Friday, January 25, 2013

An Interview with a Thai Playboy

My good buddy Somchai (not his real name of course) is a Thai national raised and educated in western USA. After graduating from a top notch university he immediately took over his family's import/export business.

25 years later he's semi-retired like me but in a much better financial position. Staying in Thailand most of the year he now dedicates a chunk of time buying land and property in the Kingdom. And on his spare time he whores around with some of the most incredibly beautiful Thai women. That lucky bastard.

I met Somchai through another mutual Thai friend around 10 years ago. Eventually we partnered up to do a business venture and in the end we sold the company and netted a tidy profit.  Hanging out with Somchai opened my eyes to a whole new different world. And I've learned a lot through him not only about business but about Thailand's nightlife.

Besides being a first rate pervert he's also true philanthropist. He's donated millions to charities and temples and even put quite a few girls though university (more about that below).

When I started this blog I actually wanted to interview Somchai and have it here as my first post. But I didn't want to waste the guys time. He's a real nice guy and all but I had no clue if anyone was going to read this blog. Plus getting into the mindset of a Thai national would be pretty interesting to hear their take on the country's naughty red light industry.

We caught up just recently at one of the new and many wine bars on soi Thonglor. I'm not a real wine drinker but sitting down and catching up with Somchai over a glass of red from who knows where is a real treat.

Me: I really want to thank you for doing this interview. I think a lot of readers of this blog would could really learn something from you.

Somchai: No worries, you're a great guy. Honestly, I know that there are a lot of perverts coming to Thailand and your blog just proves it. And you should spruce up your blog by the way. The design theme looks like something a 12 year old girl would pick and use to blog about her love of ponies. Just kidding, except about your blog theme... I think you've got a lot of great and useful content. You know here in Bangkok you can pay a guy $100US to come up with a better blog template.

Me: Can you loan me a $100US?

Somchai: No.

Me: Everyone's a critic. Besides I like ponies too.

Somchai: I do have to disagree though on one posting you wrote that Thais would never step foot in a go go bar. True,  there's not a whole lot that do. I wouldn't. No offense to the Isaan ladies but I prefer my women tall and light skinned

So to me, any Thai guy with cash would go to a go go bar is because they just want to get the dirty kinky sex acts that their wives wouldn't do. Kind of like Hugh Grant. Remember at one point he was married to Elizabeth Hurley? Yet when he was somewhere in Beverly Hills he was caught by the police with a really nasty looking street hooker.

So, what's the difference between the beautiful Elizabeth Hurly and a skanky nasty street hooker? The street hooker gives blow jobs and rim jobs. They do the dirty stuff that guys like and want.

We all know, nearly all of the girls working in go go bars are from Isaan. And they give blow jobs and rim jobs and perform many other dirty sexual acts when the price is right. Most wives or girlfriends of middle class, upper class Thais, or what have you do not perform such dirty nasty sexual acts. My ex-wife never did and from talking with my Thai friends neither do their wives. And god damn it were millionaires! There are exceptions of course. But in general most mid to upper society Thai women are very conservative.

Me: Okay, so you're rich ( I read it's always good to butter up the interviewee) and semi-good looking. I already know you don't go to go go bars because you don't like rim jobs. So where do you go? What do you do to get your rocks off?

Somchai: Well I head to the soapy massage parlors though not as frequently as before. But I go to only one particular soapy that you don't mention. And if you mention that name I will have you banned from there.

Me: Yeah, I know which soapy you're talking about. It's the soapy massage parlor. Though it has been already mentioned in a few forums and other related websites. Note: To you readers out there, the soapy that 'shall not be named' is incredible. The first time Somchai took me there he hooked me up with a half Thai-American soapy girl from Boston. She was incredibly beautiful and we still keep in touch today.

Somchai: Right, and that's fine. But it's so far away from Sukhumvit that no foreigner, unless invited by a local or someone in the know goes there. And I like to keep it that way.

And I don't always go to the soapies. I mostly go when I have friends or former business partners come visit. As you know I mainly stick with my girlfriends. I spend time over one girls place for a few days or a week and then I go over to the next and so on and so on. I'm rarely in my own house consecutively.

I prefer spending most of my time in the G Clubs as you call them, I just call them coyote clubs. I love flirting with the girls there and I always have the best time.

It's in the coyote clubs that I meet most of my girlfriends and when I find one that I like I take them out of the club, give them a monthly salary and buy them a car and a condo outright.

Today's younger Thai women are a lot more unreserved in the bed, thanks to Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian.

Have you seen a lot of the photos of Thai girls on Facebook? All my girlfriends have shown me pics of their friend's Facebook page and jeez they are getting sluttier and sluttier and hot!!

Me:  I've seen a lot of your so called girlfriends and I know you've got some kind of harem going on. All of them are in the 10's when it comes to the looks department. Exactly how many kept women do you keep?

Somchai: Currently, I have 5. Or is it 6? Just kidding I have 5. In all total including the past I would say I have a total of 16 kept girl friends. Most I've met in the G Clubs when they were 19 years old and some in the early 20's.

Out of the 5 girls I convinced 4 through a lot of money and persuasion to do threesomes. Dude, it was heaven, you know I have mirrors placed throughout my bedroom. I was a porn star!

And it's these younger girls that are more sexually adventurous though which I like. So it all works out haha...

Me: Why not have a foursome?

Somchai: Jim, you've had threesomes before and it's tiring. Throwing a 4th in the mix would just complicate matter.

Me: Man, you got it rough (sarcastically). You've taken whore mongering to a whole new level. Damn, that's a lot of condos and cars. And just a bit too much info on what you like in bed buddy.

Somchai: Well, I'm not a complete scumbag. I also pay for their university tuition too, if they choose to go. In which I do encourage them to. And I set them up with a business too and even stay on to dispense business advice even after we officially separate.

Me: That's right, you said before you always let your kept women know that once they've reached the age of 25 you do not provide anymore financial support and in effect get the boot. Sounds a bit harsh, don't you think.

Somchai: Not at all. I see it as a business deal. And they are contracted consultants. I scratch their backs and they scratch my you know what. Jim, I understand that eventually, women want children and a faithful husband. I can't provide those.

What I provide is the means and tools for a life of financial independence. In many cases some of my ex-girlfriends are really good business women but they just need that little extra push. You've met some of my past girlfriends and you can see they have their own successful businesses and pretty much set themselves with a good life. I will always dispense business and financial advice when they need it.

As you are aware already, Thai men with free spending cash, whether married or not, stash women throughout. Wives even know about. They may not like it and bitch and moan about it but they'll put up with it. Because the man is the bread winner.

Though some Thai men that take minor wives, girlfriends etc. do not treat their women so well. They pay for their apartments and give them a small salary just to stay home all day and wait for the guy to come back and screw. And once they're pregnant they either get the boot or they get left behind.

To me, that's messed up. If they're going to take a girl in, they better be damn sure to take care of them by helping them better lives so that they can carry themselves financially.

Me: Here's a question you've answered before for me but maybe the readers are interested as well. As a Thai man What do you think about foreigners coming to Thailand to have sex with Thai women?

Somchai: I love my country. It has its pitfalls like many other countries do. Though Thailand's problems fall a shitload deeper. Prostitution is well, you know, you've been all over Asia, is a big part of Asia. It's the oldest profession and theoretically if prostitution becomes illegal tomorrow it's still going to be an integral part of Thailand. Plus I get even by having as much sex with foreign women too haha...

But seriously, what you see in Nana, Patpong and Soi Cowboy is just a tip of the iceberg. Those are the so called sex tourist centers. However, there are hostess bars criss-crossed all over Bangkok where lower to middle income Thais go to get away from their nagging lives a little. You know what I'm talking about, I've taken you to several of those places before to check them out.

Me: Yeah, the girls are pretty there too but I wouldn't go into those places unless I'm with a Thai friend. Some of the customers and even bouncers inside give me the creeps.

Somchai: So that's what I personally think. But there are Thais who do not like their women cavorting with foreigners. Then there are those devout Buddhist, which Thais are, who really believe that the body is just a shell. So they don't care if a foreigner is boinking their women.

Which is why Thai men with girlfriends or wives working in the sex industry put up with it. Plus the money sure helps when they want to buy that bottle of top shelf whisky.

However, I want to stress to your readers that their are Thais that do hold a grudge against foreigners, particularly ones that work around the red light districts. They don't like the fact that foreigners go around flaunting their cash even if that cash goes into their pockets. They just like foreigners rubbing in their faces the fact you have more to spend freely and thus better than them.

Me: You don't need to tell me, I've seen some serious beat downs given to some foreigner in Nana. I think it was over an issue of disrespecting some bar girl. A swarm of Thais in the bars came out of nowhere and just thrashed the poor guy. Hell, even some motor taxi boys came over too. I think they must have some kind of walkie talkie system to call for back up. You can see penned rage going completely berserk on that poor soul.

Somchai: I have no animosity towards foreigners in the red light districts. I would just wish most would respect our country a bit better. For example I was driving down Sukhumvit by Terminal 21 and saw 3 young shirtless foreigners decked out in tattoos strutting down the street. Christ sake, they're not in Pattaya, Phuket or anywhere near a beach. Put on a shirt and have some respect. Sure you may see a shirtless local Thai but they have a reason like they're working in the heat and humidity.

Me: I feel the same way too. Sometimes I can't help but feel a little bit embarrassed too.

Somchai: I know a lot of Thai women particularly from Isaan actively seek out foreigners to take them out of poverty. And in most cases it works out where the couple lives happily ever after, I think. But I also know you can't turn a whore into a housewife more than you can turn a sex tourist into a good husband.

Then there are those couples that live out a long a fruitful happy life. To me when both parties are happy and benefit each other who can ask for anything more.

Me: So would you ever have a girlfriend from Isaan?

Somchai: Well I never say never. There are quite a lot of beautiful Isaan women. But as you know, Thai guys prefer light skinned girls. Most light skinned Thai ladies are from Thai-Chinese families or simply ladies from up North.

Thai men simply prefer their women with white skin. Even dark skinned Thai guys prefer their women with fair skin. Which is why you see so many Thai women buy those skin whitener creams and pay big money at those skin whitening clinics. It's just the way things are in Thailand.

---End of interview---

After picking Somchai's brain for a short while we went off to eating, drinking and chatting on for another 5 hours. I've made a lot of friends through my time in Thailand and I really have to say that if it wasn't for Somchai I wouldn't be living here in Thailand.

I'm really lucky to know the guy and am immensely grateful to be his friend.

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