Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Last Night Out at Poseidon Massage

Too drunk to hold the camera steady...
It was my buddy's last night in Bangkok before he crawled back to whatever hole he came from. For a treat I took him out to Sherbet G Club. It's his first experience ever at a club where you'll find many girls in the 8s to 10s in the looks and body category.

At Sherbet for the first 2 hours of drinking and having a great time I saw him whisper into the ear of the young 20 something. You can see from a mile away how bad he wanted to get into her panties. She shook her head and that's where things went down hill. I had already knew what he had asked her. And from the disappointment on his face I knew he didn't like the answer.

So I moved in to console the big lug and the first thing that came out of his mouth was, "Jim, you didn't tell me this place is one giant cock tease!" I just cracked up laughing.

Let's go to Poseidon I said. I had already planned on heading to Poseidon for a soapy massage since it was still early on in the night at about 10pm. And his flight was leaving 5am the next morning. And it was probably good that we stopped drinking since I was worried that the airline would deny him boarding if they see him so wasted.

By the time we walked out to the road to hail a taxi we were staggering like fools.

Traffic was going to be heavy going up Ratchada road and there are lots of clubs and pubs in the area, so we knew traffic could be a problem.

We assured our taxi driver if he could get us to Poseidon in 10 minutes he'd get a tip. What a big mistake. Most taxi drivers in Bangkok have a death wish. And offering a juicy tip for speeding is as good as giving a driver a license to kill passengers.

Sure enough, the got us there in 9 minutes by weaving through sub sois. I was going to hand the driver a 100THB tip on top of the 75THB fare. But my buddy gave the guy 500THB for everything and the driver was ecstatic. And my buddy's a scrooge. I'm sure right when he sobers up he's going to flip out.

When we got to the doors of Poseidon we had already discussed on checking out the model girls first on the 3rd floor.

For the newbies, if you want to take a look at the ladies in the model category, I recommend taking the elevators on the first floor. The elevators are located on the right side of the staircases. I say this because if you head straight up the stairs to the 2nd floor you'll come across the Poseidon's fishbowl section. That's where you'll come across a bunch of papasans or mamasans. For some reason, Poseidon has a pretty large sales force. Once I've counted 10 lounging around.

Anyways they'll try to get you to take a fishbowl girl so they can earn a commission, thinking you don't know any better. Unless you ask of course where the models are. However, it's just best to take the elevators from the 1st floor.

When we got to the 3rd floor we noticed there were not a lot of girls left. Most are eating or drinking with customers already or upstairs in the rooms. But the 4 'model' type girls sitting down didn't do anything for us. So we took the elevators back down to the 2nd floor to the fishbowl. By the way, Poseidon's model girls start at 3000THB and can go up to 6000THB. I've heard some ex-Penthouse girls cost 7000THB for 60 minutes and you have to make a reservation.

My suggestion is save your money. They are not worth it. Go buy a Thai Penthouse magazine and some lotion (unless you prefer dry action) and have a box of tissue handy. The money you save is priceless. Unless you have so much money you don't know what to do with it then go ahead and knock yourself out.

When we got down to the fishbowl we didn't see a whole lot of girls either. There were only 6 at the moment but at any given time, Poseidon has around 25 girls. If the mamasan of papasan tells you there are 40 girls working at any given moment, don't believe them. Never of all my years I have ever seen more than 30 girls sitting in a fishbowl. The place by far with the most available girls is Nataree Massage.

Girls sitting on the left side of the fishbowl cost 2200THB and on the right cost 2600THB. Both rates are for 2 hours and you only get 1 shot. You have to tip the girl separately if you want 2 shots.

We waited a bit and not too long a few more girls came down and sat on the 2200THB side. Since it was getting late we decided what the heck and chose our ladies.

Typically I'm a bit choosier though I can't say the same for my friend. In the looks department I give the fishbowl girl a 5. But overall, it was pretty good service as usual and the rooms are clean too. Which is one of the many reasons why I enjoy going to Poseidon.

After about an 1 and a half (even if they say you get 2 hours you normally don't get the full time paid for) my buddy headed back to his hotel to get ready after a couple hours of sleep.

I wished him a safe trip and said lets go back to Sherbet next time and he flipped me the bird.

Note: To get to Poseidon Massage, it's best to take the MRT subway train to Sutthisan Station. Make sure to look for Exit #4. Once you get out of the station, take a right and walk down. If you look up you will see Poseidon's neon lights. It's about a 300 meter walk.

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