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Bangkok Nightlife: Q&A

Questions and Answers About Bangkok's Playgrounds

Here are some common questions I've received through the years that I have compiled together and think would make a good post. There are many nonchalant questions but I've selected ones that I think are worth posting here.

Like how much one should budget for nights in the red light districts of Bangkok to something as important as HIV and safety. Speaking about HIV, you'll read about once freaky experience I've been through and would never forget.

I figured that if these types of questions come up often they must be of some type of significance for those visiting the city's nightlife

I've chosen 5 questions and answered them the best I could based on my experience. But my answers are not set in stone and everybody's experience into the city's nightlife can vary greatly.

How many days in Bangkok is enough to do (almost) everything?

Personally I think 1 full week is enough time. Which is about what most guys have available for taking off from work. With 7 days you can also make a side trip to Pattaya for at least a few days at the end or in between, since Pattaya is only 2 hours away by bus. You can still enjoy the company of Thai working girls even if you only have 1 night in Bangkok or at least 6 hours but of course that's not enough time to cover all the places for a well rounded experience.

The best thing about Bangkok's nightlife is that everything is close to everything. The city's train system the BTS Sky Train and MRT subway are steps away from many adult oriented establishments. And taxis are affordable. If you're traveling with friends, say about 3 to 4 people it's actually cheaper to take a taxi then ride the train if you're getting around central Bangkok. However, in most instances the city's public train systems will get you from one nightlife hot spot to the next the quickest.

Bangkok's adult entertainment industry basically revolves around 3 go go bar locations in the city; Patpong in the Silom district then Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy that are both in the Sukhumvit district.

From Nana Plaza you can walk to Soi Cowboy since the two are the closest to each other in Sukhumvit. And in between those two nightlife centers are many beer bars, a couple of soapy massage parlors and a handful of popular clubs. 15 minutes is all it takes to get from one to the other.

Which is why it's a wise decision to select a hotel anywhere between Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy. There are many budget Sukhumvit hotels and 5 star hotels that allow guests to invite one hooker at a time to their room. If you're planning on inviting more ladies to a room at one time consider these hotels for threesomes that are all in the Sukhumvit area.

While Patpong is still near Sukhumvit the distance still requires a short taxi ride or a ride on the BTS Sky Train or MRT subway trains. While I have nothing against Patpong, it's the red light district with the fewest choices of gf hotels to pick from.

Where you're staying in Bangkok is important if you're planning to party hard. Because if you're solely relying on taxis to get around you risk ending up stuck in traffic. And even if taxis are cheap, precious time wasted on the commute is not a good start to the night.

So if you want to maximize the days you have in Bangkok, I strongly advise to not pick a hotel near the old historic part of the city which includes Chinatown and Grand Palace because they are far from Sukhumvit. You really don't want to deal with that commute. Staying at a hotel in Khao San Road is far too though there are working girls in the area but your options for getting laid are limited.

And as a reminder that just because a hotel has they policy of letting guests bring hookers to their rooms doesn't mean that management provides call girls. So you'll either have to scavenge the sois and go go bars of Bangkok or use the services of an escort agency or order up out-call massage services.

Better yet you can stay at a hotel near Thai prostitute hang out spots so you never have to step out too far away from the comforts of your hotel.

How Much Money is Enough for 1 Week in Bangkok's Red Light Districts?

Well this is really up to each man's libido and especially how rich you are. A lot of other factors come into play to such as how much one can drink because beer and hard liquor for yourself and the ladies can add up quickly.

While I was a casual visitor all those years ago I budgeted about $200USD a day. I didn't spend that entire amount every night however. Because you can pay the 500THB bar fine, pay a bar girl for 1500THB short time and buy a few drinks all for under 3000THB ( $100 bucks).

And if you're really disciplined with your money and go completely cheap you can get a street hooker for 1500THB ($50 bucks) a night for the hour, though keep in mind you'll only get one shot not unless she agrees to give you more.

There is no silver bullet answer to this question I on several occasions simply tell people just bring as much money as you can. Otherwise 4500THB ($150USD) per night is a good start.

Crime, HIV and other STDs - Should I Be Worried?

Violent crimes against foreigners can happen but they're not random like you would see in other major capitals of the world. From what I know I only hear of foreigners getting the shit kicked out of them because they were being drunk and disrespectful.

Foreigners getting robbed and mugged by locals in heavily traveled sections of Bangkok is not common. But that doesn't mean that it has never happened because I think most victims wouldn't report a crime believing that it's just a waste of time. Bangkok is a safe city but you should use your common sense and stick to areas where there are a lot of people. I wouldn't worry about crime but I never let my guard down either.

HIV and other sexually transmitted nasties is still a huge possibility whenever you're involved with a prostitute in Thailand, especially the ladies that work the streets.

Sure, bar and massage girls have to be tested and deemed disease free before they can work in any establishment. But Thai women working the sex industry can easily get falsified medical documents from the local clinic. So it's really up to their place of employment to keep their ladies clean.

About 5 years ago I was with a massage girl in one of the Teen Massages in Phrom Phong. My condom broke inside of her and I only found out when I already finished. To make things worse somehow there was blood. Not mine but hers. I freaked out and of course she was too. Her face was as white as a sheet and I could tell she was really worried. And I really felt sorry for her. I told her I would go to the hospital and get a test done and show her I'm HIV free and we both agreed to meet up when her shift was over.

So I went to Bumrungrad Hospital and got a HIV test and my results were returned hours later. I then went to a meet up point and showed her proof that I wasn't infected. She assured me that she wasn't infected either and she said she was on the pill in case of an event such as this. I believed her because she actually looked more frightened and worried than I.

Suffice to say I went back to the hospital to get a check up 7 months later to be on the safe side so all is well. Of all the dumb things that has happened in my life that moment totally scared the crap out of me and is one that remained in my record book.

From my experience all bar girls working in go go bars, oil and soapy massage parlors are really careful when they put a condom on me. And they're just as careful taking it off when the deed is done. Which shows they are very cautious and that's always a good sign.

Either way, don't be stupid and always wear a rubber. And if you ever meet a girl suggesting if you pay more money for condom-less sex I would immediately find another lady.

Where Can I Find 200THB an Hour Hookers in Bangkok?

Of all the emails that jam into my inbox this one takes the cake. My question is does anyone really want to be with a prostitute with a price tag that low? Anyways as far as I know there are no super cheap working girls in Bangkok. If there is one it's probably someone that is on the last leg of their career.

Which is what I see in Pattaya's Beach Road where you can find cheap 500THB hookers. All of the girls working that cheap are either old or have some kind of serious health or mental issues.

Besides, you should really be cautious about any working girl offering herself up for that cheap. It could be some kind of scam to get into your room to rob or worst she could be under-aged and working a scheme to get you arrested unless you can come up with a huge sum of money. A little dose of paranoia and skepticism can be healthy.

Where to Find Thai Bi-Sexual Girls?

You'd have to pay Thai call girls to get into lesbian acts if you want some sort of threesome. The Thai variety of lesbians is one female called the 'Tom' which plays the butch role in the relationship and the 'Dee' girl which is the female. Toms would never get into bed with a man and besides, you wouldn't even think of sleeping with a Tom if you seen one.

But I have to give applause to Toms because they have some of the finest Thai girlfriends I have ever seen. Man, I wish I knew their pickup secrets.

Anyways in Patpong, Soi Cowboy and Nana red light districts you might be hard pressed to find a genuine experienced lesbians. As long as you're paying the girls will get into the act.

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