Friday, August 10, 2012

Bargaining with Thai Prostitutes in Bangkok

Getting the best bang for your buck (pun intended) can be fun for some. For others, it's a necessity. Especially for budget travelers in Bangkok's red light districts seeking cheap sex with Thai girls and need to keep a tight grip on their dollars.

Then again I know a bunch of rich tight wads who are just as cheap if not worse. Yes, you all know who you are.

Regardless of your spending habits it is possible to negotiate a lower price with Thai bar girls inside go go bars or with hookers working the bars and street corners.

But if you're on a budget your only option is to stick with prostitutes in the clubs, beer bars or at any other similar establishment that doesn't require you to pay a bar fine.

Because go go bars require a bar fine which can blow a well laid out sex budget. And the prices for drinks can really add up. Bar fines and drink prices are non-negotiable.

Though there is a trade off. At go go bars you can check out the girls physical attributes because ladies inside are required to wear bikinis. In some go go bars you can check out topless girls, for example at Rainbows 4 in Nana Entertainment Plaza or at the 2nd floor of Shark Bar at Soi Cowboy. I know guys who exclusively visit go go bars only because they can check if there are stretch marks on a bar girl's stomach. Which is a tell tale sign that she's had a baby and is an instant deal breaker.

I can understand. The sight of post natal stretch marks can be a total turn off. To be fair I know there are ladies who have had babies and not have a single trace of stretch marks. That's fine for me because if it's out of sight it's out of my mind.

Thai street hookers with pimp??
With Thai freelance prostitutes there's no chance to check out the goods before you buy. And I know what I'm about to say will probably make a lot of guys who prefer street hookers uneasy.  But the reason why many Thai girls work the streets is not only because they have a family or boyfriend/pimp to support but because they have a baby or two to take care of.

Thermae Bar is my favorite pick up joint on Sukhumvit road Soi 15. I can't begin to tell you how many girls I've taken out from Thermae and surprised to find out that they have had babies. Obviously I haven't been with every single hooker inside that place but if I had to guess I would say that at least 70% of the ladies working there have had babies. And I do believe that a vast majority of Thai street workers are in similar situations.

Now if you get past that thought and still want to negotiate for cheaper sex with Thai prostitutes then street hookers are your best options. The usual minimum rate they charge is about 1000THB for short time. For long time you can expect to pay around 3000THB to 6000THB. And there are sneaky ways to get cheaper prices for sex with hookers in Bangkok.

Do not expect to get laid for less than 500THB in Bangkok with a good looking Thai prostitute. Attractive girls know what they're worth. So if you see hot looking freelancer at Q Bar or Spassos it's best to avoid them if you don't have at least 4000THB to 5000THB in your wallet.

Negotiating for cheaper rates for sex is expected on the streets of Bangkok and tolerated in go go bars but you really have to be realistic with your initial offer. If a Thai prostitute's initial asking rate is 2500THB for short time don't expect to counteract with 1000THB and think you'll get away with it. If you can charm them enough they'll probably knock off 500THB. Getting a 1000THB discount however unlikely is marginally possible if they are desperate.

"Lot noy dai mai krup?" "Mai dai ka"
Ladyboy prostitutes are notorious for asking more money from Asians, particularly from Japanese men. And that's because ladyboys know they have the cash. However, from what I've been told from my friends who enjoy their company they'll initially ask for a higher price tag for their time. But through a bit of polite negotiating they will take their prices down.

Don't Leave Your Hotel Room Without This... 

One of my biggest tips for negotiating a cheaper rate requires having a working GSM mobile phone with a Thai sim card and phone number. You can purchase one at a 7 Eleven. I believe a starter kit with sim card and 10 minutes still cost about 100THB.

Now if you see a girl you really like and all you want to spend is 1500THB but she wont' budge on her 2500THB short time asking price you can tell her to call your phone if she can't find a customer. It's not guaranteed to work of course but the more girls you try this with you'll increase your chances of finding one who will contact you to accept your offer. As mentioned earlier, Thai girls are often desperate for cash for a lot of reasons.

Learning to speak Thai really helps out a lot too. The attempt is endearing and if you can build a good rapport with her she might just agree to give you a discount.

Another invaluable tip to remember is to never pay up front to a Thai hooker if you're paying her for long time prices. No matter what excuse they give.

Finally, don't give the girls too hard of a time if they are firm on their rates. They put up with a lot of crap not only from guys like me (at least used to) and you but may have all types of pressures and stresses from personal issues.


  1. I had a weird experience with a lady from Thermae on last weekend. It's true that Thermae got some really hot smoking freelancers inside, some of them even have a real job. I went there on last Friday night, I spotted this super cute and hot looking young lady. she might be somewhere around my age. She dressed properly and looks elegant. So I made eye contacts and she was smiling at me and she showed interests in me. However, I was taking my time to choose and waited for a better one to arrive. But in less than 20minutes she was taken by another dude.

    Next,I spotted another hot looking girl. I approached her, and the first thing she said to me was "hotel?". So, I told her "Maybe later, and I walked away". She wasn't exactly my type, but close. she dressed quite conservatively, but very attractive, stylish, and looks decent.

    I waited for 15minutes and I just couldn't find a better one, so I used a hand gesture and called her to sit next to me. I bought her a drink and a snack (I believe it was a Popcorn lol), After 1 minute she was asking me again about "Hotel". I said "Ok,how much for a short time?". She was asking for 2000 baht and I said "no problem". She got up and left with me without even touching the pop corn and just sipped a bit of her drink. What a waste!
    Then she was suggesting us to use Ruamchitt Hotel room, she told me it cost 500 baht. So, I said "Okay". Turns out no room available at that moment. So we took taxi and went To my hotel which is located at Soi 2, Majestic Grande. As soon as we got inside the taxi,She was teasing me everywhere, smiling like a psycho. She was weird and I got bad feeling about this.

    As soon as we reached my room, she was asking for the money and taxi money for her to come back home. I gave her 2000baht +500 Baht on the top of it for taxi,she seems pleased with it. We took a separate shower. Afterwards, she switched almost all the lights and she did not even took off her Bra and her pantie yet.She told me that she is a very2 SHY girl (WTF!). She gave me a massage for like 5 minutes and next she gave me a Bj with condom. Turns out she has a quite big size boob, but her stomach shape was not looking too good. I proceed to do a breast play with my mouth, she told me to stop coz it was painful (in Japanese language lol) and she also told me to just use hand instead for playing with her breast(Another WTF)

    Next, we proceed with sex.I had difficult time to cum ,since I can only do a very limited things to her in this dark room. On the top of that She kept on rushing and telling me every 3 minutes to "finish fast". So, I told her to just give me a Hand job, and she was a total turn off. Also, Prior to my arrival at Thermae, I had sex with another soapy massage girl at Huay Kwang, so I was kind of exhausted at that point.

    It's like she is in rush to get to home. Maybe she has a baby, or a Boyfriend. But she was technically forcing me to cum quick, I just can't do it. That was one hell of the worst experience and It was the first time in my life that I fucked a hot girl and I couldn't cum
    So at the end, I asked her to stop and to go home. She was happy for that. I think I'm missing something here. Now you know my story, What do u think went wrong jim????

    First, I did not even ask discount from her. I Agreed to her price for 2000 baht short time, I even agreed to use room upstairs for 500 baht (which was not available). on The top of that I gave her 500 baht for taxi.

    Secondly, I was being nice and polite to her, I even took her to a good and decent hotel.

    Thirdly, I'm around her age, I have money and I'm not ugly. Some working girls even told me I'm good looking and can't believe that I come to Soapy brothel. Even Prior before I had sex with that "psychotic girl", she was asking me whether I got girlfriend or not. I told her I don't have one in Bangkok, But she did not believe me.

    1. Hello,

      Don't worry, everyone has bad experiences with girls working in this industry.

      I wouldn't pay up front though. I would just show them the cash, just to let them know you have the money to pay them.

      One with you have to realize is that not all hookers like their jobs. Just like you, they have a great fear of catching an STD.

      Though there are girls who are just as careful yet still provide customers a good time.

      I wish I can say this is the last time you'll ever have a bad experience, but it'll probably happen again.

      By the way, did you tell her you were here for a short time in Thailand?

      One thing I always tell guys is to never let a girl know you're only in Bangkok for a few days.

      Better to let them know you're working in Bangkok. This way, they might give you a better experience, because in their minds you can be a repeat customer. Won't work all the time but it's worth the try.


    2. Ty for the awesome advice and feedback Jim! Yeah I think I did Jim.

      Almost every working girls I met always ask these 2 questions :

      Are you on Holiday?


      How long you will stay in Bangkok?

      I think what you said does make sense. I will definitely try that next time. Tysm Jim.

      Last but not least, I been wondering about this for a while. You got great contents which covers almost everything in nightlife industry, except escorts. But forget about escorts, Those are for suckers and people who loves intense experiences haha.I tried it out of curiosity, but the picture that you see online quite different with the real person. The cost of hiring escorts are expensive and they not that good looking, I rather be with models or sidelines from MP's for 1 hour. Plus girls in MP much more prettier.

      So my question is Why your blog title is "guestfriendlyhotelsinthailand" ?. I mean you got a very2 accurate data about prices, locations, and a lot of useful information scoping almost the entire nightlife in Bangkok. I'm certain that this is years worth of research and experiences. I really admired your work in BangkokRedeye-nightlife guide. I just recently discovered that the owner of these 2 blogs basically the same person. Great job Jim! I'm looking forward to read more about Massage parlors, I know that not many Bloggers cover up for MP's. Most bloggers cover more about beer bars, agogo bars and clubs.

    3. VG,

      I don't cover escorts because I haven't tried any services before. So I really can't say anything about them, neither good nor bad.

      I guess in a way there are some uses for one but they are pricey.

      This blog is named because in Thailand, a lot of guys want to know which hotels don't charge their customers fees for taking hookers to their rooms.

      Bangkok red eye is my website. It's more of a general guide while this blog is more specific, coming from my personal experience.

      Thanks for the kind comments!


  2. I am coming to Bangkok for the first time... I am very thankful for the information placed in the Blog.. specially about Girls and the bargaining with them... Bus I want to know where should I find cheap hotels to stay and which is the super market to find a Girl?

    1. Hi,

      Really sorry for the late reply, for some reason I missed your comment.

      When you say cheap, how much do you want to spend for a hotel room?

      Plenty of places to find girls on this blog.

      Best Regards,

  3. I'm coming to Bangkok for the first time this fall, staying at a five-star hotel for a week or so vacation, alone. What tips do you have as a first time customer of these ladies and is it a problem bringing them to a nice hotel, will questions be raised? Or is it necessary to get a cheap hotel where I find the girl?

    1. Sorry for late reply, I've just been super busy. From my experience 5 star hotels don't care and won't raise any questions.

      They may have a word if you bring a group of girls however and make disrupting other guests.

      So no need to find a cheaper hotel.