Monday, October 22, 2012

Soi LK Metro in Pattaya: My Favorite Area to Stay and Play

Entrance of Soi LK Metro on Soi Buakow

I get asked a lot where I choose to stay while I'm visiting Pattaya's red light districts. While there's no 'real' disadvantage by anywhere near the vicinity of Walking Street or up and down Beach Road, there is one area partuicular are I prefer. And that's Soi LK Metro.

Soi LK Metro is right in the middle of everything and less than a 10 minute walk to Beach road. And I usually walk through Mike's Shopping Center just to soak up the air conditioning. LK Metro is an L shaped Soi with entrances at Soi Diana and Soi Buakow.

So why do I like staying there? For starters Champagnes a go go, one of my favorite Pattaya bars is right there on the corner of Soi Diana and LK Metro. Besides having mostly fine looking ladies from afternoon to night their prices for drinks are quite reasonable and the atmosphere is friendly. And on Wednesdays and Fridays 9pm to 1am there's free pizza!

There is a new go go bar that opened just a few weeks too called Showgirls. Be sure to check out their cuties working the doors as well as the dancers inside. I made my first visit there just a few days ago and really enjoyed myself. There's 2 floors but it seems like the 2nd floor is much livelier with a stage where the girls pole dance. I met a couple of cute and friendly ladies and had a great time. I'll be sure to visit there soon.

The Devil's Den Pattaya should not be missed if you have a porn star wish to fulfill. On the menu are 2 ladies for 3600THB with 90 minutes of playtime. And you can finish as many times as your body is able too. There rooms are pretty cool too with a big bed, plenty of mirrors, porn on television and even a sex swing. Devil's Den girls perform lesbian acts and anal too if that's your thing. And for 3600THB it's really a bargain if you think about it.

And that's not where the fun ends. MASH and Office go go bars are worth a visit too. And around the corner on Soi Buakow, Sugar Sugar and Club Oasis are also worth a drop by.

Bar fine cost in the go go bars of Soi LK Metro are 600THB. Short time prices range from 1500THB to 2500THB depending on the girls looks for course. Long time rates can start from 3000THB. And drink prices are reasonable and the happy hours are a bargain.

Areca Lodge entrance. In the background is Keerati Hotel

Where to stay in Soi LK Metro

There are two hotels that I highly recommend and I've already made reviews. The first is Keerati Homestay and the other is Areca Lodge Pattaya. I like both of those hotels not only because of the location but because of the convenience and cleanliness. And yes, both are confirmed as guest friendly so no worries about taking a lady back to a room and getting hit with a joiner charge.

The Keerati cost about 1000THB ($30USD) per night though just remember to pick a room in the back to avoid the noise. The Areca cost about 1500THB ($50USD). And both hotels have access to swimming pools and a fitness center. Which to choose? If you're on a budget and don't mind blaring music from the bars until 2am Keerati Homestay is the pick.

And those songthaew baht buses run along Second road so you can easily get to other parts of the area for 10THB. Don't even ask the driver how much, just hand the 10THB or else you'll hear a higher fare price.

So those are just two bar girl friendly hotels I recommend in Pattaya that I personally stay in. Just like my favorite hotels in Bangkok's Nana red light district the Keerati and Areca are the first hotels I tell my friends to stay at.

Sure, we all know Walking Street is the mecca of go go bars with a lot of hot Thai bar girls. But when the sun comes down it's crowded with all kinds of tourists. And I do mean all kinds. You'll see families and grannies walking toe to toe along the punters. Is Walking Street becoming the Patpong of Bangkok?

Soi LK Metro entrance from Soi Diana

Don't get me wrong. I love the entertainment and especially the company of women found in the nightlife establishments in Walking Street. And the quality of the ladies there and fun factor is light years compared to Patpong.

But if you want to be in a place in Pattaya where you can find beautiful and friendly bar girls with affordable hotels then Soi LK Metro is where you should stay.


  1. Hi Jim,

    Do we have Oil massage parlours in Pattaya, which are similar to ones in Bangkok, near emporium malls, like Benten or 101 premier or thonglor, etc. which provide full services and/or special massages like Akane.
    May not be same massage parlours but atleast ones which offer similar services. which one of best and one of ur favourites?


  2. Hello,

    Sure, there are plenty of oil massage shops in Pattaya with similar services.

    Check out Dream Teen Pattaya on soi 21 between Soi Buakow and 3rd road. This shop's address is not far at all from LK Metro or any of the hotels listed here. I would say about a 5 minute walk is all it takes.