Thursday, August 2, 2012

Akane Fashion Massage Bangkok

A massage girl at Akane on Sukhumvit Soi 33
I took a long break from visiting oil massage parlors in Bangkok for awhile. So just recently I was excited to pay a visit to one of my favorite establishments called Akane Fashion Massage.

Akane has 2 locations. The first one is in Chidlom, right by the BTS Chidlom station. So it's very easy to get to. The second location is on Sukhumvit Soi 33 and the nearest station to that is BTS Phrom Phong but still requires a 10 minute walk thru Soi 33. Their website has detailed maps so it won't be difficult to find both oil massage parlors at all.

Both establishments are clean and very professional looking. All of the ladies dressed in red and black blazers with tight dresses. And you can easily see who is available after you've picked the type of service you want. And they do provide a lot of different massage services.

There are some differences between both massage shops in terms of service however. The Chidlom branch offers customers a body scrub option. And also most of the massage ladies working there provide rim jobs. Yes, they'll eat your arsehole. But of course they'll give your body a good thorough wash from your feet to your ass first of course. And they do put an emphasis on cleaning your butt hole first.

Akane Massage - Chidlom Branch
They have this little special plastic chair where a girl will seat you. It has a groove where she can have better access to play and clean your little buddy as well as your butt hole.

Once a massage girl asked if I wanted her to put a finger in my asshole. Her name is Mika and she provides great service by the way.

I've done a lot of freaky things in my life. But that's a place where I draw the line and wouldn't dare go. I asked her if there were any customers she stuck her fingers in their asses and she said yes. One customer even asked her to put 4 fingers in. Now I wished I hadn't asked.

Both branches do not provide full service. Only oral relief with a condom or hand jobs. However, without getting too graphic the ladies there do have other ways of satisfying a man without.

The Akane at Sukhumvit Soi 33 branch is much bigger with more ladies. If you take a look at Akane website you can find a gallery with pics of the ladies (currently no pics on their website).

In my opinion there are a few more better looking girls working at the Soi 33 shop then there are in Chidlom. And the massage girls on Soi 33 do not lick their customers asses, or at least I haven't come across any yet that does. The Akane on Sukhumvit Soi 33 does not offer full service either. But they do specialize in oral with a condom and prostate massage.

And there is an emphasis on no full sexual services. So before you enter your massage room all of your personal items especially your wallet goes into a locker on the ground floor and the key is handed to you. It's a way to protect your belongings from theft because you'll be leaving your clothes in the massage room while you go take a shower with your chosen girl.

You only pay for whatever services you chose on the menu at the end to a cashier. The basic price for a 60 minute lotion massage with hand job is 770THB at both shops. And of course more services are provided such as two massage girls with rates starting at 1900THB for 60 minutes that includes oral relief. And that's a bargain considering that the ladies there will give you as many shots as your body can handle.

I prefer going to Akane on Childom because of the body scrub. The ladies always provide great service. Whether you're prepared or not, while they are soaping your body they will ask if you want them to put a finger (or 2) in your ass. And that's the prostate massage). I always decline.

After the body scrub comes the oil massage followed by the grand finale which is either a hand job or blow job, depending upon which course you've chosen. Being an older guy today I can squeeze out 2 shots. Once I asked a massage girl how many times she had made a customer come in one session. She answered 5 times. I replied he must have been a young customer. She replied he was older than I. Ouch.

There are not a lot of attractive girls working at both Akane Massage parlors. But I've always had great service with their massage girls and felt that the money was well spent. There are a couple of times where I've been to other oil massage shops and come wondering what the heck did I just pay for. With Akane, I've never had any buyer's remorse at all.


  1. who would you recommend at chidlom? would be visiting them on thursday..hoping to book in advance. Thanks

    1. Brandon, I've chosen quite a few ladies at the Chidlom branch and never had a problem service wise. In regards to looks, since beauty is in the eye of the beholder it's not easy to recommend a lady.

      So I recommend just to swing over, take a look at the available ladies. If you don't find one that appeals to you just leave and tell them you'll come back next time. There's no hard feelings and you're always welcomed back.

  2. John I am new to this whole thing and during my stay I had 2 sessions with sex at Thonglor and Teen on Soi 33. Both times I wore a condom (what they gave) but because I am new to this I am getting paranoid about the possibility of contracting herpes or HIV or something else. To bring some relief to my misery do you know whether these girls get tested regularly and is there a high possibility of getting something?

    1. Dil,

      Sorry for the late reply, been running around ragged.

      Technically, all girls working in go go bars, oil and soapy massage parlors have to get regular testings for sexually transmitted disease.

      That said, it is possible for girls working in the sex industry to get cooked up health checks from their local clinics under the table.

      But depending on the establishment I have seen doctors on site. For example at Amsterdam soapy massage I've seen a doctor come in, sit down with a checklist and speaking with the girls. So that's pretty strict in my books, instead of relying on girls themselves to bring in their own proof of health check.

      I would like to think that all go go bars, soapies and oil massage business want all of their girls to have a clean bill of health. Otherwise, it's bad business.

      What I do is observe a girls behavior, how careful they are when putting on the condom and pulling it off afterwards. If the girl is careless, chances are she's got something and doesn't care if she gives it to you or you give it to her.

      Luckily, I've never come across any girl who is careless.

      In Teen and Thonglor, the girls that I've been with were all very careful which puts me at ease.

      Once I was with a girl at an oily and my condom broke inside of her. We found out when I finished. She totally freaked out and her skin color turned white. Which is really difficult for a dark skinned Isaan girl.

      She's on the pill (all girls are) so the problem is not that she's worried about a little Jim Hunt in the oven but if I have HIV.

      Long story short I went to Bumrungrad hospital, got a blood test, came back in the evening and showed her proof I am negative.

      I was scared shitless too because what if she's HIV positive? Again long story short after 8 months I went to get a HIV check and much to my relief it was negative.

      She's fine today and we kept in touch for a few years until she married a foreigner and opened a little restaurant in Isaan

      This happened about 7 years ago and every year I get a blood check along with my physical.

      Is there a risk of herpes and other nasty stuff? Sure there is.

      To what exact chance your risk of contracting a STD I can't say.

      There's always risk when we mess around.


  3. Hi Jim,

    Read your recent blog on http://www.bangkokredeye.com/bangkok-oily-massage.html.
    Its a great list and I wonder you can have so many good exotic & erotic massage centers :-).

    Well to the point, would Akane massage in Chidlom (doesnt make to that list), provide the service of shower with girl with some foreplay (before massage) like any other massage parlours you mentioned?


    1. Hello Rajesh,

      I like Akane on Chidlom a lot. While I'm there I choose the salt body scrub. In my experience there is no foreplay during a body scrub though the massage girl I always choose washes may meat and veg with soapy so I guess that counts.

      You can also pay for a prostate massage where a girl will take you to a shower room and massage your crotch and put a finger in your ass (never tried it before) too so I guess that counts as foreplay.

      Raj I also want to express that not all ladies are up to foreplay in the shower stall. Some ladies are rather mechanical and just give costomers a body wash with no fooling around.

      While others are up for anything and a whole lot of fun.

      Really depends on the ladies mood at the time suppose.

      Have Fun!

  4. Do they still give multiple shots? Is it true for any package

  5. I haven't been to Akane in a long while. But they've always been well known for giving two shots. But they don't do full service however only covered BJ and hand jobs.