Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My 5 Favorite Go Go Bars in Bangkok

I've visited a lot of go go bars in Bangkok through the years. Today I've scaled back on the amount of visits. However when I do go I always head to what I think are the best go go bars in Bangkok. 

I remember my very first visit to a go go bar ever was in the Patpong red light district. I went to a bar called King's Castle on Patpong Soi 1 which at the time I had already read a lot about during my initial research.

I was dazzled by beautiful Thai girls gyrating in the dim lighting to a background of old school rock and roll beats. But there were a lot of bars in Patpong that I didn't like because they looked old. Though things have really changed a lot in Patpong today and for the positive.

Then I ventured on through to Nana Entertainment Plaza and discovered Rainbow 4 and saw dozens of girls on a double set of stages doing the Bangkok shuffle in shifts. After seeing scores of more beautiful Thai bar girls I said to myself at that time that this was my new home.

And during that time I also made my rounds through Soi Cowboy but found it a bit lacking from my Nana experience. But like everything else progress has worked its magic and today I enjoy visiting a couple of bars where you can watch topless girls in Soi Cowboy do their thing.

Below you'll find the names of my Top 5 favorite go go bars that are in Nana, Soi Cowboy and Patpong. Initially I wanted to do a "Top 10" list but that would be overkill. The ones I recommend below are very popular in my books. But I encourage everyone to explore other venues. You never know since bars do change and you might find a place with Thai girls to your liking.

Rainbow 4 - Like the name implies there are four Rainbow bars. All are located right inside Nana Entertainment Plaza (NEP) on Sukhumvit Soi 4. And in my opinion the best go go bar inside NEP. Every night especially the weekends it is often packed full of customers, crammed into every space where there's space to sit.

There are 2 stages. If you want to see bare tits then find a seat by the left stage. That's where girls dance topless. However, the better looking girls dance on the right side of the stage. What I do is try and find a seat some where near the entrance of the bar to get the best of both worlds.

Rainbow 4 is located on the 2nd level of NEP and it's hard to miss with at least a dozen bar girls standing outside to attract customers. And be sure to check out Rainbow 1 too on the first level. It's smaller but the girls inside are not too shabby looking either.

If you need a map of NEP's go go bars you can find it there.

Angelwitch Go Go Bar  - I also like Angelwitch a lot. It's also located on the second level, just about right across from Rainbow 4. To me they also have a lot of pretty bar girls for a medium sized bar.

The atmosphere though is definitely better than rainbow 4 with nice comfortable seats and you're not too far off from the stage to get a better look at their lineup.

And at around 9:30pm to 10:00pm a handful of Angelwitch girls put on a show that's worth just going inside to see while enjoying a beer or two.

So Rainbow 4 and Angelwitch are my favorite go go bars inside NEP. Though there are a few places I recommend to even if it's just for a quick peek inside, because you never know, you just might find a bar girl that catches your eye. So I also recommend checking out Spanky's BKK and Las Vegas go go bar.

So heading down to Soi Cowboy (which is only a 15 minute walk from NEP) there are two go go bars I really enjoy there.

Shark Bar has a reputation for employing the most attractive girls in Soi Cowboy. And they do deserve it.

Though I've only bar fined a few girls from Shark Bar I must say they have the best attitudes and very fun to be with whether it be for short time or long time.

It's still a small bar even though there are two floors. But the first floor has the best looking girls.

Matter of fact any bar with two floors the best girls are always on the first floor because it's the entrance of a bar. The best looking bar girls are there so patrons can see them easily as they walk by as well as those who are only peeking in for a look see.

Just right next door is Baccara Bar and there are lots of bar girls to check out. It's possibly one of the best bars in Soi Cowboy judging from the amount of customers inside especially on weekends.

Get there at a bad time and it'll be hard pressed to find a seat with standing room quite bare as well.

There is an upstairs level too at Baccara Bar. Matter of fact you can see the stage upstairs because it's transparent so you can watch girls dancing in school girl dress but topless. Downstairs bar girls are in bikinis. And yes, the bar girls upstairs are not the best looking but you can always just stare at their bare boobies.

So those are my two favorite go go bars in Soi Cowboy. But I do like Spice Girls too but beware it's expensive and I'm not just talking about the girls. Drinks prices at Spice Girls are not cheap. Check out a map of Soi Cowboy go go bars here.

As I mentioned earlier, Patpong was the first red light district in Bangkok I've ever visited for a go go bar experience. Like many expats and veteran visitors in Bangkok I've avoided Patpong for many years. Save for a few trips I made there when I had friends who wanted to take a look see.

I also recommend Patpong especially if you're the curious shy type or a budding sex tourists. Because you can easily mingle in with main stream tourists that are shopping at the night market.

And through the years I've noticed a remarkable change in the area. Yes, it's been commercialized with many retail stores with all kinds of tourists meandering around the night market on Patpong Soi 1. But many older go go bars in Patpong are revitalized with many new establishments opening right up on Patpong Soi 2 closer to Silom road.

King's Castle 1 and 2 are my favorite places to visit in Patpong when I feel the need the change of pace and scenery from Nana and Soi Cowboy. They have a mix of ladyboy (post-op and pre-op) as well as genuine girls in their line up. Here's where you can find a map of Patpong red light district.

And by the way, King's Castle 3 which is also on Soi 1 is an all ladyboy (mostly pre-op) go go bar. Most of the go go bars on Patpong Soi 1 are mostly very popular with Japanese and other Asian tourists. What does that mean? It means that the asking rates from bar girls are higher. But you can negotiate and should.


  1. Next time when you have an oppotunity to visit Bangkok again, please try "AGEHA" in Thaniya-area. You might love that.

    1. Hello Tomo,

      Ahh Ageha, yes it's a nice place to go to eat and be in the company of some fine looking Thai ladies.

      But it's not exactly a go go bar. But I agree with you totally, still worth a visit!

      Thanks for commenting and take care!


  2. what a fulfilling life to have to travel to the other side of the world just to get laid.

    1. Hi JP,

      There is truth to what you say.

      However there are many reasons why guys fly thousands of miles away to get laid.

      First of the top of my head is anonymity. Certain countries for the US example prostitution is illegal. And when you get caught by the Police some states publicize the names of men who were caught.

      There are many other reasons.

      Overall, I believe if a man has a passport and money they are free to do whatever and go wherever as long as they don't harm themselves or anyone else.


  3. Hi Jim,

    Thanks for this valuable information. I will be hitting BKK next month and hope to visit all those bars mentioned by you.


    1. Zam,

      No worries. Have a great time! And thanks for dropping by and commenting.


  4. hi james...can u please tell me where i could get some nice russian or uzbek girl there in bangkok

    thanking u,

    1. Kuntal,

      I'm not into the Russian scene in Bangkok. But you can head to the area around Grace Hotel on Suk soi 4.


  5. Yesterday I was kicked out from Rawhide a gogo (soi Cowboy) after paying 2 lady drinks and one for me. According to one of the managers I should have drunk more. I refused and che shouted at me, calling on another lady (mamasan?) who pointed out the exit to me. Never happend in 4 years in Thailand! I've always drunk regularly, never had such an annoying problem with staff.
    The lady who got pissed off with me was very rude even to the dancers, shouting at them all the time. Never again in that place.