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Bangkok Soapy Massage Service Guide

Fishbowl girls, Sideliners and Models - What's the Difference?

From what I've been seeing on the stats from my blog post and the amount of emails I've been receiving it seems that the subject of soapy body to body massage parlors in Bangkok is quite the popular one.

So I've gathered up a bunch of questions from recent emails and decided I'd come up with some sort of guide on services provided by soapy parlors in Bangkok. I've already listed my 5 favorite soapy massage establishments on a previous post so you can check it out here.

In this post, I'm going to delve into the subject of Thai:
  • Fishbowl girls
  • Sideline girls
  • Model girls
From the emails I have been receiving, a lot of guys still don't know what the differences are. Those are the 3 categories of ladies you can choose at a soapy massage parlor. Though many establishments might have these weird categories like S or L and other type of nonsense.

In a nutshell fishbowl girls are cheaper but provide more service. While models as the name implies means they are more attractive and thus cost more. Sideline girls are in the mid-range price and are typically younger and also more attractive too..

Below you'll find out more info including what type of services are provided by each category as well as a rough estimate of rates charged for their time and service.
Fishbowl Girls
Fishbowl Girls

The first soapy massage I ever visited in Bangkok during my first trip ever is to Caesar's Massage in Huay Kwang. I was nervous the first time I stepped inside because I had no clue what to expect. And when I finally saw the fishbowl girls sitting inside behind a wall of glass I knew I had made the right decision in coming to Bangkok.  They were gorgeous and the ladies had curves in all the right places.

I picked the first hot looking fishbowl girl I laid my eyes on and asked how much to the papasan. I was told 2000THB for 90 minutes plus he mentioned she gives good blow job and service. That pretty much sealed the deal and I didn't care if the price was double or even if he was lying (which he wasn't). It was my first soapy massage experience in Bangkok and I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

It's been 12 years and I can't remember the face of the girl I chose but I do remember the incredible service I had received. She gave me 3 shots.

First was in the tub where she gave me a BJ after the pre-requisite wash down. Second shot was right after the massage and it was a real massage, not like someone marinating a piece of pork. After a little break and nap she was at it again onto full sex. It was awesome. With about 20 minutes to spare she gave me a pedicure too. Hell at that point I thought she was going to cook me a meal too.

From then on I thought that was the usual service provided at all soapy parlors. Boy was I wrong. But still, services provided by the ladies back then were way better than they are today

Through the course of the years, I've noticed a gradual decline in service and quality of girls at most of the soapies in Bangkok. To me it seemed like 2008 and forward was the beginning where service was much more mechanical to down right shitty.

So I'm happy that I had a good chance to experience top service before everything went downhill. Funny thing is whenever I tell people about my first soapy experience they think I'm crazy.

Today most of the better looking massage girls have migrated over to the sideline section. And who can blame them. They do less work but get paid more.

Sideline Girls are Prettier but Cost More
Sideliner Girls

Sideliners are a category of soapy girls and they do not sit inside the fishbowl. You'll see them sitting on sofas and lounge chairs off to the side (hence sideliners) away from the fishbowl section.

When I first started visiting soapies all those years ago there were not a lot of girls working on the side line.

So what is the difference between a fishbowl and sideliner? Sideline girls are usually and mostly younger and more attractive. Service wise, they do not provide massage. Though there are times where I've gotten a massage from a sideliner.  Just ask the papasan or mamasan and they'll tell you which girl does. Or they'll instruct the girl to provide one.

But a vast majority of sideline girls do not provide a massage. With them, it's only a wash in the tub followed by a body to body rub down then on to the bed for sex.

And for that, sideliners cost more than a fishbowl girl simply because they are easy on the eyes. To this date a majority of soapies in central Bangkok like you'd find in Huay Kwang, there are not a lot of young working fishbowl massage girls.

For example at Nataree, my favorite soapy in Bangkok, a fishbowl girl cost around 1800THB to 2000THB. Sideliners at Nataree cost a minimum of 2300THB. Which is why a lot of younger Thai prostitutes of legal age prefers being a sideliner. They get paid more for doing less work.

Models at Soapy Massage Parlors

The final category in the soapy massage world are the Models. And it goes without saying the most expensive girls you can find at a soapy.

Most establishments don't even have them. The ones that do are usually the higher end places, like Utopia and Poesideon.

Girls in the model category are supposedly former Thai Penthouse magazine pin ups, TV stars or other types of female entertainers who've popularity has dimmed though the years.

Which is why most ladies in the model category prefer working in parlors where customers with money tend to frequent.

Models are lighter skinned and taller than the average Thai female, which is what the local Thai men like.

You won't find recent Penthouse pet models working in the massage parlors however. That said, models are still very popular. Quite often you have to make an appointment through a papasan or mamasan who will show you a binder filled with Penthouse magazine covers of models they employ. Sometimes you have to wait a few days or even up to a week if the particular model you want is busy.

I've tried a few model girls at Utopia a few years ago. And sure the girls were hot with smoking bodies. But I had to shell out 8500THB for 45 minutes only. Another model I tried out cost 7500THB for the full hour. Not sure how they come up with their price point but I just wanted to give a try. Plus Utopia makes you pay a surcharge. I forgot how much it was back then because I wasn't going to let anything dampen my mood at the time.

So you pay more and you get less time. Did I enjoy it? During the time with the ladies, yes, it was worth it. But after you leave you can't help but say to yourself, "Did I actually spend that much money for pussy??" So yeah, I did have a bit of buyer's remorse. But at least I can tell people I've tried it.

One thing I should mention is because you're a foreigner some establishments might trick you by getting a girl that looks similar to the Penthouse model you've booked. According to some of my friends this has happened. Since I don't have a whole lot of experience with Thai models in soapies I can't say it's happened to me. So I hope you would understand why I won't be outing any establishments. I'm just giving everyone a heads up. 

With that in mind, the best places to visit to find Thai models in soapies is Utopia, Poseidon, New Cleopatra and Amsterdam. And models do not provide massage services. Like sideliners it's only a bath with you and straight on to sex.

Out of the three types of massage girls I prefer girls working on the sideline. I was spoiled all those years ago from the true soapy massage experience. The last fishbowl girl I've been with was back in 2008. But of course I'll give it a go with one again if I like her. But so far sideline ladies to me are the most attractive.

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