Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Night Out at Rainbow 4 Go Go Bar

Located on the 2nd Floor of NEP

If you've read my post on my 5 favorite go go bars in Bangkok then you'd know that Rainbow 4 at Bangkok's Nana Plaza is my top choice.

I haven't been there in awhile however but since I had a few buddies come by for a visit I decided to take them there for beers and to check out some fine Thai bar girls. According to the waitress staff there can be 50 to 80 girls inside at one time. With those kinds of numbers you can bet your bottom dollar there has to be more than a handful of cuties.

Rainbow 4 is quite a large bar with two island shaped stages. Once you get in you might have a hard time getting a seat by the left stage. Why? That's where the girls dance without their bikini tops. However, most of the prettier bar girls dance on the right stage.

Normally I recommend sitting right in front of the bar by the entrance wear the prettiest bar girls gather to attract passing punters.

As I mentioned I haven't been to Rainbow 4 for awhile. I spotted a super hot bar girl with the tag #3. She's got a cute face, a slim waist and a tight body.

Overall my friends and I had a great time but we didn't end the night there as we bar hopped around a bit and had a total blast.

So here are the current prices for a night out at Rainbow 4. Bar fines are 600THB. Beers cost 150THB and ladies drink are the same price too. And the usual rates apply for short time so the range is from 1500THB to 2500THB depending on the chosen girls looks and desirability.

Even though it looks like Nana Plaza is about to go through some sort of reconstruction I believe Rainbow 4 will always stand out to be one of the top go go bars in Nana.

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