Friday, February 1, 2013

An Interview with Gam the Go Go Bar Girl

Lovely Gam is a Thai girl I've met since she was 20 years old. And at the time working in one of the most popular bars in Nana Plaza. 5 years later she's moved onto another popular bar in Soi Cowboy and at close to age 26 she is on the verge of retirement. Not bad at all because when I was 26 I didn't even have dirt to sit on.

Gam is a common nickname for a girl but it also means cheeks in the Thai language which is appropriate  She is a slim girl with curves in the right places and her most notable feature are her high cheek bones that accentuates her beautiful large round eyes.

She reads books on psychology to get deeper into her customers heads. Studies English in her own spare time though pretends often that she doesn't know as much so she won't have to deal with pain in the ass customers.

Starting at the tender age of 18 and working in an oil massage parlor with a stint in the freelance scene to today's go go bars, Gam has amassed a small fortune including a 4 bedroom 2 bath house, a 1 bedroom condo in Thonglor and a shiny apple red 2012 fully equipped Ford Focus. All paid in full by the way.

On top of the hefty amount of money she brings in from the bars she has an army of sponsors sending her  money left and right for no rhyme or reason. Every month she claims she receives around 30,000THB from Johns around the world. When Christmas, Valentines Day and her birthday rolls in she can easily receive 80,000THB total.

She wanted a nose job. The next day a sponsor dropped 100,000THB into her account. The operation was performed from a well known Thai plastic surgeon from a top notch hospital and only cost 60,000THB. The rest was spent on a holiday to recuperate in Phuket a few days.

The first time I met Gam I knew there was something special about her. For a short while she was my short time girlfriend and I found out a lot about her as she did about me. She's a gorgeous girl inside and outside with a bright personality that never quits.

She left her small village at age 15 and found work at a small 2 star hotel in Bangkok. Most girls would be sad to leave their village. Gam was excited. Because she had nothing left after her grandmother had past with her parents long gone or dead there was nothing else.

It was either take her chances in Bangkok or stay with an uncle that always eyed her in a way that made her feel uncomfortable.

It was a no brainer decision. With one sack of clothes it was off to Bangkok she goes or be tormentend by a sick twisted uncle that drinks home brewed hooch.

Me: Gam, thanks for doing this. Some things have changed in the industry since it has been written up in many websites and numerous blogs. It would be great if you can offer some insights from your perspective today.

Gam: Thank you Jim, it's my pleasure. I have not seen you for a few months and always wanted to catch up with you. I've never been in interview so I don't know how to start.

Me: Just relax, have some more wine. Let's start off with a juicy question. What kinds of customers do you prefer? And why?

And please be honest okay. I know in your line of work white lies are a part of the business. Don't be shy and say everything that is in your heart even if you think it's offensive to your customers.

Gam: Haha, okay I will, I promise. At least you asked a easy question first. Personally, I prefer Korea, Chinese and Japanese man followed by Australia and America man.

I can see surprise look on your face and I know this is not a common answer from a girl from Isaan. I explain why. I watch many movies and shows from Korea, China and Japan ever since I first came to Bangkok. And the men in those TV shows and movies were so handsome that ever since I have a crush to this day. I also watch many movies from America which is how I learned to speak English and think many American movie star are handsome too.

Me: What about Austrailan men?

Gam: Oh, I find they are very funny and always like a good time, at least that is from my experience.

Me: So which do you prefer, looks or sense of humor?

Gam: I prefer money haha...

Me: That's a good answer, a really good answer haha.. I actually thought you were going to say you prefer Asian men because they are quicker to shoot in bed and have shorter penis. And since you love money so much they pay more.

Gam: From my personal experience, all men shoot quick, it is up to age. Many of my customers under 30 years old shoot quicker, does not matter where they come from. And dick size I see many and can say not all Asia man are small. I see many Europe man have small size even when body very big and tall. And I see many Asia man short and small body but have big size.

And it does not matter where man come from when pay money. Many Japan man are cheap too and always ask for discount. Yes, before Japan man always pay more money when ask. Today, China man pay more and tip too.

Me: Next question, who is better in bed?

Gam: There is no easy answer. I only don't like man that is rough. I find that India and Arab man are mostly rough. Not all of course, some are good customers too. But sometimes they have smell on skin that I cannot stand. I know you explained to me before it is something they eat called comin'.

Me: Actually it is called cumin. It's a spice found in many of their food and pronounced like "cool men".

Gam: Yes, so many girls I work with complain about Arab and Indian man because of those smell. But to be fair many Europe man can be just as bad when having sex and have bad body odor. For Arab and India man the smell not come off even after shower.

But I remember I have one India man customer and him come from UK, very nice, no bad smell and good tipper. Very polite and friendly.

Me: Any crazy stories involving your customers?

Gam: I have so many! My god, you cannot believe how many man are so crazy. I have one customer who ask me to put big fake dick in him ass and say "Ask mommy to punish you!".  At the time he make me wear Hello Kitty costume. I don't know how many time him use fake dick but him don't wash because when I take out from bag it smell like shit.

One customer ask me to dance slowly and he take care of himself. He have this really crazy eye look on his face. And when he cum he make sound like crying baby.

Me: Gam, are you making this shit up? (I was being sarcastic. I know a lot of crazy requests are actually made by some punters)

Gam: No Jim, I swear. No lies. The worst customer I have and he from Europe I forget where. He have so many tattoos and on him dick too. After he cum he start to cry. And then he become angry and scream to me what I make him do. I was so scared. I though I he was going to kill me. I leave very fast. This was in him apartment and he bar fine me for long time. After that day I tell myself I have to finish with this lifestyle.

This is one of the reasons I always ask money first when I in customer hotel room or apartment.

Me: I interviewed a very good friend in the last post. He says that most Isaan women working in the red light districts perform dirty sexual acts like licking assholes. Would you say that is a fair assessment?

Gam: When the price is right yes I would that is fair to say. You see, most Isaan girls have to make money quickly. So they have to do whatever it takes including eating ass.

Isaan girls have a strong obligation to help support their parents and siblings in their villages. So they do whatever it takes to fulfill their family commitment.

Me: That's something I really have to say about Isaan ladies. They've really sacrificed themselves to put food on their family's plates and then some.

Gam: Very true. I don't have any family to support which is why I am able to save up a lot of money. Plus learning from you the importance of saving money and not throwing it away from you was a wake up call.

I know there are a lot of girls that have worked years to make so much money and they spend it all with not one single baht to their name. Gambling, drugs, bad men, greedy spoiled family have ruined many good Isaan ladies.

I try to look out for the younger ladies I see come to work in the clubs. These are beautiful girls and whenever I see them I see myself those 6 years ago the first time working in go go bar. I take them under my wing and explain to them what you tell me about putting the money away safely and wisely.

Me: Yes, use your money to work for you instead of working for your money.

Gam: I remember, you are a good teacher. Sadly, some ladies learn and many do not. When I saw one girl blowing away her money she accused me of wanting to take advantage of her.

I am not angry at her. I just feel sorry of what may come to her when her looks fade and become undesirable.

I do not think any lady working in sex want to be doing the job forever.

Me: There are exceptions. I call them lifers. And they are on the job to fulfill some type of emotional need on top of monetary.

Gam, do you regret your profession at all?

Gam: (A long pause) I do. But at the same time I don't. I still remember my life before I left the farm all those years ago. I was working the rice fields early in the morning until afternoon where I had to complete all kinds of manual labor. And the pay was very poor. And my money always went to my grandmother when she still alive.

Sometimes I hear foreigners complain about ladies working in bars. They say if we study harder in school we wouldn't have to be prostitutes. That is something so stupid to say. How they know about our life?

Me: I agree, a lot of people who visit here are very ignorant.

Gam: Yes, I chose this work. But I did not choose my parents who abandoned me. In Thailand we do not have social welfare services like other countries. We are left alone to fend for ourselves. I wanted to go to school when I arrived in Bangkok after I found my job in a hotel. They paid me 4000THB a month. And 1500THB went to support my older sister with a daughter and her dead beat husband.

After paying rent, I did not have enough money to pay for school. Working in the bars have earned myself a lot of money. But it is a big sacrifice. I have more than enough money to start my own business and get out of this life. But I want to get married and it is hard for me to find a good man. I want children too and give them everything I never had including good education.

--End of interview--

Neither do I Gam.


  1. It called "LIFE". nobody gets in life what he wants. Feeling bad for this GAM girl.

    1. No doubt. Don't feel sorry for Gam however. Because she's made a lot of smart moves she is in a good position to enjoy a much deserved retirement.