Monday, January 21, 2013

An Excellent Experience at Dream Heaven Massage in Bangkok

Lately I've been having a good run of luck by making a detour from my usual routine. A few post back I wrote I was heading to Catherine's for a soapy massage but instead swung over to La Defense for a quick look see and saw quite a handful of cute massage girls.

Yesterday I was headed to Akane Massage on Sukhumvit soi 33 to hook up with one of my favorite girls there.

While I made my way there I took a look at Teen Massage and Dream Heaven Massage, which both shops are directly opposite from Akane. Here's a map of where exactly these massage parlors are located.

A strange urge made me cross over and I mysteriously made my way to Dream Heaven. There are always girls sitting outside of Teen and Dream and they were not the best lookers. But I took my chance at Dream anyways.

I haven't been there for awhile. As I mentioned before, I'm usually a creature of habit and stick with my favorite spots, be it go go bars, pick up joints or massage shop. But since I was having a good run on making detours I decided to take a risk and check out another oily massage shop instead.

As I went inside Dream I was greeted by a cute dark skinned mamasan with a great bubbly personality. This was about 5pm so still early in the day. As soon as I sat down took a quick peek at the menu I decided to do the 1.5 hour oily massage, which cost 2200THB for full service. The 1 hour full service massage cost 2000THB. You can check out their website's price list here.

Here's a quick tip I never really mentioned on oily massage parlors. When faced with deciding on a 1.5 hour or 1 hour massage, I recommend choosing the 1 hour massage. Why? It's quite rare that oil massage shop girls work the full 1.5 hours. There are exceptions of course where girls work the full time you pay. But in general you're not going to get the full time you paid for.

You can bitch and moan and complain all you want but TIT (This is Thailand) and usually once guys get off they don't really complain afterwards once their pipes are cleared. Anyways, that's just my opinion. Just trust me, save those few hundred bahts and go with the 1 hour.

So back to my experience at Dream. Once I chose the 1 hour oil massage course, about 8 girls were ushered in. Two I had my eye on immediately  one light skinned girl with curves in all the right places and one dark skinned skinny girl. Both were young, probably early 20's. I decided on the light skinned girl. I guess I made the right decision because I heard the other girls moan, "Not again". So I figure the girl I chose is popular and always get's the customers. From 1 to 10 on the looks scale she's about a 6, but she sure has a lovely body. But I'll definitely be coming back again for some time with the dark skinned honey.

So she took me upstairs to the room on the second floor. And it's clean room as you can see from the pictures I took. There's even a mirror which many parlors charge extra for.

Dream Massage - Looks clean
Once we got into the shower and did the usual scrub down. She's in great shape as I said she has curves in all the right places so she started doing an amazing rub down. So I asked if it was okay to finish and she said yes. Without going into too much detail I had such a great time I could barely stand.  She can't speak English though, so it's always helpful to try and pick up the Thai language.

Shower room where I had the best experience!!
Afterwards it was off to the bed and I was given a mediocre oil massage for about 15 minutes. Then she started getting me ready for a second round.

Just to make things clear, Dream Heaven massage girls normally allow customers 1 shot. But it is up to the girls to give a 2nd shot to customers for free. As I mentioned before, if you are able to speak Thai you can build a better rapport with the ladies.

After the second round I dozed off and I was in Sabai Land. When I woke up about 10 minutes later we chatted for a few and it was back to the shower for a final clean up.

The total time I was with her was just a little under an hour and I tipped her because her service was truly excellent.

So is Dream Heaven on soi 33 a place I'd go back to? I would say yes! If you check out their website lady gallery you'll see about 9 girls. According to the girl that gave me my massage there are a total of 20 ladies working there at any given time. When I was leaving I saw a couple more cute girls heading back up with customers.

So next time, I'm planning on picking up the 2nd girl with darker skin I had my eye on when I go back. Or maybe I'll check out Dream Heaven's second branch on Sukhumvit soi 24.

Either way I'll make a post about what I do next in a week or so!


  1. There is new website for the venue, http://www.dreamheavenmassage.com


  2. I went many time t this kind of massage parlors such as Mango, snowhite, Teen, and an also DreamHeaven Massage. I went around 3 or 4 times to DHM and the service was always good and I agree with the advise of 1 hour (or 2 if you plan a second shot). But things change with years. My last experience in DHM was not that good. CHoose the girl Pa, announce 26 on website but 32. Right since the beginning, she begin to loose a lot of time, especially for go take the massage kit (around 8/10 minutes). Then, I cannot complain about the oil body massage, she have nice body and she looks hot. But, sometimes, it happend after some breaks or some very hotty and right executed massage, that I cum a little blit quickly than expect, but it never made some problmes as all the girls I fucked everywhere before (even at DHM) just manage to make me again operationnel in order to fucked her. This girls, right me told thtat everything is finished now and that she can only massage me for the time remaining. I was a bit surprised as it never happened like that before. I mentionned that, i never been rude, always speak thai norder the girl to feel confident. when i try to explain her why i' surprised, she just begin to speak angry a lot and go complain to the boss. She asked me if i want to get massage for the time remaining , i just refused and go to see the boss and said that he probably loose a customer. I'm comprehensive with the job, but this time, everything was done by the girl for go quicky as she can. But, as mentionned in the original post, i just supposed to endure the TIT (This is Thailand). as you imagine, the boss only know to say sorry. So, i will be back to the basics, mango, snowhite and around, where i never had this kind of problem.