Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Revisit to Caesar's Soapy Massage

Caesars Massage in Huay Kwang - Bangkok
For some reason, a lot of first timers to Bangkok visit these Big 3 soapies in Huay Kwang:
  1. Poseidon
  2. Emmanuelle
  3. Caesars
A lot of it has to do with the fact that the Big 3 get mentioned fairly quite a lot on blogs and other similar nightlife related websites. Aside from Poseidon, the other 2 are not among my top 5 soapies.

However, for me I have fond memories of Caesars. It's the first soapy parlor I had ever set foot in. And it was the best first experience ever and jaded me to this day. Because today, the soapy experience, is simply watered down and service is passable at best. Good news is today there seems to be a lot more better looking girls today.

Just this past week a long time degenerate buddy of mine came over to Bangkok for his annual sexcapade.

He hates the go go bar scene and thinks it's a total rip off. And the loud music in the bars really annoys the hell out of him so he prefers the quiet gentle murmurings heard at a fishbowl.

He always books the same budget hotel near the soapies too called Hip Hotel in Huay Kwang. And it's a good choice too and only cost around 1500THB with taxes and breakfast included.

The Hip Hotel is at a strategic location for him to whore around too. Not only is the hotel a short walk to a cluster of soapies like Nataree, Emmanuelle and Caesars but he tells me there are hookers standing around the area by the entrance to the soi, right by Subway Entertainment massage.

So on his most recent stay he's been telling me to go with him to Caesars because for the past few days he's been hooking up with some hot looking talent. I figured why not, it wouldn't hurt to just take a look around. And I've been having a string of good luck recently by venturing off  my usual routine.

I agreed to meet up with him at the front entrance of Caesars, the first time I've been back in years. I saw a lot of luxury cars outside. Which is a good sign if the locals are there too. Sure enough things have changed inside, but not by much. The fishbowl is still where it is though the section where the sideliners and model girls look expanded.

We were greeted by a papasan who immediately recognized my friend who has been visiting frequently. The whole time he shadowed us as we scoped out the girls. It was about 7pm and there were a fair amount of girls for a Wednesday night. I counted at least 15 girls idling in the fishbowl and 12 sideliners chatting with a few trying to make eye contact.

To me, there were quite a handful of fishbowl and sideliners that caught my eye. So I asked the papasan for rates as was quoted 1900THB to 2200THB for certain fishbowl girls. Sideline girls ranged from 2400THB to 2800THB. Models started at 3200THB and can go as high as 3800THB. From what I saw, the models ain't worth that kind of money.

After 15 minutes of deciding and debating and teasing each others choice of girls, my friend decided on a buxom fish bowl girl and I picked a slim and tall 22 year old sideliner with a great pair of dimples (her tits were not bad either).

I paid 2800THB for60 minutes of her time. Was it worth it? Sure, it was fun. But I wouldn't consistently pay 2800THB while I can head across to Nataree and find a cute girl for 2300THB. Though Caesar's quality of girls are better then Nataree I have to admit.

Though my friend says he had a really good time the fishbowl girl he chose. So maybe someday I'll try out one of the ladies there.

Even then, if Caesar massage dropped their prices a little they just might see me there more often.

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