Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tips on Visiting Angel Massage in Bangkok

Angel Massage is another one of my favorite full service massage parlors I love to visit and recommend. They have a wide variety of girls to choose from. Though they claim on their website that they have 70 ladies available on weekends it is a bit hard to believe. I think their number of massage girls is closer to about 40. Which is still a lot of ladies to pick.

And they do have some cute girls working there. No stunners but the Angel girls I like are about a 6 on the scale of a 1 (Butt Ugly) to 10 (Hot!).

Their massage service menu is simple, Thai, Oil and Lotion massage. And I like it that way. No aromatherapy, no over-priced latest seaweed paste and special Korean cream massage are offered. I usually shoot for the 2 hour oil massage which cost 800THB.

At Angel Massage full fuck service cost 1500THB. And if they've never seen you before and unfamiliar with you, you might have to pay everything up front to the cashier. Years ago everyone would pay the 1500THB to the girl directly and whatever massage service type you chose gets paid to the cashier at the end too.

Don't make it a big deal if they make you pay upfront, there's a good reason for it. I was curious to why a change in the protocol. I asked a few of the massage girls why the change and it was because there was a frequent pattern of really cheap assholes who chose the 300THB for a Thai massage course, grope the girls during the massage and not pay for any type of extras afterwards. And it's the extras that the customers pay to the girls that counts since they only make a little money from the actual massage service.

Angel Massage Shop on Sukhumvit Soi 24/1
If you want a room with a mirror it'll cost another 200THB (skip it). The massage rooms are in bad condition which is quite the norm in most similar oil massage establishments. So don't get freaked out if you get a dingy room. Just think happy thoughts.

Here are the names of my favorite girls working in Angel Massage and you can see there pics on their website.
  1. Tuna
  2. Kristen
  3. Nick
  4. Candy
All of those girls are fun and provide great service. Tuna is a cute girl with fake big tits and I'd put her close to a 7 on the scale for looks. If you like a girl with light skin then she's the girl to go with.

Kristen is close to a 7 too and she has a nice body. Nick and Candy are cute too with good attitudes. I usually end up tipping those girls 300THB because they're fun to be with.

I've picked a lot of girls from Angel but the ladies above are tops in my book. I have to mention that the pictures of the girls you see on their website look a lot better then the actual person. So when you go there I recommend asking if you can see the girls that are available. Don't bother looking at the photo album, all of those pictures are touched up. It's okay to ask to see the massage ladies and the room where the ladies are waiting are opposite from the reception desk behind a plastic curtain.

I do highly recommend taking a look at the ladies because there were many times where I had buyer's remorse. 

Like 99.9% of all oil massage parlors with full sex services the ladies at Angel can not provide a good massage even if their lives depends on it so if you're looking for that your better off going to a legitimate massage shop.

It's an easy shop to find located on Sukhumvit Soi 24/1. If you're going there by Sky Train, take it to Phrom Phong Station and head for Exit #4 stairway. There are quite a few oil massage parlor shops down Soi 24/1 and I'll make a post on those soon.  Angel Massage is all the way at the end and you can't miss it. And I don't know if I'm paranoid or not but every time I walk down Soi 24/1 I always feel like the locals are staring at me. And it's obvious they know where I'm going but sometime I get the feeling like I'm taking the walk of shame and it really makes me laugh.

Angel is very busy during weekends so it's going to be a real hit or miss in terms of better looking girls that are available. Many times customers call up to reserve the girls ahead of time. And since they do provide out-call service with rates starting at 600THB for 2 hours you might be hard pressed for getting laid.

They are probably one of the most well advertised oil massage parlors in Bangkok too. Many Korean and Japanese tourists know about them through word of mouth and from advertising in popular Japanese naughty boy guides like G-Diary. Even on Angel's website there's a claim that Korean and Japanese rock stars and actors visit their shop. 

Weekday visits is better though the amount of girls is less. For me, the best time to visit Angel Massage is around 6pm on a Thursday night. On weekends I've had better success from 7pm. Don't bother going there before closing time because most of the girls will be off by then and will be a total waste of time.


  1. do you know any spa or massage place that have jacuzzi? i have been looking on the internet but couldn't found it

    1. Midax,

      Sorry for the late reply. I've noticed today many oil massage shops have jaccuzi. Check out Angel Massage Soi 26 I def know they have some sort of jacuzzi but you have to pay a little extra.

  2. Hi any idea of how strict things are right now in Bangkok with the Tourism Minister recently promising on the crack down of the sex industry. Am afraid of being in a massage parlour with the place suddenly getting raided. Any idea? Appreciate your thoughts on this on the present situation in Bangkok?

    1. I believe this is the 5th time in three years Tourism Ministry has promised a crack down on sex industry. It won't happen anytime soon.

      As for the crackdowns it's only occurred in a couple of places that were hiring underaged girls. And so they are rightly to be shut down.

      So I wouldn't worry at all.


  3. Thanks for the update and prompt reply dude. Much appreciated

  4. do they offer a service just for handjob rather than full service ?

  5. Do you know any massage shop have milking table?

    1. No milking tables. Just straight up actions on a massage bed.