Friday, September 21, 2012

JW Marriott Hotel Bangkok Review

Located on corner of Sukhumvit soi 2
JW Marriott Bangkok is a popular 5 star bar girl friendly hotel on Sukhumvit road. It's located on soi 2 so it's right around the corner from Nana Entertainment Plaza and plenty of Thai hookers on soi 4.

When you approach Thai bar girls and freelancers I would refrain from telling them that you're a guest at the JW Marriott. Why? Because in Bangkok, a room at the JW is 'paeng mak' or not cheap by Thai standards. And the ladies know that.

Working girls know that Marriotts are an upscale hotel name with upscale rates. So you can bet your house they'll ask for a lot of money for both short time and long time rates.

What they don't know is that Marriott hotels in Thailand are a real bargain compared to other Marriott properties outside of most parts of Southeast Asia.

For example the JW Marriott Bangkok's deluxe rooms cost a little over 6000THB ($200USD).  A deluxe room at a similar property in NYC cost double. And believe me, the quality of the rooms at the JW in Sukhumvit is in better condition.

Even though I believe it's not necessary to spend so much money to get a nice hotel room in Thailand I can understand that for a lot of travelers, 6000THB to lap in the luxury of a 5 star hotel is doable.
Though you can get comparable class and services by staying at a 4 star guest friendly hotels in the same area. Prime examples are the Phachara Suites on soi 6 or Majestic Grande which is also on soi 2.

JW Marriott Bangkok Hotel near Nana red light district
Most people I know who stay at Marriotts are guys who simply prefer an American operated hotel. As good as the hotel is, in my opinion you can get similar quality without spending that much cash. That said it's not a bad hotel and a deluxe room is 33 sq. m. so the room size is quite good especially since the JW allows you to invite up to 2 ladies for an overnight romp. That's right, as a guest of the JW Marriott Bangkok there are no joiner fee even if you wish to invite 2 Thai girls to a room. There are reports of guys bringing back 3 girls and yet again, no fee.

Though keep in mind the hotel has strict security so there are metal detectors by the hotel's entrances. So it might be a sight to see a guy with a few heavily tattooed bar girls parading through the metal detectors.

As of writing a deluxe room at the JW cost around 5500THB ($179USD) with taxes and a special early bird rate included. For that price you can of course expect a nice pool and fitness center to use. The in room amenities are tops but most importantly internet access is free through Wi-Fi connection.

Deluxe rooms at JW Marriott are 33 square meters
If you're always in the mood for great steaks like I am which is a bit hard to find in Bangkok then head to the hotels New York Steakhouse. Yeah, it's pricey but a nice treat when your inner carnivore is screaming like a ladyboy in heat. And their Bangkok Baking Company is not too shabby too for sweet treats and carbs.

The JW Marriott is a great hotel with a bar girl friendly policy in a prime location for enjoying Nana red light district. Nana Plaza is less than a 3 minute walk and Soi Cowboy is about a 15 minute walk east on Sukhumvit road. Annies Soapy Massage is around the corner and of course Nana is basically the grand central of street hooker activity in Bangkok.

Check rates for your travel dates and read more reviews for JW Marriott Bangkok.

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