a curtain you can pull down for privacy

Deluxe room. You can see into the bathroom but there is a window blind.
The rooms have most of what you should need for a comfortable stay including free Internet Wi-Fi and and in room safe. There is a small tiny swimming pool and it's better than nothing when the days get really hote in Bangkok.

As of writing you can get a deluxe king room at the Darjelling Boutique Bangkok for around 1300THB per night including taxes. Which is not bad at all because it's a very clean, modern hotel that is only 4 years old and in a prime location.

And the Darjelling Boutique is a confirmed guest friendly hotels so there's no need to pay a joiner fee. Here's an email confirmation for your reference:
Dear Jim,
thank you for inquiry.
Our hotel is guest friendly and we don't charge any guests.
Looking forward to your feedback.
Best regards-
Rimantas Gajauskas,
Hotel manager
Read more reviews and find discount rates at Agoda.com

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Booking Hotels Online Vs. Walk In Hotel Booking - Which is Better in Thailand?

Here's a question that I often see asked on forums, "Should I book a hotel room in Sukhumvit in advance or after I've arrived in Bangkok?"

The short answer is that it's better to book ahead. But it all depends. For example if you're not carrying a lot of luggage and had a relatively short flight then you're better off heading to a hotel directly to inquire about room rates.

On the other hand, if you already know that you'll be carrying a crap load of luggage and you'll be on an 18 hour flight from halfway around the world then you're better off booking a hotel room in advance. This way you won't have to stress yourself out wondering if you can find a place to stay that's within your budget.

Though I highly recommend you should get a hotel room reserved ahead of time if you have is just one night in Bangkok. With so much fun to be had in a finite time it's best not to spend it on price comparing hotels after arriving into Bangkok.

If you've got this much luggage you might as well book in advance
And think about what would happen if you go to a popular hotel in Sukhumvit with a lot of luggage only to find out that there are no rooms available. Or the rates were not as affordable as you'd thought it would be. Then that smile that you had when you boarded the plane thinking about that special soapy massage or company of a bar girl will quickly turn into a frown.

So you're forced to head out to look for another hotel. Believe me. It's not going to be fun to crawl around Sukhumvit at night with a load of luggage bumping into hordes of tourists and prostitutes. Especially at night when the sidewalks fill up with vendors selling t-shirts, souvenirs and sex toys.

I want Hotel Discounts. Is it Cheaper to Book Online or at the Hotel Directly?

I know a lot of travelers wonder if they can get cheaper hotel rates while standing right in front of the hotel's reception desk, rather then book a room online in advance.

In Thailand it is possible to get cheaper walk in rates with a little bit of polite haggling. That is only if it's a smaller hotel, guesthouse, hostel or anything that is basically run personally by the owner of the hotel.

However it's more difficult to get walk in discounts from medium to large sized corporate hotels. And of course there are some exceptions but most of the time big hotel's rack rates are locked in place. Therefore, the shift manager has no power to give you a discount rate upon arrival.

The best way to get cheaper rooms is to book a room through a hotel reservation website. Online hotel agencies that have special agreements with hotels in Thailand and are offered exclusive unpublished rates that are much better than the hotel's direct walk in rates.

One online hotel booking website I recommend to find the best discounts for hotels throughout Thailand is called Agoda.com. I like that they offer instant confirmations and most of the hotels in Thailand they list have free cancellations. Most of the Thai hotels I've reviewed here are linked to Agoda's website.

I know this sounds nuts. But a lot of times I have asked hotels that I have originally booked through Agoda if they could match their rates. And the answer is no they can not. And that's because Agoda's low rates are exclusive and limited in availability.

So if you've got like 3 nights or more to spend in Bangkok and not overburdened by your luggage then you can try and find a hotel with a cheaper walk in rate. Otherwise, it's just smarter to book a room ahead of time so you never have to stress out on finding a hotel near one of your favorite red light districts in Thailand.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

50% Discount for Woraburi Sukhumvit Hotel Bangkok

The Woraburi Sukhumvit is located about 300 meters down Sukhumvit Soi 4. So it's about a 10 minute walk to Nana Plaza's go go bars. It's a popular and cheap bar girl friendly hotel with a lot of return visitors for many years.

After a much needed renovation back in 2010 the Woraburi is now a hotel I feel comfortable recommending. Now that the hotel has been refreshed you might want to consider staying there especially since there's a 50% off discount for a standard room.

The immediate location of the hotel is quiet but all of the action surrounding Nana Plaza can be reached by a 10 minute walk or in a few minutes by using the free tuk tuk service provided by the hotel.

There are quite a few beer bars along Sukhumvit Soi 4 between the Woraburi and Nana Plaza. And yes there are a lot of prostitutes up and down the Soi late into the night. Which is why Nana Soi 4 is a popular place to stay for single guys. So picking up some midnight company if you wish is easy. But it's still a popular hotel with families so you may get a few awkward stares.

It's a 3 star property and there is a swimming pool but no gym though. Though you get free Wi-Fi internet access. So it is a basic hotel but most importantly it's clean and comfortable.

Standard room at Woraburi Sukhumvit - 20 square meters
As of writing you can get a standard room at the Woraburi for around 1140THB including the 50% discount and taxes through Agoda.com. It is quite the popular hotel for all kinds of travelers so it's best to book in advance.

For your reference here is Woraburi Sukhumvits guest friendly policy:
Dear Jim Hunt

Regarding to your question, Woraburi sukhumvit not charge a joiner but, her will must taking ID Card at reception.

Best Regards, Nopparat Chaowieng
Asst. Sales Manager

Monday, July 16, 2012

Centre Point Hotels - Best Valued Guest Friendly Hotels in Bangkok

A few of my friend insist only on staying at Centre Point Hotel properties in Bangkok. And I don't blame them. I've stayed in quite a few myself and even called the Centre Point Petchburi in Pratunam my home for a little while.

All of their properties are in the 4 to 5 star range and an incredible value. Every single one of their properties has a big pool and fitness center with modern equipment. And a buffet breakfast is usually included in the rooms rates. And, yes, every single Centre Point Hotel in Bangkok is guest friendly. So you won't have to pay any joiner fees if you want to invite a bar girl (or 2) to your place.

I know a lot of guys who invite 2 bar girls back to their rooms. And none of them were ever asked to pay a joiners fee. And that's because Centre Point properties are all actually serviced apartments. I would keep it to 2 ladies max though just so that no one complains.

Centre Point does have a few properties near the red light districts, particularly close to Nana and Soi Cowboy. Though most are not far away either and usually require a short taxi ride or a walk to the nearest BTS Sky Train station.

So I've done some checking and noticed that there are a lot of discounts from 30% to 50% offered through Agoda.com going on for all Centre Point hotels. And the prices you see here are good at least until August 2012.

A room at Grande Centre Point Suk.
Right now their best property is the brand new 5 star Grand Centre Point Sukhumvit which is a part of the Terminal 21 mall.

Right now there's a 50% discount including breakfast if you book early. The total would come out to around 3350THB per night.

It's a top hotel in the area. You're going to be close to everything if you stay there. Lots of shopping and plenty of places to eat right inside the Terminal 21 Mall. BTS and MRT stations are right out the door. And Soi Cowboy is just right across Asoke road, a short 5 minute walk. Find more reviews and rates for Grande Center Point Sukhumvit.

Studio room Centre Point Sukhumvit
Right across on Sukhumvit Soi 10 is Centre Point Sukhumvit. It's an older hotel in the group but it has been renovated. The entrance to Soi 10 is just right across from Terminal 21 Mall on Sukhumvit road, however it is a bit far down the Soi, at least a 10 minute walk.

They do provide a free tuk tuk shuttle but that's only for taking you to locations nearby like Soi Cowboy or Terminal 21 Mall. Right now there's a 25% off discount for a studio room including breakfast for a total of 2300THB. And as studio room is huge at 38 square meters. Find more reviews and rates for Centre Point Sukhumvit.

So the two hotels above are closest to the red light districts. There are a few other properties below I highly recommend that are also in central Bangkok by the Chidlom district, which is close to Siam and Pratunam shopping centers:
  • Grande Centre Point Ratchadamri is another high quality property with an amazing pool, fitness center and other high quality amenities. Right now a room is priced at 3550THB including taxes and breakfast for a deluxe room that's 44 square meters big. Nearest BTS station is Chidlom is a 5 minute walk.
  • Centre Point Petchburi is the place I stayed for about 3 months. It's close to Pratunam Market and right across from Pantip Plaza. A superior room there cost about 2300THB including breakfast. The nearest BTS station is called Phaya Thai and requires a 15 minute walk however.
Centre Point Hotels are the best valued guest friendly hotels in Bangkok. You may have noticed that all of the rooms at their properties are big and there is usually a balcony and free Wi-Fi internet access. Of all the years I've been recommending them I have never heard one complaint at all.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Guest Friendly Hotel Deals July 13, 2012

This week there are quite a lot of 50% off discounts for guest friendly hotels throughout Thailand, especially in Bangkok this week. But I'm only listing a few recommended ones which I think are an excellent value. I've also located one hotel in Pattaya and one in Phuket with big discounts too that are near their red light districts.

These popular no joiner fee hotels' deals are limited and the amount of discounts you'll find depends on your travel dates. The rates for the hotels you see listed here are based on August 2012 travel dates. And I noticed though that you'll get bigger discounts for early bird arrivals.

Bangkok Discounts

Royal Ivory Hotel
The first is Royal Ivory Hotel on Sukhumvit Soi 4. It's a very popular place to stay close to Nana Plaza which is a short 5 minute walk. Though a free tuk tuk service is provided and will take you anywhere near the hotel.

The rooms provided for guests are spacious and even though the furnishings are a bit dated the hotel is remarkably well taken care of.

Currently the special rate for a deluxe double room is about 1300THB per night with taxes. Check rates and reviews for Royal Ivory Hotel.

Woraburi Sukhumvit Hotel
After a much needed renovation just a few years ago, the Woraburi Sukhumvit Hotel is a place I've been recommending more often.

It's also located further down on Sukhumvit Soi 4 about 300 meters from Nana Plaza. But the hotel provides a free tuk tuk ride to take you to there or the BTS Nana station if you wish.

Standard rooms are a bit small at 20 square meters. The Woraburi is a budget hotel but a real good value. Depending on your travel dates you can get a standard room for 1000THB per night with taxes. Check rates and reviews for Woraburi Sukhumvit Hotel.

Deluxe room @ S31 Sukhumvit Hotel
S31 Sukhumvit Hotel is a new flash 5 star hotel on the corner of Sukhumvit road Soi 31. It's closer to Soi Cowboy's go go bars which requires a 10 minute walk and the nearest Sky Train station is BTS Phrom Phong. There are many oil massage parlors in that area providing extra services.

It's an ultra modern hotel that oozes class and the price range can be out of most traveler's price range. Though currently there is a 50% off discount depending on your travel dates. With discounts you can get a deluxe room at S31 Sukhumvit for around 3200THB per night including breakfast. Check rates and reviews for S31 Hotel.

Pattaya Discounts

Citin Loft Pattaya
The Citin Loft Pattaya is located right in central Pattaya. From there it's about a 10 minute walk to the popular go go bars of Walking Street.

But there are a lot of go go bars, beer bars and massage parlors in central Pattaya near Citin Loft too. So you'll never be too far away from the action.

This is an excellent bar girl friendly in Pattaya hotel I've been recommending for years. The amount of discounts you get depends on your travel dates though. For the month of August 2012 I see a 25% discount for a superior room so with taxes it'll set you back around 1150THB per night. Check rates and read reviews for Citin Loft Pattaya.

Phuket Discounts

Tiger Hotel is a very popular budget guest friendly hotel in Phuket that is a short walk to Bangla roads go go bars, beer bars and massage parlors.

If you can get past the cave like decorated hotel interior you'll find it's a decent property. Though it's bare bones with no swimming pool or anything else except a club by the lobby. The beach though is only a 10 minute walk from the hotel.

Currently there's a deluxe room with jacuzzi 50% off sale. The room size is around 30 square meters and the price including discounts and taxes is less then 1000THB. Definitely worth it if you're visiting Phuket! Check rates and read reviews for Tiger Hotel.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

5 Hotels Near Nana Plaza I Always Book and Recommend

This year I've seen a lot of new hotels open up near Nana Plaza or around Sukhumvit Soi 4. As much as I like staying in newer hotels - there are quite a lot of established hotels that I prefer to stay in when I have time to mess around in Nana's red light district.

So below, you'll find a selection of bar girl friendly hotels that I have stayed in consistently for the past few years and even now in 2012. And I recommend them because I'm confident that you will like and enjoy these hotels as much as I have.

Majestic Grande Bangkok

Average rate: 2850THB per night
Address: 12 Sukhumvit Soi 2
Internet access: Free

A popular guest friendly hotel since the first day they opened. The rooms are in great condition with plush, comfortable and modern furnishings. I usually stay at a superior room and though the space looks tight inside because of the massive super comfortable bed. But a superior room is 28 sq. m. so it's not that bad at all even for two guests.

The breakfast is awesome which is usually included with the room price. If you can, book a few nights to get more discounts. Take a look blog post review on Majestic Grande Bangkok for more information.

Dynasty Grande Bangkok

Average rate: 2120THB per night
Address: 21 Soi Sukhumvit 6 (Soi Nana)
Internet access: Free

The Dynasty Grande is a part of a popular hotel group in Bangkok. This property is very popular as well since they've opened in 2006. So it's still a newish hotel. I particularly like the swimming pool and fitness center. I normally book a deluxe room which is big at 30 sq. m. So the room has a big bathroom.

It's a popular hotel near Nana Plaza and I do see a lot of familiar faces at the same time I'm there. Read reviews and find discounts for Dynasty Grande.

Phachara Suites Sukhumvit Bangkok

Average rate : 2400THB per night
Address: 22 Sukhumvit Soi 6 (Soi Nana)
Internet access: Free

I can't shut up enough about how much I like Phachara Suites. Lets start with the huge space for a studio deluxe room. It's a whopping 45 sq. m. and it's the room category I always choose because it's so affordable. The hotel has a big swimming pool and a well equipped workout center. And the staff at the hotel are very professional and the friendliest people I've come across.

This is a highly recommended hotel so if there's a good discount you should book a room there. Check out my review post on Phachara Suites.

Boss Suites Hotel Bangkok

Average rate: 1500THB per night
Address: 40,42 Sukhumvit Soi 4
Internet access: Free

Boss Suites is one of the best inexpensive hotels near Nana Plaza I always recommend for those who don't want to spend too much. But unlike the rest of the hotels on this list it'll require at least a 10 minute walk to Nana Plaza. But the hotel does provide free tuk tuk service to get you there or the BTS station on Sukhumvit road.

It's really a nice little hotel with nice rooms and guest amenities. Read reviews and find discounts for Boss Suites.

Aspen Suites Hotel Bangkok

Average rate: 1600THB per night
Address: 65/1 Sukhumvit Soi 2
Internet access: Free

Aspen Suites is a good choice if you're staying in Bangkok for awhile. A superior room is about 36 sq. m. big with a kitchenette that has appliances to do some cooking. It's basically a serviced apartment though short stay tenants are welcomed with no need to sign a lease.

And you'll get the same housekeeping and services provided by hotels. It's located a little bit away from the noise and madness of Nana Plaza. But the hotel does provide a free tuk tuk shuttle to get you there quickly. Read reviews and find discounts for Aspen Suites.

As you can see on the map all of the hotels are close to Nana Entertainment Plaza (NEP) for go go bars and right across at the Nana hotel are a lot of freelancers at night. There are a lot of beer bars inside NEP as well as along Soi 4 where you'll find a lot of snooker clubs to match your skills against bar girls as well as pubs and restaurants.

Though most guys who choose a hotel near Nana frequently know there's a big freelance hooker scene where they can find ladies charging 1500THB for an hour.

Of course of all of the Nana hotel hotels I recommend here have a guest friendly policy. Though the hotels may require your Thai lady or ladyboy companion to leave their ID card with hotel security or reception for your safety.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

List of Guest Friendly Hotels in Pratunam Bangkok

I always typically recommend that anyone looking to pick up bar girls and freelancers in Bangkok that it's best to stay in Sukhumvit district because it's near go go bars, massage parlors and clubs. Not to mention that the BTS Sky Trains running right along Sukhumvit is also a definite advantage for convenience of traveling around certain parts of the city.

But I can understand why guys would be in need of a bar girl friendly hotel near Pratunam market, where they buy clothes in bulk and send it back to their countries. But it's a busy district and perhaps there are many other reasons why a lot of guys would rather stay there rather then Sukhumvit.

So I started gathering some research by simply asking around and contacting hotels close to Pratunam Market. I found out that there are very little hotels with a visitor friendly policy. And I wasn't surprised though. Sukhumvit district has the most visitor friendly hotels but that's because if a hotel didn't they'd lose out on a whole lot of tourists dollars.

Superior room at Centre Point Petchburi

The only hotel that I have stayed at close to Pratunam Market is the 4 star Centre Point Petchburi 15. And I am very familiar with that property because I lived there for 3 months to be near my workplace at the time.

I stayed in a superior room which was 47 sq. m. big including the balcony. Ask for a room on a high floor facing Petchburi road because the view is much better. You can see the Indonesian embassy, Siam Paragon and MBK mall in the background. There's also a nice swimming pool and a small gym with good equipment for a good workout. And there is free Wi-Fi internet access.

And my business partner can certainly attest that Centre Point Petchburi is definitely guest friendly because a few times a month he would bar fine 2 girls at a time from his favorite bar in Soi Cowboy and take them back to his own room.

Normally you can't get away with that at your average ordinary guest friendly hotel. However, since all Centre Point properties are serviced apartments the rules are a little more relaxed. But I wouldn't go overboard and parade a bunch of bar girls and other prostitutes at any of their fine properties.

Remember to ask for a room facing Petchburi road and you'll have this view.

Center Point Petchburi is in a decent location with a lot of shopping centers nearby in walking distance. Pantip Plaza is directly opposite. Though Soi Cowboy and Nana would require a short taxi ride. But traffic is heavy along Petchburi road and a short ride to the go go bars could actually take about 30 minutes. And Pratunam Market is only a short 5 minute walk so whatever business you have there you can get there quickly.

Nonetheless it's a very good hotel and highly recommended and quite affordable with rates ranging from 2400THB to 2600THB. Check out room rates and reviews from Agoda.com for better prices and information.

As I mentioned before there are not a lot of visitor friendly hotels in Pratunam. But I found three more that you might be interested in in.

Superior room - Boutique Place
Boutique Place Bangkok
Average rates: 1200THB per night
Address: 120/126-7 Rajchaprarop Road, Pratunam
Internet access: Free

Small hotel with 18 rooms. So yes the standard rooms are a bit small but it's one of the better budget hotels near Pratunam Market. I would just book the deluxe rooms because it's slightly bigger and only 200THB more.

Standard double - Ideal Hotel
Ideal Hotel Pratunam Bangkok
Average rate: 1600THB
Address: 1/36 - 1/38 Soi Juldisa (Petchburi 19), Pratunam
Internet access: Free

This is another small hotel. Some rooms have no windows which are the cheapest ones at 1600THB such as the standard double room pictured left. And the rooms are around 20 square meters so it can be a tight fit. But to me it's a bit pricey and would rather spend my money on a slightly bigger room at Citin Pratunam on a budget.

Citin Pratunam
Citin Pratunam Bangkok
Average rate: 1500THB
Address: 88/19 Ratchapranrob Rd, Pratunam
Internet access: Free

Their superior rooms are around 24 square meters big and the location is very close to Pratunam Market if not a little hidden. The hotel is just 4 years old so the rooms are still fresh and modern. And they even provide a free tuk tuk service to take you to areas close by. I highly recommend Citin Pratunam too.

Now keep in mind even though all of these hotels are confirmed guest friendly it's best to book a room for 2 guests even though you're alone. In most cases it won't cost extra to book a room for 2 and just a technicality most hotels require.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bar Girl Friendly Pattaya Hotels I Love Recommending

Cheaper beer and food, inexpensive massages (both traditional and naughty), beer bars galore and more nude gogo bar girls are all found in the establishments and businesses throughout Pattaya's red light district. No wonder I'm seeing more and more visitors in Pattaya's sin city!

And judging from the amount of emails I have been receiving periodically on which no joiner fee hotels in Pattaya I recommend the most compared to Bangkok I can clearly see which city's red light districts is quickly becoming a prime destination for single male tourists.

There are at least a dozen hotels I love to stay at while I'm in Pattaya. Most are 2 to 3 star hotels with a couple of very affordable 4 star properties. Personally I don't like to spend too much money for a hotel anywhere. And I believe most travelers share my sentiment.

Below I recommend 4 hotels which I have been staying at consistently for the past few years. I like them because they are close to everything I could possibly need, well at least for me. One thing I don't prefer is a hotel right in all of the gogo bars around Walking Street. That area is getting too crowded and it's becoming a zoo.

So my hotel choices are mainly located near central Pattaya which is still a 10 minute walk to Walking Street or you can simply hop on a Songthaew for 10THB to get there and back to your hotel easy. Central Pattaya is a bit more quiet and low key but there are still plenty of places within walking distance for gogo bars and massage parlors.

Visitor Friendly Pattaya Hotels I Enjoy Staying At

Keerati Homestay
Keerati Homestay
Average rate: 1000THB per night
Address: 33/40, Soi. LK Metro
Internet access: Free (though a bit slow)

This is my favorite hotel in Pattaya on Soi Diana. There are gogo bars right across from the hotel. You can check out my full review and see which gogo bars are next to Keerati Homestay. So choose a room in the back because it's noisy until 2am. They have great clean rooms. By the way as a guest of Keerati you can use the swimming pool and fitness center at LK Metropole.

LK Metropole
LK Metropol
Average rate: 1650THB per night
Address:  33/35 Moo 10 Pattaya City (LK Metro)
Internet access: Free

This hotel is located right behind Keerati. The LK Metropole is a really nice hotel surrounded by a handful of gogo bars and beer bars. Their standard rooms are spacious at 36 sqm. including the balcony. Loads of guest amenities too with modern features.

Tim Boutique
Tim Boutique Hotel
Average rates: 1800THB per night
Address: 397/42 M.10, Pattaya 2nd Rd
Internet access: Not free

This hotel is right on Second Road, just opposite from Mike's Shopping Mall. There are a lot of beer bars surrounding the hotel and the closest gogo bar action is right around the corner on Soi LK Metro. I've stayed at this hotel at least 4 four times and once I had large cracks around the Air Con panel. So I asked for a different room and my request was met immediately. Besides that one hiccup I really like this hotel a lot too.

Nova Platinum
Nova Platinum Hotel
Average rates: 1500THB per night
Address: 562 Moo 10, Pratamnak Road
Internet access: Free

This is the closes no joiner fee hotel next to Walking Street I recommend. It's about a 5 minute walk in a quieter section so you won't be affected by the noise and crowds. It has a great resort like feel though the price is not expensive and you do get a lot of guest amenities.

So which bar girl friendly hotel on this list would I say is my most favorite of all? I would have to say Keerati Homestay and that's mainly because of the price and value. Just remember to choose a room in the back or remember to bring some ear plugs or the noise from the surrounding bars will keep you up.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Di Place Hotel Bangkok Review

Nana Entertainment Plaza (NEP)
DI Place Bangkok is a newish bar girl friendly hotel right next to Nana Entertainment Plaza on Sukhumvit Soi 4. And I recommend this hotel if your goal is to bar fine as many girls as you can in a night without having to pay for a short time room.

Just my opinion - but all of the short time rooms found at NEP are just plain nasty. And I wouldn't step foot in one even if they paid me 300THB - which is the cost of renting one.

Anyways, DI Place is a clean budget guest friendly hotel in Nana red light district. NEP is less than a few minutes walk from the hotel's door step. Which means every night you can easily decide whether to pick up a freelancer right across Soi 4 at Nana hotel parking lot or any other establishments that sells beer.

Exterior of Di Place Hotel near Nana Plaza
And the trade off is the noise in some rooms and the hassle of fighting off unwanted advances of ladyboys (if that's not your cup of tea) that normally stand around the entrance of NEP.

And some nights there are quite a few 1000THB for short time hookers (ladys and ladyboys) right outside the entrance of the Soi to the hotel and if you look them in the eyes they're all over you like a fat kid on cake.

The hotel can be a wee bit hard to find if you're not familiar with the area. It's located on the left side (NEP side) of Sukhumvit Soi 4 - so if you're going down and see a side street - head down 40 meters and you'll find the hotel.

At first you'd might think that the hotel is unfinished. Whether or not they simply ran out of money or it's just the way the hotel is designed from the get go it's still a good cheap hotel right by Nana Plaza. So don't let the exposed bricks and barren concrete decor fool you.

There are only 25 rooms at the DI Place so it's small. And there are only 4 room types with the cheapest rooms having small windows starting at 900THB. All the rooms are bare bones basic, only TV, Air Con, refrigerator and free internet Wi-Fi access.

Superior Room Type at DI Place
Next grade up is a superior room (18 sq. m.) with a window which costs around 1100THB, followed by a slightly larger deluxe room (20 sq. m.) at 1500THB.

By the way I don't think the price for a deluxe room at DI Place is worth it. If you're going to pay around 1500THB you're better doing so at Boss Suites Hotel which is further down on Sukhumvit Soi 4 because at least you'll get to use a swimming pool and fitness center plus buffet breakfast included.

I wouldn't pay more than 1200THB to 1200THB for a deluxe room at DI Place so if you find a special room discount at that price then it'll be worth it.

DI Place is a clean basic hotel and I suggest just sticking with the superior rooms. Here's the booking information plus reviews of the hotel through Agoda.com. You can get cheaper rates on their website. And below is a guest friendly confirmation stating they won't charge any joiner fees for your reference: