Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Checking Out La Defense Soapy Massage

La Defense - On the entrance of Soi Rama 9, very easy to spot
While I was driving on my way to Catherine's Massage I took a quick peek at La Defense which is right at the entrance of the soi leading to Catherine on Rama 9 road.

I've never mentioned La Defense at all because the few times I was there several years ago it was horrible. They had a few girls on the line up that looked old and tired.

Now I know the industry often changes and new girls come and go to shake up an establishments line up. And I know the best places to go is where the Thai locals go for a soapy. So when I saw the parking lot of La Defense filled with BMW's and Merecdes I knew I had to take a peek inside.

So I went in eager to check out the new talent. The place looked the same, if not spruced up a bit. And the fishbowl had indeed improved. There were just a handful of under avearge looking girls mixed in with a lot more above average lookers. Like the rest of all upper scale soapies, you'll only find lights skinned Thai girls.

So I decided to wait it out and see if there are even more cuter girls. If those pricey cars are still parked outside chances are there are some hot model types still upstairs. About an hour later my patience was rewarded. About four sideline girls came downstairs and they were above average looking ladies. Another 30 minutes later two more came down.

Needless to say, they were all scooped up after settling back down on their seats by waiting punters. Me, I decided to pass and come back next time earlier in the evening and decided to shoot back over to Catherines Massage.

But I didn't leave without getting the numbers of the girls as well as their going rates. I was quoted 2800THB for a particular set of sideliners. Fishbowl prices start at 2100THB for 1 hour.

One quick word of advice if you're planning to visit La Defense Massage or even Catherines which are both located right on Soi Rama 9.

If you're reading this, chances are you're probably going to get to either soapies by taxi. And to get their a taxi has to get onto Rama 9 Road and traffic on that road is horrible beginning around 6pm. So you might want to get to La Defense or Catherines a bit earlier. You can always hang out inside if you ever get in early.

This is one place I'm planning to go back to for a real visit and keep an eye on. It just might make it to my top 5 soapy massage list too.

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