Thursday, April 4, 2013

My 2013 Top Bangkok Hotel Picks For All Budgets

A bit of daytime action found between Sukhumvit Soi 5 and Soi 7
Following up on a bunch of questions I've answered on a previous post here's a list of hotels I would personally stay at a certain price range. I've been to all of these girl friendly hotels either staying at one personally or having friends who've stayed there so I had a good chance to take a good look at the hotels I mention below.

And all of them are right in the Sukhumvit area. I've had a few people inquiring about Patpong girl friendly hotels but to be quite honest, there really is no need to stay in that location. Just get a hotel in Sukhumvit because there's plenty more to do especially if you're seeking out daytime action. Because I know a lot of guys are asking where to find hookers for an afternoon delight in Bangkok.

Well you can always head over to the Nana Hotel car park, up and down Sukhumvit soi 4 and of course right between Sukhumvit soi 5 to soi 7.

I have nothing against Patpong of course. It's just a matter of convenience. You can always take the Sky Train whether you're staying near Nana Plaza or Soi Cowboy and get to Patpong in about 15 to 20 minutes. Take the MRT subway train at the Sukhumvit station to Silom station and you're just short a 5 minute walk to Patpong.

So I'm offering my personal hotel selections on this blog post because I receive a lot of emails from guys who don't know which hotel to pick that have no joiner fees. Because there's so many fricking choices especially when they look at my list of gf hotels in the Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza area.

Even though I have my own cozy place to run out my clock in Bangkok I still book hotels closer to the city's red light districts. Because it's much more convenient for me whenever my friends come over for a visit to hangout and drink myself silly with my best friends.

Plus if my neighbors catch me with a hooker I'd be the pariah of the neighborhood and parents would be pulling their kids away when they see me. I just don't want that type of attention. Oh yeah, Thais in townhouse communities are just as proficient in gossiping as us white folks. Sometimes a bit way too nosy too.

Anyways I have narrowed down a short list of hotels. I chose these hotels as if I was coming to Bangkok as a newbie with a set budget in mind. Below you'll find a hotel I recommend along the sois of Sukhumvit road from 1000THB like the plain yet adequate Orchid Place to mid range hotels like my highly recommended Majestic Grande, both are just a few minutes walk to Nana Plaza.

Be advised that the recommended hotels prices will fluctuate plus or minus a few hundred Baht depending on the season. This is especially true for upmarket hotels like the Grand Centre Point Sukhumvit that I recommend below.

Orchid Place on Sukhumvit soi 6
The cheapest guest friendly hotel on this list is the Orchid Place which is priced at around 1000THB per night for a standard room. It's all basic and no frills but the location is the real advantage.

If all I had was a 1000THB to spend a night in Bangkok this hotel would be it. Because it's just around the corner from Nana Plaza and the Nana Hotel car park for freelance hookers.

Now I have never stayed at the Orchid personally but I have seen the rooms of friends who have and they look clean for a cheapie hotel.

Sure, the hotel looks like a dump from the outside but if all you're worried about is sleeping in a clean room and the ability to bring hookers to your room without a hassle then the Orchid Place will suffice.

Heaven @ Hotel on Sukhumvit soi 4 - This is a superior room
Heaven@4 Hotel is another cheapie place to stay. Sometimes I see hookers standing outside of the hotel's bar. This is the hotel where most of my friends on a budget stay because so far there is a book 4 nights pay for 3 deal if you make a booking through my reservation website here.

The total including taxes is only 4500THB. No breakfast mind you but there's plenty of places to eat on Sukhumvit soi 4. Heaven@4 is another no frills hotel. It's clean and adequate. Nana Plaza is close with a short walk as well as all the other honeys to check out nearby.

I've never stayed at the Heaven@4 either, but again my friends have and I have seen their rooms and for the price it's well worth it. Don't be surprised if there are no rooms available if you're trying to get a room. So be sure to book ahead of time.

DI Place - Very near NEP's go go bars
Now if I want to stay in a newer hotel that is less than a 3 minute walk from Nana Plaza check out the budget DI Place Hotel. You can expect to spend a little over 1200THB for an 18 sq meter room.

There are also a few Thai prostitutes, some are ladyboys if that's what you're looking for standing by the entrance of the soi leading to the hotel. And of course you have the option of just crossing across soi 4 to Nana Hotel for even more ladies to check out. Check out current rates for DI Place because it's very reasonable.

Boss Suites Nana Hotel
If I can spare 1500THB per night then it's a real no brainer. I would stay at the Boss Suites Hotel in a heart beat. Which I have in numerous occassions.

This hotel is located further down Sukhumvit soi 4 from the hotels mentioned above. If you walk from the hotel to Nana Plaza it would probably take about 10 minutes. Or you can simply use the hotel's free one way tuk tuk service.

This is one of my favorite 3 star hotels in the area because there's a nice little pool and a tiny gym. Every time my friends have stayed there it seems like nobody ever uses the facilities. Anyways, this is a good hotel and but because it's so popular and even though it's only 4 years old it is seeing some wear and tear. I noticed it just recently while my friends were staying there.

Besides that tiny nit pick, Boss Suites is a fantastic hotel that only cost between 1500THB to 1600THB. If you're lucky and check through Agoda.com it might also include a coupon for morning buffet breakfast.

Majestic Grande
For the guys who have a little more to spend and want to stay near Nana Plaza, perhaps one of the best 4 star guest friendly hotel from that location is the Majestic Grande.

It's really a nice hotel and ever since it opened back in 2004 I have been raving about it. Even though it's only 10 years old the Majestic G has been renovated just this year. It's a good looking hotel, very comfortable with nicely decorated rooms. Only drawback is it has a small pool and even smaller gym.

Annie's Soapy Massage is right across the soi if you think that's a benefit. I prefer heading to Huay Kwang for body to body soapies.

Anyways if you book in advance for a minimum of 3 nights there is an early bird 20% off discount good until June 30th, 3013 and you can check if there are any rooms available here with discounts at the Majestic Grande. I just stayed there last month for a week. Check out the lunch buffet on the 7th floor. Just 300THB flat and you get an excellent spread of international and Thai food to gorge yourself.

Finally, whenever I want to splurge a bit on a hotel room I head right to the Grande Center Point Sukhumvit. One night will set you back about 3700THB with taxes and if you've got the cash it's all well worth it. The hotel location is simply amazing but I'm too tired to write more. I wrote a review post here so you can check it out.

So there it is. If you have a hard time figuring out where you want to stay I've done the hard part of narrowing all the hotel information down. All of the hotels mentioned above are near a lot of action, go go bars, massage parlors, street hookers, you name it. Plus the BTS Nana Sky Train and MRT subway train station Sukhumvit are also near these hotels.

If you're wondering why there are no recommendations of hotels that cost less 300THB or so is because I personally don't know anyone who wants to stay in a room that cheap. Hell, I don't even know if there are places that cheap in Sukhumvit. Even if there are, I can't vouch for the cleanliness nor safety. And know it'll be a tiny room with no air conditioning. Trust me, it is hot in Bangkok especially as of writing.

And check back for my top Pattaya hotel choices.


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