Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bar Girl Friendly Pattaya Hotels I Love Recommending

Cheaper beer and food, inexpensive massages (both traditional and naughty), beer bars galore and more nude gogo bar girls are all found in the establishments and businesses throughout Pattaya's red light district. No wonder I'm seeing more and more visitors in Pattaya's sin city!

And judging from the amount of emails I have been receiving periodically on which no joiner fee hotels in Pattaya I recommend the most compared to Bangkok I can clearly see which city's red light districts is quickly becoming a prime destination for single male tourists.

There are at least a dozen hotels I love to stay at while I'm in Pattaya. Most are 2 to 3 star hotels with a couple of very affordable 4 star properties. Personally I don't like to spend too much money for a hotel anywhere. And I believe most travelers share my sentiment.

Below I recommend 4 hotels which I have been staying at consistently for the past few years. I like them because they are close to everything I could possibly need, well at least for me. One thing I don't prefer is a hotel right in all of the gogo bars around Walking Street. That area is getting too crowded and it's becoming a zoo.

So my hotel choices are mainly located near central Pattaya which is still a 10 minute walk to Walking Street or you can simply hop on a Songthaew for 10THB to get there and back to your hotel easy. Central Pattaya is a bit more quiet and low key but there are still plenty of places within walking distance for gogo bars and massage parlors.

Visitor Friendly Pattaya Hotels I Enjoy Staying At

Keerati Homestay
Keerati Homestay
Average rate: 1000THB per night
Address: 33/40, Soi. LK Metro
Internet access: Free (though a bit slow)

This is my favorite hotel in Pattaya on Soi Diana. There are gogo bars right across from the hotel. You can check out my full review and see which gogo bars are next to Keerati Homestay. So choose a room in the back because it's noisy until 2am. They have great clean rooms. By the way as a guest of Keerati you can use the swimming pool and fitness center at LK Metropole.

LK Metropole
LK Metropol
Average rate: 1650THB per night
Address:  33/35 Moo 10 Pattaya City (LK Metro)
Internet access: Free

This hotel is located right behind Keerati. The LK Metropole is a really nice hotel surrounded by a handful of gogo bars and beer bars. Their standard rooms are spacious at 36 sqm. including the balcony. Loads of guest amenities too with modern features.

Tim Boutique
Tim Boutique Hotel
Average rates: 1800THB per night
Address: 397/42 M.10, Pattaya 2nd Rd
Internet access: Not free

This hotel is right on Second Road, just opposite from Mike's Shopping Mall. There are a lot of beer bars surrounding the hotel and the closest gogo bar action is right around the corner on Soi LK Metro. I've stayed at this hotel at least 4 four times and once I had large cracks around the Air Con panel. So I asked for a different room and my request was met immediately. Besides that one hiccup I really like this hotel a lot too.

Nova Platinum
Nova Platinum Hotel
Average rates: 1500THB per night
Address: 562 Moo 10, Pratamnak Road
Internet access: Free

This is the closes no joiner fee hotel next to Walking Street I recommend. It's about a 5 minute walk in a quieter section so you won't be affected by the noise and crowds. It has a great resort like feel though the price is not expensive and you do get a lot of guest amenities.

So which bar girl friendly hotel on this list would I say is my most favorite of all? I would have to say Keerati Homestay and that's mainly because of the price and value. Just remember to choose a room in the back or remember to bring some ear plugs or the noise from the surrounding bars will keep you up.

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