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Nana Hookers in Bangkok

Entrance of Nana Hotel Parking Lot

The Changing Faces of Nana Red Light District

Nana red light district has always been the place to go for finding freelance prostitutes walking the streets and plying their trade in bars and clubs of Sukhumvit. Soi Cowboy doesn't really have a lot of street hookers and it's probably because the location is a bit more upscale. And it's the same story with Patpong red light district in Silom as well.

So if street prostitutes is what you're looking for, head to Nana! Things have changed a lot today however. Years ago you'd only find Thai girls. Now the freelance scene in Nana is like the United Nations of whores.

African hookers near Soi 5
Russian and African hookers have taken up a good portion of what once was Thai territory in and around the Arab quarters of Sukhumvit road Soi 3 thru Soi 7. And from what I've seen, they're running a brisk business.

Though Russian prostitutes particularly Uzbeks have camped out on a large swath of Sukhumvit Soi 3, just right outside the grounds of the Grace Hotel. At night it's not hard to find about 40 Russians standing around with middle easterners haggling for short time rates.

The last I heard Russian hookers in that area charge about 1500THB for short time. Which is right on par. I have to add that there are reports that a large percentage of Russian in Bangkok hookers are victims of sex traffickers. So it's up to your conscience on whether you can deal with that or not.

For Thai Call Girls - Head to Sukumvit Soi 4

The place to find Thai hookers in abundance is right on Sukhumvit road Soi 4 a.k.a. Soi Nana.

Starting by the entrance of Soi 4 right by the Mcdonalds there are working girls standing around most times of the day. There's a street side noodle stand nearby where you can also find ladies eating a meal before heading to their spot in the search for customers. I know one guy who particularly lurks around that area just to scope out the flavor of the night.

Lots of Thai hookers in Nana
At least a dozen Thai call girls can be found lingering around the entrance of the parking lot of the Nana Hotel at sunset. Though a handful of ladies are available for hire in the afternoon if you're seeking daytime action.

Also since Nana Entertainment Plaza's go go bars are right across from the Nana Hotel many bar girls head over to the hotel's parking lot when the bars close at 1am - 2am. And two of my favorite Bangkok go go bars are inside Nana Plaza like Rainbow 4 and I have seen bar girls that work there on the streets after the bars close.

So there are even more prostitutes congregating on the streets of Nana from 1am to 2pm. And with Nana Liquid Disco at the hotel opening late at night your pay for play option has expanded.

But those are not the only places where you can find Thai call girls of course. Sukhumvit Soi 4 has a lot of bars and corners where hookers are waiting to be picked up.

Some establishments have freelancers just sitting inside waiting for guys to approach. Some bars have girls dressed in skimpy outfits to lure men in. And there are pool halls where you can test your skills against a lady who's own skills will most likely put you to shame.

Nana Ladyboys are very popular

Nana Ladyboys

Nana is also a well known location for picking up ladyboy freelancers. Now there's always an inherent danger when dealing with call girls you find on the streets of Bangkok.

This is particularly true with ladyboys. Though there are many in Bangkok working the streets in the world's oldest profession, there are also those that strictly want to rob you blind.

Which is why I suggest staying in a hotel that has a policy of collecting your guests Thai Identification card before they are allowed into your room. These are called guest friendly hotels and will not only provide some security for ladyboys but for real Thai girl freelancers who have ill intentions.

And there are quite a lot of hotels in Sukhumvit that offer that added extra layer of safety and I wrote a post on my recommended hotels in Nana here. If you're planning on inviting street hookers to your room every single night or almost then you might as well pick a hotel in Nana. It really helps to stay close too because not all call girls want to travel too far from their spot especially for short time.

How Much for Sex with Nana Prostitutes?

Surprisingly, the cost for short and long time hasn't changed for a long time across the board. Though working girls on the streets of soi Nana will always quote higher prices these days. But the lowest that I would pay and as far as what others would agree that 1500THB is the going rate for short time.

Always negotiate, but don't overdo it.

Long time rate is a bit more different because there are quite a few variables like what you want the girl to do overnight. I know a few guys who make the girls work like a dog. For example they want a soapy massage experience in the bathtub of their hotel room and a massage with oil. And there are probably a few other odd details involved before full sex but you can't expect a Thai hooker to agree on a 2500THB long time rate for doing all that work.

But typically most Nana street hookers will go for 3000THB to 5000THB for long time. And the price greatly depends on how attractive she is. I also have to add that freelancers have a tendency to leave earlier then agreed upon. So make sure you tell them if they leave earlier then expected you'd have to cut the price down.

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