Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Flipper House and Flipper Lodge Pattaya Review

There are a lot of budget guest friendly hotels in Pattaya. And if you ask me which hotels that I highly recommend that are inexpensive, right by the beach and Central Festival Mall then I would have to recommend Flipper Lodge and Flipper House Hotel without any hesitation.

Both hotels are located right in central Pattaya. Walking Street's go go bars are the center of the city's nightlife attractions though the area around both hotels also have it's fair share of adult entertainment in the form of go go bars, beer bars and naughty boy massage parlors too.

Flipper House
Flipper House is a bigger hotel located just 5 minutes away on Soi 7. And it was last renovated into a much nicer and fresher hotel property in 2011. So it has a bright modern look and an almost Mediterranean feel. If you take a look at the hotel's pool you'll know what I mean.

And you can get a standard room at the Flipper House and pay about 1200THB per night, including taxes and breakfast.

Flipper Lodge
Flipper Lodge is located on Soi 8 and it's the older property. As of writing a part of the hotel is undergoing renovations and according to the hotel groups website it won't be finished until late October 2012. But if it's going to look as good as Flipper House with the same low rates then it'll be an excellent value.

A standard room with a city view cost about 1100THB with taxes and breakfast at Flipper Lodge. Pay an extra 100THB and you'll get a room with a sea view.

Whether you choose Flipper House or Flipper Lodge, you can relax. You're going to be in a very good position to pick up bar girls. Between the 2 hotels there are over 100 beer bars and a smattering of go go bars. For go go bars you have a choice of : Silver Starz, Sexy, Clinic and World Wide. Did I mention that there are at least 100 bars near both hotels??? True, you're not going find a lot of Thai stunners but with that many beer bars and bar girls you'll have a better chance of finding someone you'd like to take back to your hotel. And Walking Street is only a 5 minute walk down Beach Road.

Flipper Lodge and House are confirmed bar girl friendly so you won't have to pay a joiner's fee. For your reference here's an email from the hotel group;
Dear Mr. Hunt,

Thank you for your interest on your hotel properties in Pattaya. Flipper Lodge and Flipper House Hotel are no charge for joiner. Please do let your guests leave a idnetification card with our reception for your safety.

Kind Regards,
Ms. Sindivi
Flipper Reservations

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