Thursday, February 21, 2013

Quick Guide to Hong Kong's Red Light Districts

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Many people think that the Thailand has the most naughty massage parlors in Asia. And that's not true at all. China is king when it comes to getting a rub and tug. Though I'm not a particular fan of Guangzhou and Shenzen which both are major cities in China that are hot beds of prostitution ranging from hostess bars to hookers on the walk.

However, I love Hong Kong. A flight from Bangkok to Hong Kong only takes about 3 hours. So it's a great place to go for a short trip.

There's no Soi Cowboy, Nana and Patpong in Hong Kong but there are some places similar on Hong Kong Island in the Wan Chai district. But those bars are usually stocked with ladies from the Philippines where blow jobs and hand jobs are on the menu. Which is fine. I love women from the Philippines. But the prices for drinks and extras at the scam bars of Wan Chai make Patpong look like Chuck E. Cheese.

And there are legalized single room apartment brothels dispersed in certain neighborhoods, particularly in the Mong Kok and Jordan districts in the Kowloon side of Hong Kong. Actually massage dens in apartments make up the bulk of Hong Kong's sex industry, all the way up to the new territories bordering China.

I do enjoy Hong Kong's massage parlors. Particularly the choices of ladies. There are simply so many. Check out sex141.com and you'll know what I mean.

The upside on Hong Kong's naughty massage parlors is that you can easily find them. Addresses are in English and street numbers and signs are way lot more organized than the sois of Bangkok. So it's not so easy to get lost.

The downside is that most of the girls on 141's massage directory cannot speak English. This is especially true with the better looking girls that work out of hotel rooms such as the Kimberley Hotel in Kowloon. Girls that work out of there are typically straight from the People's Republic of China (PRC).

PRC girls are gorgeous and hot. When you call the phone number that corresponds to their photos it's usually a pimp that picks up and tells you where to go.

Hong Kong bornn girls who run their own "one woman brothels" might be able to understand English or at least communicate with customers better. But in my opinion, HK girls are a bit more 'mature' for my taste and thus reflects their price which typically starts at 250HKD. But of course you can find younger ones but they'll cost you too.

Prostitution in Hong Kong is legal. But there is a limit. Women can charge for sex as long as it is within the confines of their apartments or hotel rooms. Women can't actively prowl the streets in search of customers. Organized prostitution however is illegal but that hasn't stopped anyone from opening saunas and hostess bars in Hong Kong.

So Hong Kong's play for play scene is quite diverse  But I'm not a fan of the Karaoke bars. Which is why 141 comes in really handy. It's the online directory displaying photos (although blurred profiles) of ladies, categorized by price and the district where you can find them, and the services they provide. You can choose in-call service too. And the hotels don't have that joiner fee nonsense so all major hotels in Hong Kong are guest friendly.

Another one of the many beautiful girls found most likely in Kimberely Hotel - Her price is 1000HKD
The downside however is that Hong Kong's hotels are expensive. What's worse is that the rooms are small, even at the expensive hotels too.

But I've been to Hong Kong enough times to know which ones are affordable, clean and comfortable. Though hotel rates for even my choice hotels can soar due to holidays or conventions. So plan ahead and pick your travel dates.

I like to stay in the Kowloon side of Hong Kong. If you take a look at 141's website you'll find that there are many districts within Kowloon where you can find a shit load of women living in those areas, like Mongkok, Tsim Tsa Tsui, Jordan, Yau Ma Tei and Prince Edward. Great thing is that you can walk easily from one district to the next because Kowloon is not a big area.

So this is how it works with 141. You only need a phone to call the phone number of the girl. Depending on the type of girl you either visit her in her apartment, or visit her at the hotel she is staying at. You can purchase sim cards with prepaid minutes at a 7 Eleven or any other similar type convenience store. It should work as long as your phone is unlocked and GSM capable.

Here's a tip: Girls working out of hotels are better looking and usually younger. They cost more too, above 600HKD. And they typically don't give massages either, sort of like the sideline girls in Bangkok where you're paying more for looks and age rather than service.

HK massage girls in the lower price range typically operate out of their own apartments and provide massage.

I know that in the Kimberly Hotel in the Tsim Tsa Tsui district of Kowloon has a shit load of girls working on certain floors. The ladies rates start from 600HKD up to 1200HKD. Please keep in mind that the hotel has nothing to do with any of the prostitutes. As far as the hotel knows (or cares) is that a guest is simply staying at their hotel.

Another pricey HK girl in the 800HKD price in Tsim Tsa Tsui

What I do is whenever I see a profile of a girl I find hot and see that she's in the Tsim Tsa Tsui area and charging 800HKD, I know there's a good chance she's in the Kimberley Hotel. And when you call that number someone (usually some kind of pimp) picks up to tell you exactly where she's at or what room number. Anyways, you will know for sure because right on the girls profile it will say 'hotel walk in', which basically means they're working out of a hotel room.

And if she's busy or doesn't fit your schedule you can always ask who is available at the hotel. This is one of the reasons why I enjoy staying at the Kimberely Hotel. A lot of the hottest girls located on sex141 are inside that hotel. The hotel is also a super convenient and really good for exploring Hong Kong too.

Another hotel I really like in a great location is the Prudential Hotel Hong Kong. If you can afford their room rates they've got the biggest rooms in Kowloon. No, there are no hookers inside. The Prudential is close to the Jordan and Mong Kok district, where a lot of girls on 141 are found too. However, if you take a walk around you'll find signs like the one below by the entrance of apartment buildings:

One of the many brothels along Mongkok and Jordan districts in HK

I'm not a big fan of brothels that openly advertise on the streets of Hong Kong. However, I know a lot of guys that don't care. If these types of brothels are places you'd like to visit then consider staying at the Casa Hotel. This hotel has tiny small rooms and I'm not exaggerating one bit. But in terms of Hong Kong hotel prices, the Casa is affordable. There are many brothels around the hotel to check out.

The bulk of 141's directory are made up of these so called "one woman brothels" where massage girls work out of their apartments. Most of their prices start at around 250HKD and up to 600HKD. Many of these apartment brothels can be found around Kowloon, near the hotels I recommend above.

They do not have pimps so they are the only ones who pick up and tell you where the exact location and floor plus room number to get to. As a first timer, when you get to such a building you'd be surprised to see that the entire floor or floors are inhabited by one woman brothels. You can see by the tell tale signature red lights outside of the apartment doors. Some even have pictures of themselves wearing sexy lingerie.

So I'm heading to Hong Kong early next month and besides the great food I'll be checking out some PRC girls. And to be honest as fun as I think Bangkok's nightlife is I really don't mind mixing it up a bit by traveling and checking red light districts in other countries.


  1. I have lived in Hong Kong and I will make it even easier than you explain for visitors. You do not have to call in advance, unless you are trying to meet a hotel girl. You just show up in the flat indicated on the website and knock the door. Doors are open. You see the girl and you come in or politely say thank you and try another door. There are buildings in TST that on a Saturday have more traffic of people going upstairs and downstairs than the shopping malls nearby :)
    I recommend the near locations of Kowloon: SSP (Sham Shui Po), Mongkok, TST,etc. Just follow the subway line and get some data in your phone to check addresses and google map. In SSP there are many good girls by 350/400 HKD (around 36-42 euros).

    1. Thank you for sharing your valuable advice. Your info is spot on. However, walking around and knocking on doors looking for available girls is great if you live in HK.

      But maybe not so good for guys that are only there for a short time. Which is why I always recommend calling and making an appointment. That said, one time I made an appointment with a girl but when I got there and rang the bell she didn't open.

      So I'm guessing she was busy with another customer lol.