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Where to Find Thai Ladyboys in Bangkok

Like them or not - ladyboys are a big part of Thailand's red light districts

Ladyboys, the so-called third gender of Thailand are in shopping centers, on the sois, the person sitting next to you on the BTS or behind you on line with groceries at the supermarket. In Thai they are called katoeys and they can be some of the most beautiful girls found in the city's red light districts.

After a decade in Thailand there seems to be an incremental growth of Thai transsexuals though the years. It probably has something to do with the fact that most plastic and sex reassignment surgeons in Thailand are some of the best in the world. And the fact that desirable ladyboys can make a crap load of money fast is enough of a reason to convince straight Thai men to switch teams.

And just to practice a bit of political correctness, not all ladyboys are working in the sex industry. Just as not all Thai girls are on the pay for play scene.

However, there is a large contingent of sex tourists in Thailand who travel halfway across the world just to meet and have sex with a ladyboy or two. Hence the large population of prostitutes with fake tits and dicks on Sukhumvit road and in certain go go bars.

For the Record...

I'm not gay. I've tried a lot of crazy things in my life. Done a lot of crazy shit. But I've never had sex with a ladyboy.

I do have a lot of friends who have though. I personally know a handful of post-ops who are good friends. And through them I've learned a lot about their lifestyle.

One of them even looked after me when I broke my leg. Since she was a nurse she was certainly qualified. Though she was rather persistent in giving me a sponge bath. To this day I still don't know if she was messing with me or if she was serious. No matter what, she's still a true friend to this day. But I love real women so I'm never going to switch teams.

A few of my friends are in a long and as I can tell satisfied relationship with ladyboys. And they did not meet their mates inside go go bars or any other part of Bangkok's adult oriented establishments. They met them in shopping malls or in mainstream bars like Q Bar, Spassos and Gullivers.

Gay and lesbianism is a widely accepted lifestyle in Thailand. And if you have an issue with that sort of living then you might have a hard time in the red light districts of Bangkok and Pattaya. Die hard homophobes will certainly have a hard time in all of the bars where ladyboys are frequently employed as waitresses and mamasans.

The Bars

Ladyboy inside Nana Plaza
When I first started making my rounds through Bangkok's red light districts a decade ago there were not a lot of exclusive ladyboy go go bars. And there were not a lot of them working on the streets either like you see today.

And today a few of the top earning bars in my opinion are the ones employing ladyboys. So where do you go to find ladyboy go go bars? There are 3 go go bar hot spots in Bangkok. Nana Plaza, Patpong and Soi Cowboy. And just to let you know the bar fines ladyboy bars are the same as genuine girlie bars, 500THB-600THB.

The price for sex however can be slightly higher in ladyboy bars,  1500THB to 2500THB short time; 3500THB and more for long time. Price is all negotiable of course.

Nana Plaza has 5 all ladyboy go go bars. Cascade, Obsessions and Casanova are the names of the best bars to go for to find post-ops and pre-ops. And I've been to all three of them with my friends and their ladyboy girlfriends. There's one thing that ladyboy sex workers in bars are infamous for and it's their tenacity and persistence. If it were not for my friends I might've had a hard time fending them off. That said, I still had an enjoyable time

In the Patpong red light district right on Patpong soi 1 head to King's Castle 3, an all ladyboy go go bar. King's Castle 1 and 2 has a mix of genuine bar girls and mostly post-ops.

Soi Cowboy has one transsexual bar serving customers name Cockatoo but I haven't had a chance to visit there as of yet.

For beer bars, the only place that I know of with an all ladyboy lineup is called Guess Bar. You can find it back in Nana between Sukhumvit soi 2 and 4, just right across from the Rajah Hotel. They charge a 500THB bar fine

Street Hookers

Ladyboy on Khao San Road
You can find a lot of ladyboy prostitutes on the lower numbered sois of Sukhumvit road. Particularly from soi 4 to soi 7. Most of the better looking ones are standing right outside of Nana Entertainment Plaza. If you like tall ladyboys with big fake tits that's where you want to go. Here is a map of where Thai hookers can be picked up in Nana red light district.

And sometimes I see a few between Suk soi 3 and soi 5 too so you might want to head over there for a look see. Then down to Suk soi 5 right by the Arab quarter there are a handful just sitting around or standing around in a group.

Now obviously there's no need to pay bar fines for street hookers. And ladyboys working the streets charge about the same as the genuine girls, a minimum of 1500THB for short time.

From what I see, a lot of the ladyboys working the streets of Sukhumvit are older. Some look without a doubt like a man but with long hair, a skirt and makeup.

One thing you really have to be careful while you're in the company of a ladyboy are your personal property. There are legitmate reports of men being robbed by light fingered trannies in their rooms. Which is one of the reasons why it's important to stay at a hotel with a guest friendly policy where hotel security or reception collects their Thai I.D. cards.

And there are Thai men pretending to be ladyboys just to get access to a customers room for the sole purpose of robbing them of all of their most important valuables. So do be extra careful with ladyboy prostitutes you meet on the sois. Hotels are aware of an increased possibility criminal mischief when their guests invite ladyboys to a room. So most mid to upper priced ranged hotels will usually put a special emphasis on the safety of their guests accompanied by one.

Escort Services

An Escort Website
I'm not a big fan of escort services. Mainly because I like to go out and meet ladies on the spot because they are so readily available in beer bars, massage parlors and of course go go bars.

Since the ladyboy niche is not as big, going through an online escort opens a wider door of options. Ladyboy For You is one escort agency I've been hearing a lot of good things through my friends who've used their services.

I've checked out their website and it seems to have what most guys looking for ladyboys want. Their services are not cheap. Most escorts services aren't. But that's because you might not find the same quality ladyboys as easily elsewhere.

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