Monday, February 11, 2013

A Bit of Thai Comic Book Humor

Just came across this little piece of comic this weekend. If you're a frequent visitor to the soapy massage scene in Thailand you don't really need to read Thai to figure out what's going on in the top panel.

As you can see it's a guy in a soapy faced with making a choice in front of a fishbolw. The papasan is asking which lady he wants to choose. He says he can't decide. I want to point out though if you look at the top left corner you'll see two guys with snakes sticking out of their heads. There's a Thai saying "tao huaong nguu" roughly translated means old pervert. So if you ever hear a bar girl say you have a snake on your head you'll know exactly what she means.

Anyways the guy goes home and somehow his wife finds out he's been naughty and just like the papasan, his wife ask him to choose. But she's asking him to choose how he wants to die. And his reply is he can't decide. It really cracked me up.

Yes, I'm easily amused.

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