Friday, July 6, 2012

8 Budget Pattaya Hotels Near Beach Road 2012

With the 2012 low season approaching fast, many guest friendly hotels in Pattaya with budget rates are competing fiercely to attract the attention of tourists with low hotel room rates.

One of the most popular areas to stay in Pattaya is Beach Road, particularly in the central Pattaya area. The location is busy, full of shopping centers and adult nightlife entertainment to keep a guy happy and content.

Event though Walking Street in South Pattaya is the central focus of the city's red light district there are also many go go bars to visit or beer bars to pick up Thai hookers. There are at least 100 beer bars alone in central Pattaya and right next to my top 8 budget hotels listed below.

Of course there's a huge Thai freelance scene right on Beach Road. You can find many ladies standing or sitting under palm trees mixed in with guys lounging and wandering around, waiting for the right girl to pick up for the right price. Ladies working in that area usually charge 500THB - 2000THB (depending on looks of course) for short time. So it's one of the major factors why guys love to stay at a hotel in Pattaya right next to Beach Road. I have to mention there are about half a dozen massage parlors of the naughty kind with oil and lotions which are great places to chill out during the late afternoon.

1. Sawasdee Sea View 750THB | Room quality can be a real hit or miss but the price and location is a major advantage.

2. Green Pattaya Hotel 750THB | Another budget place in prime location. Quality is surprisingly good though don't expect too much.

3. Flipper Lodge 1100THB | A widely popular guest friendly hotel on Beach Road. Quality is very good and rooms are spacious. (Note: as of writing part of the hotel is under renovations)

4. Flipper House 1250THB | Another really well known hotel in central Pattaya. Though this hotel is in better condition then it's sister property Flipper Lodge.

5. Eastiny Residence 1250THB | Although this is an older hotel the quality is quite good. Have to mention though this hotel charges for internet access. Might be a deal breaker for most.

6. Eastiny Place Hotel 1300THB | A decent budget hotel close to a few go go bars plus a lot of beer bars. They also charge for internet too.

7. Eastiny Plaza 1350THB | Of all the Eastiny properties listed here in Pattaya, this one is in the best shape. Unlike the rest they offer free internet access.

8. Sunshine Hotel & Residence 1400THB | A nice recently renovated budget hotel on Soi 8. Sunshine is a great value and very popular with lots of return guests.

It goes without saying, you get what you pay for. If you don't want to spend too much and only require a clean place to sleep and perhaps short time a bar girl then Sawasdee Sea View and Green Pattaya Hotel are ideal economy places to stay. But all are popular because they won't charge guests any joiner fees for taking a hooker back to a room. So there's no need to pay extra to rent a boom boom room.

If you can afford a bit more then I recommend Flipper House on Soi 7. As you can see on the map there are a handful of go go bars near the hotels. However, I didn't have enough space to illustrate all of the beer bars surrounding the location. There are around 100 beer bars teeming with Thai bar girls with 1000THB to 2500THB short time rates. And as I mentioned earlier you'll find many Thai freelancers across Beach Road. 

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