Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pattaya's Beach Road Hookers

Pattaya’s red light district has a big freelance scene too which is mainly focused up and down Beach Road, from Soi Diana to Walking Street. It’s a favorite place for punters looking for the company of Thai girls and escape paying bar fines and spending on overpriced lady drinks.

You can find the ladies sitting or standing around in groups under palm trees. And the usual Johns are not too far away often mingling with the ladies. They are all on the sidewalk by the beach which is about 3km long. Though most of the girls hang around on from Pattaya Soi 7 and up to the entrance of Walking Street.

Prices for freelancers on Pattaya’s Beach road can go as low as 500THB. Can it go lower? Sure. But like anything else you’ll get what you pay for. And a 500THB hooker in Pattaya means you’ll be shacking up with lady with the least desirable looks. So you can imagine what a 200THB hooker will probably get you a souvenir.

So are there good looking girls working the freelance scene in Pattaya? Well, I do believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. From the times that I have spent time on Beach Road I’ve only seen a handful of girls that I’d actually want to take back to my hotel room.

I’ll probably catch a lot of flak for saying that because I know there are a lot of guys who think Pattaya’s street hookers are comparable to the birds in Bangkok or even better. But so far in my experience that’s really not the case. Sorry, just being truthful. A lot of the girls on Beach road are worn around the edges. And many are even on the last leg of their long career as a prostitute.

Good news is, well at least for guys who love visiting Pattaya’s red light districts is that Beach road hookers are quite flexible in regards to how much they charge. In Bangkok, say for example hookers in Nana you may be hard pressed to find a decent looking lady spend short time with you for 1000THB.

In Pattaya you have a much better chance of scoring a short time date for 1000THB with a half decent looking lady. Thanks to the fact that the cost of living for Thais in Pattaya is lower than it is in Bangkok, the ladies are more willing to work on how much they charge.

Long time rates are just as flexible it seems. I was taking a stroll with a good buddy of mine and he spotted a decent looking girl. She was in her late 20’s, with jet black hair, big eyes and a nice body. He struck up a conversation with her which eventually led to him asking if she’d agreed to a 3000THB long time price. This was at around 9pm mind you which was early in the night. And he told her she could leave at 9am. Surprisingly she agreed with no hesitation.

Pattaya pretty much sums it up as a budget sex tourists dream locale. And with so many affordable girl friendly hotels near Beach road I can understand the attraction.

Now I’m always the suspicious type. In my mind I was wondering what’s wrong with her. She had all her teeth, toes and fingers. And my friend’s a seasoned veteran of Thai whores. So he knows what he’s doing and what to do if there are any red flags. And no matter what you always know you’re taking some type of risk when you’re in the company of street hookers.

She spoke a fair amount of English which meant she’s been a working girl from some time and for the few hours I’ve hung out with my friend and his date she showed no signs of why she would sell herself so short.
You can imagine how anxious I was to find out how everything went the following morning. At 9am on the dot I called him expecting him to tell me he had a nightmarish experience of epic proportions.

It turned out he had a good time. The only real quirk he pointed out was she padded her bra to make her tits bigger. Most Thai working girls do that anyways so that’s not a big deal. And she definitely had a baby or two judging from the stretch marks on her stomach. But overall, he says he’s had better.

So even from previous times when I’ve been out around Pattaya I usually ask the hookers on Beach road how much they would charge from long time. And if I average out the rates it would come out to about 4000THB. There are girls who ask for 5000THB and when I do hear that I try to contain myself from laughing. Judging from their looks and age I believe they are a few shrimps short of a tom yum gung.

To date I’ve never picked up a hooker on Beach road. But I can see why so many guys on the prowl in Pattaya do. Because there are a lot of ladies in that particular area throughout the night. And no matter how much they have in their pocket

You can find hookers working Beach road from sundown to sunup. Not surprisingly even African prostitutes are beginning to make themselves comfortable among their Thai sisters. Russian ladies are not quite yet on Beach road since they're probably making loads of money in the bars. But I too wouldn't be surprised to see ladies of the former Soviet bloc making an entrance on Pattaya's freelance scene in the near future.

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