Thursday, April 25, 2013

Getting a Rub and Tug at Thonglor Massage

I had a fun time for the past few weeks in Hong Kong and when I got back to Bangkok I needed a full body massage. My supposed quick 3 hour flight from HKG to BKK didn't go as planned. For whatever reason, the plane had to sit on the tarmac for an extra 2 hours.

Being cooped up in a plane for 5 hours with screaming Chinese children was excruciating.

So once I got back to Bangkok a massage was in order. Normally if you want a 'true' Thai oil or traditional massage you'd have to go to a shop that doesn't have a sign that says 'testicle massage' or 'teen massage' with ladies all done up in make up wearing evening gowns in the middle of the afternoon.

And from my experience, the best masseuses are from what I call Thai aunties and grandmothers. However, I don't want a hand job from them.

So what if you want to go to a place to get a decent massage by a decent looking massage girl who knows the fine art of Thai massage? 

For that, I head to Thonglor Massage on Sukhumvit soi 24, which is right by the side of the Emporium Mall next the Phrom Phong BTS station. There's a map on their website so it's really easy to find.

I went straight to Thonglor after making a call to reserve my favorite massage girl while I was halfway to Makkasan station on the airport express train. My first choice was busy throughout the day but my second choice was available by the time I made it to the shop.

So a quick transfer to the MRT and then on to the Sky Train and I was at Thonglor in an hour.

One major thing I like about Thonglor Massage is that it's very clean. So clean it's almost the type of place you'd take your mother in law who will have no clue of the monkey business that goes on. While the establishment does put an emphasis on spa services so you will be asked if you want seaweed wraps or body scrubs with mud. I've tried the mud scrub once for kicks and it was fun but once is enough.

They have these nice reclining massage chairs on the ground floor with incense wafting in the air. I've never seen any customers on the massage chairs as most customers are of course upstairs getting down and dirty.

If you've checked out their website's service and menu page you'll find that their massage prices are suspiciously cheap. A basic 60 minute oil massage cost a measly 500 Baht. A basic 60 minute spa package will set you back 1200 Baht.

That's because you have to remember that the price you see on the menu does not include full service or any sex services at all. The price for full service sex at Thonglor is 1500 Baht which you pay to the girl directly.

I typically go with the hand job which cost 500THB. I don't go to Thonglor for full service because I'm actually looking for a good massage by a qualified masseuse. The HJ is just the cherry on top.

Now I'm not saying that all of the girls in the shop are ugly. There are only 3 girls that I consistently pick because they know how to give a good body rub. And their faces are quite cute and the attitudes always fun. And if that's all I only want that's why I go to Thonglor Massage.


  1. Hi,
    I remember seeing your earlier comment on "Dont believe in Photos of girls uploaded on the website of the any massage shops". So can we get some recommendation on which top 3 girls to pick at thonglor massage.
    Thanks your all your postings & this blog. Its just awesome & helpful for so many of us.


  2. Hello Raj,

    Yes, a lot of the photos have been touched up. In Thonglor Massage, as well as many other oil massage shops you can always look at the girls that are available on the spot. So I never totally rely on website photos.

    Also, there may be girls that are available, yet are not on the website's photo gallery.

    From my experience, Thonglor ladies are good at massage. I highly recommend picking and choosing your own girls. As most ladies treat each and every customer differently.


  3. Hi

    Good post! For the regular/ non soapy massage palours like this, how/who is it best to approach asking for the handjob/ extras? Or do they ask you?

  4. Hi John,

    Well, when you get to an oil massage at a shop like Thonglor, you can ask to see a photo album and check out the pics of all the ladies they employ.

    Or you can ask to see upfront every lady they have available at the time of your visit. They'll ask you to take a seat and in a few minutes all the ladies who are free come out.

    In Thonglor the ladies will ask you what you would like, HJ,BJ, or full service after the massage is finished.