Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bangkok's Amsterdam Massage

I know a lot of guys who have the cash to splurge a bit with hot Thai girls working in soapies. Amsterdam Massage is the place to go just for that. It's one of the longest established soapy just a short distance from the Phra Ram 9 MRT station, less than a 5 minute walk.

Even though this soapies location is close to Sukhumvit it's still mostly visited by local Thais with cash to blow. Because a vast majority of the girls working inside are lighter skinned and in my books quite beautiful.

You might be wondering why Amsterdam is #3 on my top 5 favorite soapy massage list since they have hot girls. It's because I don't like the way most of the mamasans and papasans operate. There used to be a papasan I always dealt with named Pop but he's moved on to greener pastures.

Amstedam Massage - Entrance is on the other side of the building
As far as I know there is supposed to be no falang surcharges. I went there a couple of times last week and asked about prices for different girls and got different rates.

But I have a workaround on how to you might be able to get a fairer or truer price quote for girls you have your eye on.

What I would do is pick out 3 girls that I have absolutely no interest in. Whenever you ask a a pop or mom the price of the first girl you pick they are going to assume you like her and want to take her up to a room. So there is a possibility they will quote you a higher price.

Once I hear a price that sounds too expensive I'll hesitate for a few minutes and choose another girl that I have feigned interest for. And I'll repeat this again with a third girl. By now the pop or mom would probably think that I'm a cheap bastard and possibly walk away. Regardless, they want me to spend money and don't want a sale and commission to slip away.

So after inquiring and passing on the price for the 3rd girl they might finally give in and offer up the same prices as they would for a Thai local. And girls working in Amsterdam Massage range from 2600THB up to 5000THB. Recently one of my Thai buddies who love this soapy said there was a girl that cost him 5700THB but was absolutely worth every bit.

Amsterdam doesn't have a fishbowl setup so the section where the girls sit are in the back. You can ask to have a lady come over and have a drink or a chat with you. And you can also ask the mom or pop to get a bunch of girls to your table so you can have a closer look. Or you can just get your ass over to where they are sitting and gawk at them like a true pervert.

I like Amsterdam. It's easy to get to and quite often there are good looking girls. But I know a lot of guys don't like to deal with the bullshit of overpaying. So just do what I recommend up and maybe you might get a  fairer price.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Bangkok Grand Inn Hotel

You're Either Going Like it or Hate It

The Grand Inn hotel is located on Sukhumvit soi 3, just right by the intersection of Sukhumvit road or what some would call Nana Square. It's a well known cheap hotel in minutes away from Nana Plaza, the hookers by Nana Hotel and practically surrounding the hotel. I mean really, if freelancers of color (Africans) and different nationality (Russians) is what you're looking for, the Grand Inn Hotel would be an obvious choice. The area is also a jackpot for ladyboy lovers too.

However, it's not one of the best hotels in the area like my 5 favorite Nana hotels that I recommend. Usually there are a lot of hotels where I can guesstimate that 95% of hotel guests enjoyed their stay. The Grand Inn has lots working for them in terms of location and the quality is not so shabby either after a renovation 4 years ago. And now it's seeing a bit of wear and tear.

To be fair, the Grand Inn is a really popular hotel due it's price range and location. And there are only 24 rooms so the hotel has seen quite a bit of action. After all, 1450THB plus taxes is the price for a 28 square meter room to be in prime location for whoring around. It's not wonder a lot of travelers prefer staying there.

Deluxe double room @ Grand Inn Hotel
There are quite a few other joiner free Sukhumvit hotels in the general vicinity of Nana soi 4 that are better choices but I know a lot of guys who'd rather not walk 10 minutes to NEP or any other areas for picking up bar girls and freelancers. If that's you then Grand Inn Hotel is a proper budget hotel for you.

For your reference, here is an email confirmation from Grand Inn regarding their guest friendly policy:
Dear,Mr. Jim Hunt

Thank you for your interested our hotel. The hotel is no charge for joiner, only keep ID card .

Best Regards,
Grandinn Hotel

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Got Some Cash to Blow? Spend it at the Sherbet G Club in Bangkok

Bangkok's gentleman's clubs is a subject I haven't touched upon yet. And it's mainly because it's not a place where the general punter would want to go. And that's mainly because the G clubs in Bangkok has no guarantee that you're going to get laid. Plus the fact that it's expensive drink wise.

However, Sherbet and many other G clubs in Bangkok employ some of the finest looking ladies. Ladies that can put the hottest go go bar girls in Baccara or Rainbow 4 to shame.

G clubs typically hire tall fair skin girls which you will find in Sherbet. There are no short dark skinned Issaan girls working in there. Since a large percentage of the clubs clientele are rich Thai guys you can sure bet only the hottest young Thai girls are working there.

I mentioned that you're not guaranteed to have sex with any of those girls. That's because most of them are not your usual utility sex workers. You've got to have cash and I'm not talking about that 2500THB you have in your pocket for short time.

To get in their pants you have to buy them expensive gifts and take them out to fancy dinners. And a lot of the ladies working at Sherbert may understand a little bit of English, but you won't be able to converse with them like you would with bar girls who are used to foreigners. These are the kinds of girls that can easily find Thai/Foreign sugar daddies that want to impress the ladies.

Sherbet is set up as a club/karaoke where you choose from a wide selection of light skinned Thai girls. There are also a category called coyote girls and believe me they are super hot dancers. Every time you call one over you have to buy them lady drinks too. And no, you can't grope the girls or fondle them. They don't call it a gentlemen's club for nothing.

You can play drinking games with them, dance with them, converse with them if you're able to but I'm quite serious it's best to be on your best behavior and avoid being rude and crude. They can and are allowed to decline sitting with tourist/customers who are assholes.

G clubs are expensive when it comes to drinks. Beers cost 200THB and there's a 2 beer minimum so you're looking to spend 400THB off the bat. You don't even want to know the price of hard liquor and mixers.

However, you can become a member by parting a hefty portion of your cash. For about 30,000THB ($1000USD) you'll get 10 bottles of Johnny Walker scotch whiskey. The membership expires a year after sign-up but 10 bottles (which they will store for you) can quickly dry as you make frequent visits.  Plus lady drinks are reduced too. And you will get much better treatment as a member rather than a walk in customer.

I really suggest getting a membership. You can always get a bunch of friends to pool some cash. However, keep in mind that the membership can be under one name. In my group we picked the guy who drinks the least. If you're reading this buddy you know who you are.

So why would a guy go to a club like Sherbet or any other similar joint when there's no promise of getting laid? Well if you've been a frequent visitor to go go bars for a long while you might want to try and mix things up a bit.

A lot of the girls working in G clubs play hard to get. And there is a chance to get laid with a super hot Thai girl. But you're going to have to up your game and be prepared to spend some cash. I know a lot of guys want the thrill of picking up hot Thai girls which requires finesse.

Sherbet is located about a few minutes drive down Sukhumvit soi 63. The building is on the left hand side. There really is no dress code however, if you're really out to impress and want the full attention of some true Thai beauties it's best to put on some slacks and shirts and stow away the beach wear. And polishing your Thai language skills would really help too because the papasans and mamasans are really basic speaking English.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

This Week's Deals on Guest Friendly Hotels

Suite Room - President Solitaire
If you're the type that wants to live it up in a bit of lap of luxury there is one hotel I would like to recommend on Sukhumvit Soi 11 called the President Solitaire.

For around 2400THB a night including breakfast you'll get a 50 square meter Premier Suite room. And of course this deal is limited plus the rates are only good before December 23rd travel dates. So if you're reading this now it's probably a good idea to book immediately. And you can check rates here for your travel dates through Agoda.

Suk Soi 11 is also a prime location with a lot of hotels between Soi Cowboy and Nana. And you can find a list of even more bar girl friendly hotels on one of my post here.

Woraburi Sukhumvit
For the budget minded travelers the always reliable Woraburi Sukhumvit Hotel has a big discount on standard rooms including breakfast. The price tag is around 1500THB per night.

The Woraburi is located on the deep end of Suk. soi 4 but the distance is walk-able to NEP and freelance pickup spots located on the upper half of the soi. Or just use the free tuk tuk service provided. This deal is ongoing until March 31, 2013 so no rush to book is needed.

Down at the Phrom Phong section of Sukhumvit there's a 60% discount for 55 square meter superior rooms at the Emporium Suites. Phrom Phong is sort of like a oil massage districts that doubles as brothels. And the cost of a superior room including the big discount is around 3800THB including breakfast and taxes.

I've written more about the Emporium Suites as well as other hotels near the oil massage shops with maps here.

GCP Ratchadamri
Recently I've been getting quite a few request for hotels with a guest friendly policy that are just a little far away from the red light districts. Yet still easy to get to one by taxi in around 5 minutes. For that I can easily recommend the Grand Centre Point Ratchadamri hotel.

It's basically located in the Chidlom district in central Bangkok close to the Central World shopping mall and the BTS Ratchadamri station. The current deal is stay 2 nights and get 30% off. So with the discount and taxes the price comes out to about 4000THB each night.

The Grand Centre Point Ratchadamri is an incredible value from the quality of their rooms to their top notch guest facilities.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Night Out at Rainbow 4 Go Go Bar

Located on the 2nd Floor of NEP

If you've read my post on my 5 favorite go go bars in Bangkok then you'd know that Rainbow 4 at Bangkok's Nana Plaza is my top choice.

I haven't been there in awhile however but since I had a few buddies come by for a visit I decided to take them there for beers and to check out some fine Thai bar girls. According to the waitress staff there can be 50 to 80 girls inside at one time. With those kinds of numbers you can bet your bottom dollar there has to be more than a handful of cuties.

Rainbow 4 is quite a large bar with two island shaped stages. Once you get in you might have a hard time getting a seat by the left stage. Why? That's where the girls dance without their bikini tops. However, most of the prettier bar girls dance on the right stage.

Normally I recommend sitting right in front of the bar by the entrance wear the prettiest bar girls gather to attract passing punters.

As I mentioned I haven't been to Rainbow 4 for awhile. I spotted a super hot bar girl with the tag #3. She's got a cute face, a slim waist and a tight body.

Overall my friends and I had a great time but we didn't end the night there as we bar hopped around a bit and had a total blast.

So here are the current prices for a night out at Rainbow 4. Bar fines are 600THB. Beers cost 150THB and ladies drink are the same price too. And the usual rates apply for short time so the range is from 1500THB to 2500THB depending on the chosen girls looks and desirability.

Even though it looks like Nana Plaza is about to go through some sort of reconstruction I believe Rainbow 4 will always stand out to be one of the top go go bars in Nana.