Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ben Ten Massage in Patpong Bangkok

One of the Few Oil Massage Parlors I visit Near Patpong

Ben Ten Massage is located on Silom soi 6. It's an easy shop to find whether you're coming from the BTS Sala Daeng station or Silom MRT station.

Just an easy straight shot to soi 6 from Silom road right past Patpong's go go bars and night market. There's a big Citibank branch right directly opposite from the entrance of soi 6 so when you see it you'll know you're there.

I've been going to Ben Ten sporadically through the years because I'm not often in the Silom neighborhood but when I am and feel like a need for a rub and tug I'll make my way over there.

The soi has noticeably become busier because I remember just a few years back it was really quiet.

Soi 6 on Silom is not particularly a seedy section of Patpong. There's a mix of legitamate Thai massage shops with a bunch of gay massage parlors closer to the Surawongse side of the soi and then we have Ben Ten which mostly caters to the Japanese customers. But they won't mind the odd foreigner that comes in and welcomed by a very friendly English speaking owner/mamasan.

Now there are many oil massage parlors in Patpong and most of them are legit, meaning no monkey business. Shops that do offer happy endings are quite spread out and limited to providing hand jobs only.

Ben Ten Massage is just one of the few shops that offer up full happy ending service for 1500THB for an hour. Though I typically go for the testicle massage plus hand job which cost 1300THB for an hour. And you only get one shot. Sounds kind of pricey right?

Yeah, compared to Akane where you can get a body scrub + hj with multiple shots for around 900THB, Ben Ten is pricey.

But the quality of the ladies at Ben Ten are marginally better than the massage girls at Akane. Which is one of the reasons why I like Ben Ten. And their rooms are clean and really comfortable. So you won't hear the noises of a customer getting their groove on like you would at Akane with it's simple wall partitions and curtains.

The massage mattress @ Ben Ten

I took a picture of the massage room at Ben Ten but my iPhone 4's camera did a piss poor job of capturing the entire room. But take my word for it, their rooms are clean. And their shower rooms, which are located on a different section of the floor are clean too.

So every time I go to Ben Ten I always choose their 1 hour oil massage + testicle massage + hj for 1300THB. I've never tried tried their 1500THB full service which on their menu reads "The Golden Course".   Because not all of the girls employed their do full service. And the ones that do are usually in their early to late 30's.

Ladies in the early to mid 20's are the girls that provide hj services. Typically, whichever course you choose the mamasan will call out the available girl which are all in the same room on the ground floor behind a partition watching Thai soap operas on the television. So you can check out any available ladies, just ask the mamasan.

The best time to pay a visit to Ben Ten in my experience is around 6pm. Anytime later all the better looking girls are probably up in the rooms. Their hours are from 12pm to 12am.

Ben Ten is heavily advertised in Japan especially in a magazine called G Diary, which is a directory of adult entertainment establishments. So they do have a lot of Japanese clientele.

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