Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pattaya Girl Friendly Hotels with Discounts

Currently I've been receiving more request for the names and reviews of hotels in Pattaya that are guest friendly. As well as requests for more information on Pattaya's go go bars, beer bars and soapy massages. I'll certainly do all that soon in due time. Thanks for the patience and understanding.

So for now, below you will find 6 places to stay in Pattaya that are either close to Beach Road for picking up hookers and Walking Street for go go bars. And better yet, all of the hotels have some kind of discount rates going on.

My Recommended Pattaya Hotels

Ibis Pattaya Hotel
The Ibis Pattaya is not exactly close to Walking Street for go go bars but remember, that's not the only place where you can find bar girls. There are lots of go go bars within central Pattaya as well. Besides, you can get to Walking Street quickly with a ride on the Baht bus for just 10THB.

Normally I recommend hotels that are in walking distance to the action that guys desire. However, I know that the Ibis is a very popular hotel group which is why I'm recommending it here.

And besides, there's a good discount going on. Book 3 nights and you get 33% off. So the price comes out to about 1170THB ($39USD) per night with taxes. Though keep in mind the special rates applies only for rooms with twin beds and this deal is valid until November 11, 2012.

Check current rates and read more guests reviews for Ibis Pattaya.

Eastiny Hotel
Moving on to central Pattaya's part of Beach Road, the Eastiny Residence Hotel is having a stay 7 nights and pay for 6. To sweeten the deal, breakfast is included on all days too.

With taxes the rate for each night comes out to around 1175THB ($39USD). This deal is valid until the end of this month.

It's not a new hotel mind you, but it's still very well maintained and clean. And they have a lot of well deserved positive reviews. Besides, it's not expensive and it's located not too far away from the beach.

Check current rates and read more guests reviews for Eastiny Residence.

Citin Loft
Citin Loft Pattaya is not exactly right by the beach, which is only a 10 minute walk. And you might want to catch the Baht bus to Walking Street.

Or you can just head over to Soi Buakow or around Soi Diana for go go bars and beer bar action. Another words, you're not far from the company of a Thai working girl.

It's still in a decent location in central Pattaya. And their rooms are clean and modern since the hotel was built in 2009. And right now until the end of this month you can book their superior rooms for about 1300THB ($43USD) per night with taxes added. That's a savings of about 25%.

Check current rates and read more guests reviews for Citin Loft.

LK The Empress
The LK The Empress is a brand new hotel directly across from Beach Road. So if you want a hotel where you easily head across the beach with a wide choice of prostitutes to invite back to your hotel the LK Empress is it. It's rated as a 4 star hotel and I've been hearing a lot of good reviews.

And the location of the hotel is in easy walking distance to surrounding go go bars and beer bars. Plus there are a lot of shopping centers nearby to waste the day away. Mike's shopping center is around the corner from the hotel and a good place to pick up souvenirs and knick knacks.

The LK hotel names are all over Pattaya and what I particularly like about staying at any of their properties are that their rooms are well designed and spacious. And they usually include a terrace or balcony space. Right now there's a 30% discount for a modern 32 square meter room which comes out to 2400THB ($80USD) per night with taxes. This discount is valid until December 22, 2012.

Check current rates and read more guests reviews for LK The Empress.

There are two more girl friendly Pattaya hotels with discounts I recommend and I've blogged about them previously. The first is Golden Ville Boutique Hotel and the other is Sunshine Hotel and Residence. Both of them are in central Pattaya and relatively close to the Beach Road.

So that's pretty much it for this week. All of the places I recommend above are well like by frequent Pattaya visitors so I hope you enjoy! And check back in a little while. I'll be writing up a bunch of posts on Pattaya's red light district.

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