Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Bangkok Grand Inn Hotel

You're Either Going Like it or Hate It

The Grand Inn hotel is located on Sukhumvit soi 3, just right by the intersection of Sukhumvit road or what some would call Nana Square. It's a well known cheap hotel in minutes away from Nana Plaza, the hookers by Nana Hotel and practically surrounding the hotel. I mean really, if freelancers of color (Africans) and different nationality (Russians) is what you're looking for, the Grand Inn Hotel would be an obvious choice. The area is also a jackpot for ladyboy lovers too.

However, it's not one of the best hotels in the area like my 5 favorite Nana hotels that I recommend. Usually there are a lot of hotels where I can guesstimate that 95% of hotel guests enjoyed their stay. The Grand Inn has lots working for them in terms of location and the quality is not so shabby either after a renovation 4 years ago. And now it's seeing a bit of wear and tear.

To be fair, the Grand Inn is a really popular hotel due it's price range and location. And there are only 24 rooms so the hotel has seen quite a bit of action. After all, 1450THB plus taxes is the price for a 28 square meter room to be in prime location for whoring around. It's not wonder a lot of travelers prefer staying there.

Deluxe double room @ Grand Inn Hotel
There are quite a few other joiner free Sukhumvit hotels in the general vicinity of Nana soi 4 that are better choices but I know a lot of guys who'd rather not walk 10 minutes to NEP or any other areas for picking up bar girls and freelancers. If that's you then Grand Inn Hotel is a proper budget hotel for you.

For your reference, here is an email confirmation from Grand Inn regarding their guest friendly policy:
Dear,Mr. Jim Hunt

Thank you for your interested our hotel. The hotel is no charge for joiner, only keep ID card .

Best Regards,
Grandinn Hotel


  1. hi jim
    is the hotel surrounding is safe during night, when you returning late after party

    1. Mariko,

      Grand Inn is in a very busy location with many tourists around.

      So it's a safe area, but do keep your common sense, keep your wallet, don't flash money etc.


    2. thanks Jim for all the information,
      request you to write some thing about "Pie Thailand"

    3. Mariko,

      Been to Pai many times, love it there. Umm... not much of a nightlife there however. But great place to relax and unwind.