Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Nice Little Discount for Bangkok Amora Neoluxe Hotel

Superior room at the Amora on Sukhumvit Soi 31

Here is a quick post! There is a 50% off discount for a superior room at the Amora Neoluxe Suites on Sukhumvit Soi 31. Breakfast and taxes is included. The breakfast is a simple set menu along with a small buffet of fruits, breads and cereal.

Just a few months ago their superior rooms cost 1800THB. Now it's down to 1650THB and the rates are offered through Agoda.com. So you save your self $5 bucks. And that's a real bargain considering 1800THB was low already for a hotel that is rated 4 stars.

You can check out my full review of the hotel here where you'll find a map of the Amora Neoluxe's location and its guest friendly confirmation sent to me by the hotel's reservation office as well.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Pattaya Nova Platinum Hotel Review

Nova Platinum Hotel
The Nova Platinum Hotel is located near the tail end of Walking Street in South Pattaya. And a 10 minute is all it takes to reach some of my favorite go go bars in Pattaya such as Baccara, Peppermint and Dollhouse. And Rolling Stone Bar is a great place to pick up Thai freelancers and have a beer to take in the red light district scene.

I also have to add that their are quite a lot of places to get massages with happy endings near the Nova too so the area around the hotel is certainly not boring. Though if you're looking for even more Thai hookers you can always take a Baht bus to Beach Road where you find plenty of beach girls at night.

The Nova was built back in 2007 and consist of several buildings. A newer building is currently being put up and should be completed soon. Some building's room conditions are in better condition then others because the hotel is very popular which means many guests have worn the rooms down through use.

But every time that I stay there I find that the hotel's staff are very professional and friendly. So if you get a room that you're not satisfied with just ask for another one. I've stayed there about 6 times so far and I had to ask for a room change once because the bathroom had a strong sewage smell. I called the reception and made a polite complaint and they sent someone up to take me to a new room that I was satisfied with.

The hotel property is big and has a good secluded resort like feel. It was great lounging around the pool and there are plenty of places to just relax and waste the day away until Pattaya's red light district comes alive. And the fitness center has a lot of decent equipment too for a good work out.

Superior room at Nova Platinum Hotel
I always choose a superior room, which are the cheapest. It's 24 square meters big and comes with everything I need for an enjoyable stay, including free Wi-Fi internet connection. It was kind of slow though. Deluxe rooms cost a few hundred Baht more and the same size as a superior room. Only difference is you get a view of the garden or pool.

The hotel is a mid-ranged budget hotel with a 3 star rating. And a superior room cost about 1600THB ($53USD) a night with taxes included. In Pattaya that might be considered pricey. To me, the price is just about right because the Nova Platinum is in an excellent location with clean modern rooms and most importantly no joiner fees charged.

For reference here's an email from the hotel regarding their girl friendly policy:
Dear, Mr. Hunt

Greeting from Nova Platinum Hotel!!!!

Thank you for interesting our hotel. We are please to inform you that we are not charge for your guest when they come to your room. We need only Id card or Passport for guarantee at front desk.

Should you have any question please feel free to contact us.

Best Regards

Sirinapa Patipenung

Reservations Center
Check current rates and read more reviews for Nova Platinum Hotel in Pattaya.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

This Week's Best Bar Girl Friendly Bangkok Hotel Specials

This week there are 7 hotels I recommend that are guest friendly in Bangkok. The first 4 are right between Nana and Soi Cowboy, so right in Sukhumvit district. Most of the best deals I found for this week are for high end hotels.

For example the 5 star JW Marriott on Sukhumvit soi 2 currently has a 20% discount. I made a review on the JW on my last post here and saw an uptick on bookings. I really had no idea it was such a popular hotel because all this time I've been recommending Thai run hotels which are not as expensive even though the quality of Thai operated hotels are very good. I wouldn't be surprised that if it might had something to do with the fact that the JW Marriott has no problems with guests bringing 2 ladies to their rooms at the same time...

There are 2 hotels I recommend in the Huay Kwang district and close to a lot of soapy massage parlors. If you're not familiar with Huay Kwang it's a good place to stay in Bangkok. It's not crowded and packed like most places in Sukhumvit. And there are MRT subway stations in Huay Kwang and near the hotels I recommend so there's no problem at all if you want to get to Soi Cowboy, Nana and even Patpong red light district quickly.

Finally 1 hotel I recommend is closer to Patpong and because there's such a big discount it deserves a worthy mention.

Hotel Deals in Sukhumvit District

Deluxe room at JW Marriott
JW Marriott Bangkok as I mentioned before has a 20% discount. Nana Plaza's go go bars are not far off, less than a 3 minute walk.

Lots of hookers on soi 4 so there's plenty of nightlife options to keep you busy.

With the discount and taxes included the cost for a deluxe room is about 5500THB ($179USD). And that's a really good price for a 5 star Western affiliated hotel chain. Not exactly sure when this special is over.

Standard room at City Lodge 9
City Lodge 9 is centered between Nana and Soi Cowboy on Sukhumvit soi 9. The hotel is in decent shape but it's managed by a top hotel chain called the Amari Group.

But I know a lot of guys who like to stay there because the location is so good. You're never too far off from a oil massage parlor or a place to get a beer and pick up Thai hookers. And the Nana BTS station is just a short distance away.

Right now a 24 square meter standard room including breakfast cost 1100THB ($36USD) with taxes. This discount is valid until October, 31 2012.

The Manhattan Hotel on Sukuhumvit soi 15 is also in a good location too. It's closer to Soi Cowboy and a there are Thai prostitutes lingering right on Sukhumvit road. But one of the best pick up joints is around the corner in the basement bar of the Ruamchitt Hotel called Thermae.

This is a decent hotel but since it is a very popular budget hotel in the area it has seen a lot of wear and tear. But it is a big property and properly maintained and the location is what really draws guests.

Right now there is a discount for a standard room and cost about 1450THB ($48USD) with taxes. This special ends on October, 31 2012.

For guys who stay in Bangkok weeks at a time here's a very good special I recommend for President Park Hotel on Sukhumvit soi 24.

There's a stay 7 nights get 30% off per night discount. Anyone familiar with the President Park knows that is a fantastic deal because it's a 4 star hotel.

The rate applies to a standard room which is 36 square meters. And the hotel has a nice swimming pool and a decent fitness center. So with the discounts a room comes out to about 1800THB ($59USD) per night which also includes breakfast.

This deal will last quite awhile so need to rush a reservation.

Hotel Discounts near Huay Kwang Soapy Massage Parlors

The Emeral Hotel in Huay Kwang
The Emerald Hotel is a big 4 star property sitting near a cluster of soapy massage parlors. Emmanuelles, Nataree and Caesars just to name a handful are really close to the Emerald.

The Huay Kwang MRT subway station is a 5 minute walk past the mentioned soapie parlors so you can get to Sukhumvit quickly in about 15 minutes.

With a 20% discount and taxes you can stay in a superior room for about 1900THB ($62USD)

Other than the soapies near the hotel there really isn't much else. Though I have seen quite a few prostitutes standing outside the massage establishments.

Hip Hotel - Highly Recommended!
A little further down from the Emerald is the Hip Hotel. I've made review here just a short while ago and it's still by far one of the best budget hotels in Huay Kwang.

And with the current special rate going on for the hotel I highly recommend staying there because it's such a good value.

For 1500THB ($50USD) you get a 35 square meter room called the Cool Studio with taxes and breakfast included. Though there is no pool or gym and Wi-Fi is not free which really sucks. But either way, if you want a very clean and affordable hotel near soapy massages then the Hip Hotel is tops in my book.

An Excellent Hotel with Big Discounts near Patpong Red Light District

Bedroom at Lebua's Superior Suite
A hotel featured in the movie Hangover 2 called the Lebua at State Tower has a big 50% off discount with breakfast included.

Now I've always recommend staying in a hotel near Nana or Soi Cowboy. But ever so often there are deals for hotels in Bangkok with a guest friendly reputation too good to pass up.

The Lebua is about a 20 minute walk to Patpong's go go bars. I would just take a taxi to Patpong or even to Soi Cowboy and Nana. Wouldn't cost a lot of money especially if you can afford to stay at this hotel.

Right now the 50% off discount applies to their 66 square meter Superior Suite room types which cost about 4500THB ($147USD) per night with taxes and breakfast included. And the Lebua is a 5 star hotel which is why those rates are such a steal. The only catch is this deal is over at the end of this month.

Friday, September 21, 2012

JW Marriott Hotel Bangkok Review

Located on corner of Sukhumvit soi 2
JW Marriott Bangkok is a popular 5 star bar girl friendly hotel on Sukhumvit road. It's located on soi 2 so it's right around the corner from Nana Entertainment Plaza and plenty of Thai hookers on soi 4.

When you approach Thai bar girls and freelancers I would refrain from telling them that you're a guest at the JW Marriott. Why? Because in Bangkok, a room at the JW is 'paeng mak' or not cheap by Thai standards. And the ladies know that.

Working girls know that Marriotts are an upscale hotel name with upscale rates. So you can bet your house they'll ask for a lot of money for both short time and long time rates.

What they don't know is that Marriott hotels in Thailand are a real bargain compared to other Marriott properties outside of most parts of Southeast Asia.

For example the JW Marriott Bangkok's deluxe rooms cost a little over 6000THB ($200USD).  A deluxe room at a similar property in NYC cost double. And believe me, the quality of the rooms at the JW in Sukhumvit is in better condition.

Even though I believe it's not necessary to spend so much money to get a nice hotel room in Thailand I can understand that for a lot of travelers, 6000THB to lap in the luxury of a 5 star hotel is doable.
Though you can get comparable class and services by staying at a 4 star guest friendly hotels in the same area. Prime examples are the Phachara Suites on soi 6 or Majestic Grande which is also on soi 2.

JW Marriott Bangkok Hotel near Nana red light district
Most people I know who stay at Marriotts are guys who simply prefer an American operated hotel. As good as the hotel is, in my opinion you can get similar quality without spending that much cash. That said it's not a bad hotel and a deluxe room is 33 sq. m. so the room size is quite good especially since the JW allows you to invite up to 2 ladies for an overnight romp. That's right, as a guest of the JW Marriott Bangkok there are no joiner fee even if you wish to invite 2 Thai girls to a room. There are reports of guys bringing back 3 girls and yet again, no fee.

Though keep in mind the hotel has strict security so there are metal detectors by the hotel's entrances. So it might be a sight to see a guy with a few heavily tattooed bar girls parading through the metal detectors.

As of writing a deluxe room at the JW cost around 5500THB ($179USD) with taxes and a special early bird rate included. For that price you can of course expect a nice pool and fitness center to use. The in room amenities are tops but most importantly internet access is free through Wi-Fi connection.

Deluxe rooms at JW Marriott are 33 square meters
If you're always in the mood for great steaks like I am which is a bit hard to find in Bangkok then head to the hotels New York Steakhouse. Yeah, it's pricey but a nice treat when your inner carnivore is screaming like a ladyboy in heat. And their Bangkok Baking Company is not too shabby too for sweet treats and carbs.

The JW Marriott is a great hotel with a bar girl friendly policy in a prime location for enjoying Nana red light district. Nana Plaza is less than a 3 minute walk and Soi Cowboy is about a 15 minute walk east on Sukhumvit road. Annies Soapy Massage is around the corner and of course Nana is basically the grand central of street hooker activity in Bangkok.

Check rates for your travel dates and read more reviews for JW Marriott Bangkok.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

One Night in Bangkok? Here's What to Do

I know guys have a hard time figuring out where to go and what to do in Bangkok's red light districts if they only have one night. Especially today when there is simply so much information. And your mind is buzzing around with questions like, "Which massage parlor should I visit?", "Oil massage or soapy?" and "Soi Cowboy, Nana or Patpong go go bars?".

First off you have to be reasonable with the amount of time you have on hand. Say for example you've arrived at your hotel room in Bangkok at around 2pm and won't have to had back to the airport until after 6am. In that case you've got plenty of time in your schedule for go go bar action, a massage with happy ending or a fling with a Thai freelance prostitute.

However if all you've got is just 5 hours in Bangkok then your options have just decreased. Though you're not completely shit out of luck. But hold that thought, I'll get back to how you can get laid in Bangkok with so few hours.

Pick a Hotel near Soi Cowboy or Nana Red Light District

To cut down on travel time from go go bar to massage parlor or beer bar to clubs with Thai hookers I recommend staying at a hotel on Sukhumvit road from Soi 4 to Soi 23. Preferably one that is guest friendly of course.

Because walking from Nana Plaza's go go bars to Soi Cowboy's go go bars requires about a 15 minute walk from one to the other on Sukhumvit road.

Also the Sukhumvit MRT subway stations are near Soi Cowboy which you can connect to the Makkasan Airport train station. It's the quickest and cheapest ride to the airport. 30 minutes and you're at the airport.

But the aiport trains start service around 6am and end about 12am. So keep that in mind while you're planning your trip and wondering whether to take a taxi or airport train.

Taxis are still cheap and quick if the driver takes the highway route. The taxi fare cost about 350THB including highway tolls.

There's no point in staying at airport hotel when you have one full night to fulfill your porn star desires.

You can sort of squeeze in Patpong red light district as well but if you've only have a single night in Bangkok I suggest just to visit Nana Entertainment Plaza and Soi Cowboy. Because Nana and Cowboy both have everything you need and could find in Patpong but with more ranges of adult entertainment venues.

Getting Laid During the Daytime

Bangkok's adult entertainment venues open around 12pm and I'm referring to massage parlors that provide sexual reliefs, blow job bars and the odd bar on Sukhumvit where Thai hookers camp out.

So there's plenty of daytime action. But most naughty boy establishments do not get into full gear until 6pm.

Which means that BJ Bar or oil massage parlor you planned to visit at 1pm will most likely not have a lot of choices of ladies to pick from.

That said, you may find an attractive looking Thai prostitute waiting for customers on the street corners of Soi Nana where a lot of hookers take up space even during the daytime.

Just take a look around the Nana Hotel's parking area in the afternoon time on Nana Soi 4. Or just walk a little further down Soi 4.

The Best Action is Night Time Action

Beginning at 7pm you can find a lot more prostitutes on Sukhumvit road from Soi 3 through Soi 15. Or head into a bar like Gulliver's Tavern on Soi 7 of the beer garden on Soi 7/1. Plenty of Thai hookers stake their grounds their. Depending on Thai hookers look and age the price for short time is at least 1500THB and they won't go for less than that.

Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza go go bars are still sort of quiet around 7pm so the best times to show up to find the most girls on stage is at 9pm.

If you have the libido and endurance here's what I suggest. You can look for a hooker during the afternoon and head back to your hotel to do the deed. Or you can take a visit to any of the BJ Bars on Sukhumvit road. I recommend visiting Lolitas on Sukhumvit road Soi 8.

After a little rest back at your hotel room you can scope out the beer bars on Nana Soi 4. They are great places to sit, chat with girls and have eyes on the sidewalks as streetwalkers start showing up.

Check Out a Soapy Massage (If you have the time and energy)

There are two places you can go. First one is right next to Nana Entertainment Plaza called Annies Massage. The other is called Darlings Massage (no website) on Sukumvit Soi 12. Both are not a far walk from one to the other, just less than a 15 minute walk.

There are more soapy massage parlors though they are located on a strip called Ratchadipesek (Ratchada) road and they are easily reached by taking the MRT subway train.

If you have at least 5 hours in Bangkok and want to get laid then head to an area called Huay Kwang for soapy massage parlors. You usually get about 60 minutes or 90 minutes with soapy girls.

Which means you have plenty of time to get back to a go go bar either in Nana Plaza or Soi Cowboy which close at 1am.

Huay Kwang is not far from the Sukhumvit by MRT train. There is an MRT station right next to Soi Cowboy. You want to take the train to Huay Kwang station which is only 4 stations away, about a 10 minute ride is all it takes.

To End the Night - Head for a Go Go Bar

Nana and Soi Cowboy's popular go go bars are busiest from 8pm to 12:30am. I have 5 favorite go go bars that I love to visit and they are mostly packed with customers during those hours.

And if you're a big fan of ladyboys be sure to check out Nana Entertainment Plaza (NEP). You'll definitely find what you're looking for there.

I prefer visiting NEP's go go bars over Soi Cowboy. This is not to say that I don't like Cowboy. It has a great atmosphere with some of the best go go bars that I always visit.

I like NEP better out of convenience. NEP is on Sukhumvit Soi 4 which means you have the luxury of finding a Thai street hooker in case you don't find anyone you like at a go go bar.

And when the freelance bars in the area close around 1am the sois throughout NEP are flushed with even more prostitutes.

And if you still have plenty of energy and juice you can check out Club Climax in the basement of the Ambassador Hotel. It's a well known after hours club in Bangkok with a ton of freelancers. The Ambassador is good place to stay too because it's guest friendly and located on Sukhumvit Soi 11 so it's not far from either Soi Cowboy or Nana.

So those are your options if you've only have one night to party in Bangkok. Are there more things to do? Of course there are. For me I wouldn't want to waste too much time wandering around Bangkok for action. I would go to a place where everything that I could possibly want and need in one convenient location. And wouldn't want to waste time running around Bangkok on a one nighter. This is especially true if it's your first visit to Bangkok.

So as I mentioned earlier, be realistic with your time and what you can (physically) do. If there's something you missed you can always go back and have the best night of your life in Thailand again!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Citrus Sukhumvit 22 Bangkok Hotel Review

The Citrus Sukhumvit 22 Bangkok is a 4 star hotel I recommend in a quiet location off Sukhumvi road. Yet not far at all from the naughty boy action. From the hotel's location you can walk on Sukhumvit road to Soi Cowboy in about 15 minutes for the closest go go bar entertainment.

Another 15 minutes in the other direction on Sukhumvit and you'll hit the Phrom Phrong section of the city where you'll find the Emporium Mall and a large cluster of oil massage parlors that provide happy endings. Though there are some massage shops near the hotel where a couple of my friends told me you can get a rub and tug too. But it's best to stick with the oil massage parlors I've listed on a map here.

Because the Citrus 22 Hotel is guest friendly you can always order up out call service so you won't have to leave the comforts of the room. So the hotel won't charge a joiner fee for inviting a massage girl as well as a Soi Cowboy bar girl or hookers from Nana.

Superior Room at Citrus 22
As of writing a superior room cost around 2300THB ($75USD) per night after a 30% off discount. Taxes included. That price gets you a 31 square meter room and I like the way they make use of the room space which makes the room very comfortable. And there's a 40" LCD television too with a lot of international channels. Other important amenities included are free Wi-Fi internet access and an in room safe. And the hotel has a nice small swimming pool but no gym.

There is also a nice little lounge area too and I saw a few Thai girls sitting there together. From the looks of the tattoos and familiar dress of working girls they might be there to hook. Or maybe they're waiting for customers who are guests of the hotel. But seeing them a few nights in a row makes me think otherwise.

But either ways, Citrus 22 Hotel in Bangkok does have a girl friendly policy. Here's an email confirmation for your reference:
Dear Sir,
Greeting from Citrus 22 Central Reservation Office!
Thank you for your e-mail. In regard to your query, we kindly inform that there is no any charge for overnight. We only request Id card /passport for secure reason only.
Should you require more information please do not hesitate to contact us and looking forward to welcome and serve you soon.
Best RegardsWiphawan Ms.
Central Reservation Officer Suite 10/9, Trendy Office Tower 5th Floor, 10 Sukhumvit Soi 13, Bangkok 10110 Thailand

Tel. 66 2 168 7668 ext: 279 | Fax 66 2 168 7663 Skype
Check for discount rates and read more guest reviews for Citrus Sukhumvit 22 Bangkok.

Nana Hookers in Bangkok

Entrance of Nana Hotel Parking Lot

The Changing Faces of Nana Red Light District

Nana red light district has always been the place to go for finding freelance prostitutes walking the streets and plying their trade in bars and clubs of Sukhumvit. Soi Cowboy doesn't really have a lot of street hookers and it's probably because the location is a bit more upscale. And it's the same story with Patpong red light district in Silom as well.

So if street prostitutes is what you're looking for, head to Nana! Things have changed a lot today however. Years ago you'd only find Thai girls. Now the freelance scene in Nana is like the United Nations of whores.

African hookers near Soi 5
Russian and African hookers have taken up a good portion of what once was Thai territory in and around the Arab quarters of Sukhumvit road Soi 3 thru Soi 7. And from what I've seen, they're running a brisk business.

Though Russian prostitutes particularly Uzbeks have camped out on a large swath of Sukhumvit Soi 3, just right outside the grounds of the Grace Hotel. At night it's not hard to find about 40 Russians standing around with middle easterners haggling for short time rates.

The last I heard Russian hookers in that area charge about 1500THB for short time. Which is right on par. I have to add that there are reports that a large percentage of Russian in Bangkok hookers are victims of sex traffickers. So it's up to your conscience on whether you can deal with that or not.

For Thai Call Girls - Head to Sukumvit Soi 4

The place to find Thai hookers in abundance is right on Sukhumvit road Soi 4 a.k.a. Soi Nana.

Starting by the entrance of Soi 4 right by the Mcdonalds there are working girls standing around most times of the day. There's a street side noodle stand nearby where you can also find ladies eating a meal before heading to their spot in the search for customers. I know one guy who particularly lurks around that area just to scope out the flavor of the night.

Lots of Thai hookers in Nana
At least a dozen Thai call girls can be found lingering around the entrance of the parking lot of the Nana Hotel at sunset. Though a handful of ladies are available for hire in the afternoon if you're seeking daytime action.

Also since Nana Entertainment Plaza's go go bars are right across from the Nana Hotel many bar girls head over to the hotel's parking lot when the bars close at 1am - 2am. And two of my favorite Bangkok go go bars are inside Nana Plaza like Rainbow 4 and I have seen bar girls that work there on the streets after the bars close.

So there are even more prostitutes congregating on the streets of Nana from 1am to 2pm. And with Nana Liquid Disco at the hotel opening late at night your pay for play option has expanded.

But those are not the only places where you can find Thai call girls of course. Sukhumvit Soi 4 has a lot of bars and corners where hookers are waiting to be picked up.

Some establishments have freelancers just sitting inside waiting for guys to approach. Some bars have girls dressed in skimpy outfits to lure men in. And there are pool halls where you can test your skills against a lady who's own skills will most likely put you to shame.

Nana Ladyboys are very popular

Nana Ladyboys

Nana is also a well known location for picking up ladyboy freelancers. Now there's always an inherent danger when dealing with call girls you find on the streets of Bangkok.

This is particularly true with ladyboys. Though there are many in Bangkok working the streets in the world's oldest profession, there are also those that strictly want to rob you blind.

Which is why I suggest staying in a hotel that has a policy of collecting your guests Thai Identification card before they are allowed into your room. These are called guest friendly hotels and will not only provide some security for ladyboys but for real Thai girl freelancers who have ill intentions.

And there are quite a lot of hotels in Sukhumvit that offer that added extra layer of safety and I wrote a post on my recommended hotels in Nana here. If you're planning on inviting street hookers to your room every single night or almost then you might as well pick a hotel in Nana. It really helps to stay close too because not all call girls want to travel too far from their spot especially for short time.

How Much for Sex with Nana Prostitutes?

Surprisingly, the cost for short and long time hasn't changed for a long time across the board. Though working girls on the streets of soi Nana will always quote higher prices these days. But the lowest that I would pay and as far as what others would agree that 1500THB is the going rate for short time.

Always negotiate, but don't overdo it.

Long time rate is a bit more different because there are quite a few variables like what you want the girl to do overnight. I know a few guys who make the girls work like a dog. For example they want a soapy massage experience in the bathtub of their hotel room and a massage with oil. And there are probably a few other odd details involved before full sex but you can't expect a Thai hooker to agree on a 2500THB long time rate for doing all that work.

But typically most Nana street hookers will go for 3000THB to 5000THB for long time. And the price greatly depends on how attractive she is. I also have to add that freelancers have a tendency to leave earlier then agreed upon. So make sure you tell them if they leave earlier then expected you'd have to cut the price down.

Friday, September 7, 2012

September 7th, 2012 Bangkok Hotels with Discounts I Recommend

There are a lot of good discounts for hotels in Bangkok for the coming months. And remember these deals are very limited. So I've selected the best deals for guest friendly hotels in the Sukhumvit district that I think are a good value and sure that you would enjoy.

Amora Neoluxe
You can find the 4 star Amora Neoluxe Hotel on Sukhumvit Soi 31. It's a new hotel and I've been recommending the Amora since they've opened.

So you can walk to Soi Cowboy in about 10 minutes or about 5 minutes to a lot of oil massage parlors near the Emporium Mall.

Right now there's a 50% off special. So a superior room including breakfast and taxes will set you back around 1600THB ($50USD). And that's a sweet deal for a modern hotel with a nice roof top pool.

Check rates for your travel dates and read more reviews for Amora Neoluxe Hotel.

Sofitel Sukhumvit Bangkok
Got cash to shell out for a 5 star hotel but don't want to pay full price?

Then check out the new Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit Hotel. There is a 20% off discount for their luxury king room type. Which is about 37 square meters. And the cost would be about 4600THB ($148USD) per night with taxes.

Only catch is the deal only applies to rooms with 2 twin beds. Though you can always try and sweet talk your way to a room with a king sized bed upon check in.

The Sofitel is in a prime location and in a central transportation hub. It's located between Sukhumvit Soi 13 and 15. Nana Plaza is a short walk though Soi Cowboy is much closer.

Check rates for your travel dates and read more reviews for Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit.

S15 Sukhumvit Hotel
Just a short distance is the S15 Sukhumvit Hotel on the corner of Soi 15. Book 1 night and you'll get 35% off which only applies to deluxe rooms. So the price comes out to about 2200THB ($70USD) per night including taxes and breakfast.

Which is an excellent deal and I've never seen it that low. But the discount won't last long as it ends this month this Thursday the 13th. So if it's available and in your price range don't wait too long or it's gone.

Check rates for your travel dates and read more reviews for S15 Sukhumvit Hotel.

Citadines Sukhumvit 8
Some of the best guest friendly accommodation types in Bangkok are actually serviced apartments. And there are two this week that found with really good discounts. And both are Citadines properties. The first is located on Sukhumvit Soi 8 and the other is just opposite on Soi 11.

For both serviced apartments if you book 3 nights you'll get a 50% discount. The special applies to studio rooms and will cost you around 1550THB ($52USD) per night including taxes. As a reminder this deal is only valid until the end of this month.

Both Citadines serviced apartments are right between Nana and Soi Cowboy go go bars for the best of both worlds.

Check rates for your travel dates and read more reviews for Citadines Sukhumvit 8 and Citadines Sukhumvit 11.

Finally, down on Sukhumvit Soi 4 where Nana Plaza is located there are two hotels I've always recommended in that section of naughty red light district.

Boss Suites
Boss Suites is about 300 meters down from the go go bars of Nana Plaza. If you think that's too far the offer provides a complimentary tuk tuk service that will take you anywhere close.

And it's a nice little boutique hotel with a swimming pool and small fitness center. Normally a room a deluxe room at the hotel will set you back about 1550THB per night but now you can book one for around 1350THB ($44USD) including taxes. And this deal is only valid until October 31st, 2012.

Check rates for your travel dates and read more reviews Boss Suites.

Woraburi Sukhumvit Hotel
Just right across from Boss Suites is the always popular bar girl friendly Woraburi Sukhumvit Hotel. Right now there's a 50% off discount for a 20 square meter standard room. So you can get a room there for around 1150THB ($38USD) per night with taxes. And this offer is only valid until the end of this month.

The hotel has been renovated not too long ago and has a nice swimming pool and ambiance. And they also provide a free tuk tuk service to take you to Nana Plaza or the Nana BTS station so you won't have to break a sweat walking.

Check rates for your travel dates and read more reviews Woraburi Sukhumvit Hotel.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Legacy Suites Hotel Bangkok Review

Lately I've been asked about where one can find hotels with big rooms in Bangkok. Particularly 4 star hotels on Sukhumvit road with a guest friendly policy.

Legacy Suites Hotel comes to mind along with many others such as Phachara Suites on Soi 6, just around the corner from Nana Plaza's go go bar girls. Though there are quite a few more hotels I can recommend too like the Legacy.

Legacy Suites is about 50 meters down on Sukhumvit road Soi 29 and right between Soi Cowboy red light district and a cluster of popular oil massage parlors by the Phrom Phong BTS station. The hotel's location is quiet which I know many prefer but not far at all from the company of Thai go go bar girls and a quick rub and tug at Teen Massage, Akane Fashion Massage and Angel Massage. So you can walk to the action in around 10 minutes.

Superior room at Legacy Suites - 39 square meters
Built in 2007 the hotel is not exactly new but anyone that has stayed there before will tell you it looks only a few years old. The property is well maintained and gradual changes and minor renovations were made to keep with newer hotels built all over the Sukhumvit district.

So how big are the rooms at Legacy Suites? Their superior rooms are 39 square meters and their deluxe rooms are 46 square meters. Superiors cost about 2400THB ($76USD) per night and deluxe runs about 2600THB ($83USD) per night. Both room rates include breakfast too.

As you can see a deluxe room only cost 200THB more. So I recommend booking a deluxe room because it's worth it and makes a big difference. Not that superior rooms are small at all. It's just that Legacy Suites deluxe rooms are an excellent value!

The hotel is a 4 star property so there's a swimming pool and also a tennis court. There's a gym too but the cardio equipments are out dated however. The Legacy is still a good 4 star hotel in my book and very affordable too. And if you want to impress your Thai bar girl flavor of the night without spending too much on a quality hotel this is the place that would do it.

For your reference here is an email confirmation from Legacy Suites Bangkok regarding their guest friendly policy:
Dear Jim,

Please kindly be informed you that there is no any charge if you bring a joiner to stay overnight.

Should you require more information please do not hesitate to contact us and looking forward to welcome and serve you soon

Best Regards
Ben Arayakul Mr.
Central Reservation Officer
Check rates for your travel dates and read guest reviews for Legacy Suites Hotel Bangkok.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Manhattan Hotel Sukhumvit Bangkok Review

The Hotel Manhattan is located on Soi 15 and is a popular bar girl friendly choice. It's about 50 meters past the S15 Hotel Bangkok which is another place to stay that won't charge a joiner fee on Sukhumvit road.

And the hotel location is excellent as the usual suspects of adult oriented entertainment are in easy walking distance. Soi Cowboy's go go bars are about a 5 minute walk and Nana Plaza's go go bars are just another short 10 minute or so stroll.

Darlings Soapy Massage is right across Sukhumvit road down Soi 12 and Lollipop blow job bar is also right across on Soi 10. Thermae bar just right around the corner from Manhattan Hotel is a popular pick joint for Thai freelancers. And by walking down to Soi 4 at night and you won't have any problems at all coming across prostitutes.

Superior room at Manhattan Hotel

The Manhattan hotel is surrounded by a lot of pricy hotels in Bangkok though their room rates are the most affordable. A 28 square meter superior room at the Manhattan cost about 1500THB ($50USD) per night with taxes and discounts included. Standard amenities are included with free Wi-Fi internet access.

The good point about staying at Manhattan Hotel is the location. The slight negative is that the rooms can be a real hit or miss. Since it's an older hotel that hasn't gone through any major renovations you might get a room that is less than desirable. But the hotel has 200 rooms. Which means if you're unhappy with the room given to you, you should ask for a new one.

Manhattan Hotel Bangkok on Sukhumvit Road
Besides being so close to many places to find bar girls and Thai freelancers, the Manhattan is in a great spot of exploring most of Bangkok.

There are 2 BTS stations not far from the hotel and the MRT subway train is on the entrance of the Terminal 21 Mall. So you can get up to Huay Kwang's soapy massage parlors fast and easy.

Of course the Manhattan Hotel is guest friendly too so you can invite ladies to your room with no joiner fee. Here is an email confirmation from the hotel for your reference:
Dear Jim Hunt,
We charge 500baht/person/night.If you made book superior double room.You will not charge for joiner.
Best Regards,
As the email mentions as long as you book your room for 2 guests you won't be charged a joiner fee. In any case it won't cost extra. Check for discount rates and read more reviews for Manhattan Hotel Bangkok.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My 5 Favorite Go Go Bars in Bangkok

I've visited a lot of go go bars in Bangkok through the years. Today I've scaled back on the amount of visits. However when I do go I always head to what I think are the best go go bars in Bangkok. 

I remember my very first visit to a go go bar ever was in the Patpong red light district. I went to a bar called King's Castle on Patpong Soi 1 which at the time I had already read a lot about during my initial research.

I was dazzled by beautiful Thai girls gyrating in the dim lighting to a background of old school rock and roll beats. But there were a lot of bars in Patpong that I didn't like because they looked old. Though things have really changed a lot in Patpong today and for the positive.

Then I ventured on through to Nana Entertainment Plaza and discovered Rainbow 4 and saw dozens of girls on a double set of stages doing the Bangkok shuffle in shifts. After seeing scores of more beautiful Thai bar girls I said to myself at that time that this was my new home.

And during that time I also made my rounds through Soi Cowboy but found it a bit lacking from my Nana experience. But like everything else progress has worked its magic and today I enjoy visiting a couple of bars where you can watch topless girls in Soi Cowboy do their thing.

Below you'll find the names of my Top 5 favorite go go bars that are in Nana, Soi Cowboy and Patpong. Initially I wanted to do a "Top 10" list but that would be overkill. The ones I recommend below are very popular in my books. But I encourage everyone to explore other venues. You never know since bars do change and you might find a place with Thai girls to your liking.

Rainbow 4 - Like the name implies there are four Rainbow bars. All are located right inside Nana Entertainment Plaza (NEP) on Sukhumvit Soi 4. And in my opinion the best go go bar inside NEP. Every night especially the weekends it is often packed full of customers, crammed into every space where there's space to sit.

There are 2 stages. If you want to see bare tits then find a seat by the left stage. That's where girls dance topless. However, the better looking girls dance on the right side of the stage. What I do is try and find a seat some where near the entrance of the bar to get the best of both worlds.

Rainbow 4 is located on the 2nd level of NEP and it's hard to miss with at least a dozen bar girls standing outside to attract customers. And be sure to check out Rainbow 1 too on the first level. It's smaller but the girls inside are not too shabby looking either.

If you need a map of NEP's go go bars you can find it there.

Angelwitch Go Go Bar  - I also like Angelwitch a lot. It's also located on the second level, just about right across from Rainbow 4. To me they also have a lot of pretty bar girls for a medium sized bar.

The atmosphere though is definitely better than rainbow 4 with nice comfortable seats and you're not too far off from the stage to get a better look at their lineup.

And at around 9:30pm to 10:00pm a handful of Angelwitch girls put on a show that's worth just going inside to see while enjoying a beer or two.

So Rainbow 4 and Angelwitch are my favorite go go bars inside NEP. Though there are a few places I recommend to even if it's just for a quick peek inside, because you never know, you just might find a bar girl that catches your eye. So I also recommend checking out Spanky's BKK and Las Vegas go go bar.

So heading down to Soi Cowboy (which is only a 15 minute walk from NEP) there are two go go bars I really enjoy there.

Shark Bar has a reputation for employing the most attractive girls in Soi Cowboy. And they do deserve it.

Though I've only bar fined a few girls from Shark Bar I must say they have the best attitudes and very fun to be with whether it be for short time or long time.

It's still a small bar even though there are two floors. But the first floor has the best looking girls.

Matter of fact any bar with two floors the best girls are always on the first floor because it's the entrance of a bar. The best looking bar girls are there so patrons can see them easily as they walk by as well as those who are only peeking in for a look see.

Just right next door is Baccara Bar and there are lots of bar girls to check out. It's possibly one of the best bars in Soi Cowboy judging from the amount of customers inside especially on weekends.

Get there at a bad time and it'll be hard pressed to find a seat with standing room quite bare as well.

There is an upstairs level too at Baccara Bar. Matter of fact you can see the stage upstairs because it's transparent so you can watch girls dancing in school girl dress but topless. Downstairs bar girls are in bikinis. And yes, the bar girls upstairs are not the best looking but you can always just stare at their bare boobies.

So those are my two favorite go go bars in Soi Cowboy. But I do like Spice Girls too but beware it's expensive and I'm not just talking about the girls. Drinks prices at Spice Girls are not cheap. Check out a map of Soi Cowboy go go bars here.

As I mentioned earlier, Patpong was the first red light district in Bangkok I've ever visited for a go go bar experience. Like many expats and veteran visitors in Bangkok I've avoided Patpong for many years. Save for a few trips I made there when I had friends who wanted to take a look see.

I also recommend Patpong especially if you're the curious shy type or a budding sex tourists. Because you can easily mingle in with main stream tourists that are shopping at the night market.

And through the years I've noticed a remarkable change in the area. Yes, it's been commercialized with many retail stores with all kinds of tourists meandering around the night market on Patpong Soi 1. But many older go go bars in Patpong are revitalized with many new establishments opening right up on Patpong Soi 2 closer to Silom road.

King's Castle 1 and 2 are my favorite places to visit in Patpong when I feel the need the change of pace and scenery from Nana and Soi Cowboy. They have a mix of ladyboy (post-op and pre-op) as well as genuine girls in their line up. Here's where you can find a map of Patpong red light district.

And by the way, King's Castle 3 which is also on Soi 1 is an all ladyboy (mostly pre-op) go go bar. Most of the go go bars on Patpong Soi 1 are mostly very popular with Japanese and other Asian tourists. What does that mean? It means that the asking rates from bar girls are higher. But you can negotiate and should.