Sunday, July 8, 2012

Di Place Hotel Bangkok Review

Nana Entertainment Plaza (NEP)
DI Place Bangkok is a newish bar girl friendly hotel right next to Nana Entertainment Plaza on Sukhumvit Soi 4. And I recommend this hotel if your goal is to bar fine as many girls as you can in a night without having to pay for a short time room.

Just my opinion - but all of the short time rooms found at NEP are just plain nasty. And I wouldn't step foot in one even if they paid me 300THB - which is the cost of renting one.

Anyways, DI Place is a clean budget guest friendly hotel in Nana red light district. NEP is less than a few minutes walk from the hotel's door step. Which means every night you can easily decide whether to pick up a freelancer right across Soi 4 at Nana hotel parking lot or any other establishments that sells beer.

Exterior of Di Place Hotel near Nana Plaza
And the trade off is the noise in some rooms and the hassle of fighting off unwanted advances of ladyboys (if that's not your cup of tea) that normally stand around the entrance of NEP.

And some nights there are quite a few 1000THB for short time hookers (ladys and ladyboys) right outside the entrance of the Soi to the hotel and if you look them in the eyes they're all over you like a fat kid on cake.

The hotel can be a wee bit hard to find if you're not familiar with the area. It's located on the left side (NEP side) of Sukhumvit Soi 4 - so if you're going down and see a side street - head down 40 meters and you'll find the hotel.

At first you'd might think that the hotel is unfinished. Whether or not they simply ran out of money or it's just the way the hotel is designed from the get go it's still a good cheap hotel right by Nana Plaza. So don't let the exposed bricks and barren concrete decor fool you.

There are only 25 rooms at the DI Place so it's small. And there are only 4 room types with the cheapest rooms having small windows starting at 900THB. All the rooms are bare bones basic, only TV, Air Con, refrigerator and free internet Wi-Fi access.

Superior Room Type at DI Place
Next grade up is a superior room (18 sq. m.) with a window which costs around 1100THB, followed by a slightly larger deluxe room (20 sq. m.) at 1500THB.

By the way I don't think the price for a deluxe room at DI Place is worth it. If you're going to pay around 1500THB you're better doing so at Boss Suites Hotel which is further down on Sukhumvit Soi 4 because at least you'll get to use a swimming pool and fitness center plus buffet breakfast included.

I wouldn't pay more than 1200THB to 1200THB for a deluxe room at DI Place so if you find a special room discount at that price then it'll be worth it.

DI Place is a clean basic hotel and I suggest just sticking with the superior rooms. Here's the booking information plus reviews of the hotel through Agoda.com. You can get cheaper rates on their website. And below is a guest friendly confirmation stating they won't charge any joiner fees for your reference:

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