Saturday, August 18, 2012

Bangkok Alaina Entertainment Massage

Alaina Entertainment Massage hasn't yet made it to my Top 5 Soapy Massage Parlor list. But it's getting close. It's one of the newer body to body massage parlors on Ratchada that opened up early 2012.

It's a big pink building (so you can't miss it) that is a 5 minute walk up from Robinson's Department Store on Ratchada. And the closest MRT subway train station is called Thailand Cultural Center. Take exit #4 walk straight up right past Robinson's you'll find Alaina Massage on the corner of Ratchada Soi 7.

The reason why I'm beginning to like Alaina's is because it's the same owner as Nataree. And Nataree has a good track record of drawing in attractive sideliners. To me, the fishbowl girls at Alaina are not so attractive which is always how I felt about Nataree's fishbowl lineup too.

Anyways in the beginning when Alaina opened up they were shuffling Nataree's top earners to fill their own ranks. Which was one of the reasons why I never mentioned Alaina Massage earlier. Because most of my favorite sideline girls were working there. I know, I'm a selfish bastard. But better late than never right? Just kidding.

Alaina had a really rough start. And the ladies shipped over there from Nataree were not happy because they weren't making as much money because not too many people knew about the new location.

Now, (well at least as of writing) business is picking up. And I wouldn't be surprised if they do as well as Nataree someday. Because Alaina Massage is so easy to get to and like its sister massage parlor have a good track record of attracting beautiful sideline girls.

Alaina's sideline girls cost about 2300THB, 2600THB and some 2800THB. No falang surcharge. Just like Nataree, the Papasans speak passable English. And every time you ask them for the price of a massage girl it seems like they're throwing out random prices but they actually have a system. And rooms at Alaina are in way better condition.

If you've been visiting Colonze 2 for awhile you might be saying "That ugly pink building has been there for ages". What happened was Alaina's owners didn't get the license to operate because the local police claimed they were too close to a school. And they found this out after the construction of the building was finished. A big lawsuit ensued and afterwards I have no clue what happened next except the building has been left vacant for years.

So somewhere along the line an agreement was made and like instant ramen noodles Alaina Entertainment Massage was rushed open for business. I even remember sitting in a tub with my massage girl in one of the rooms inside and I heard people moving furniture.

They still have a shaky start though so weekdays is perhaps not the best time to visit. During weekends I see about 15 to 25 sideline girls, many of them new faces. They have about 5 to 8 fishbowl girls for those who are interested. Since it's not so far away from other massage parlors it's definitely worth a visit if you don't find a soapy massage along Ratchada with the right girl you're looking for.

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