Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My 5 Favorite Pattaya Go Go Bars

You have no idea how are it was to write to post. Because I really like a lot of go go bars in Pattaya and narrowing all of them down to my personal top 5 go go bar list meant that I would be leaving a lot of names that I really like.

It was a whole lot easier when I wrote about my top 5 favorite bars in Bangkok. Because club for club, the number of bars to pick up girls is greater in Pats.

But since I know a lot of guys who come to Pattaya are staying there for a short time, and don't need too much info to muddle up on deciding where they should go to find the best looking bar girls and not getting ripped off at a bar.

Off the bat I want to say that all of my personal favorites are all centered around Soi LK Metro which is in the central area of Pattaya and also the place I go for finding girl friendly hotels.

Plus the hotels on LK Metro are not that far off a walk from Beach Road or Cheap Pussy Bay as I call it. That's where you'll find hordes of Thai freelancers up and down the promenade late into the night. If you would like to stay closer to the beach take a look at a post I wrote last year where you'll 8 budget Pattaya hotels that are good quality and in the perfect locations near bars, Walking Street and even Soi LK Metro.

But I don't want to concentrate on Soi LK Metro solely. Ever though personally I am content on staying in that area alone and just chilling out in the surrounding bars. However, I know a lot of perverts reading this also want to check out Walking Street or even Soi Diamond. And rightfully so because there are plenty of great go go bars in those areas as well.

I'll add in the bar fine price for each go go bar below. Remember bar fines are paid to the bar along with the drink bill. Keep in mind that you have to pay a separate price with the bar girl for sex or whatever.

The going rate for short time (1 hour) ranges from 1500THB to 3000THB. Though don't be surprised if it goes above 3000THB for the hour if the bar girl is desirable. Long time rates can range from 4000THB to 6000THB and again this overnight rate can explode if she knows her own worth. This does happen so whatever you do don't look so god damn desperate.

So with the intro out of the way here are my 5 best go go bars in Pattaya (in no particular order) starting with:

1. Champagne A Go Go

This ad is from Champagne A Go Go Website

Okay, so Champagne go go bar is located right on the corner of Soi Diana and Soi LK Metro. To the guy who came up with this free blow job when you buy the first drink is a marketing genius. My hats off to you sir! Every Wednesdays and Friday nights is free pizza night! Though please make sure to check out their website here to see if these specials are still around.

Sorry, didn't mean to get too excited. It doesn't hurt either that Champagne has some pretty fine looking bar girls either. And that's what I go there for. Because to be honest, the pizzas not that great. But at least their happy hours last from 2pm to 9pm. And I have to mention that even in the early afternoon you can still find pretty girls working the stage at Champagne. Particularly their coyote girl dancers!

These dancers are sort of like the A-Team girls which means they're prettier and younger. So you're going to have to cough up more for the bar fine which is 800THB. But you can't bar fine them before 11pm because they're the lure that draws in the crowds.

The regular dances will set you back 600THB which is right on par with most go go bars in Pattaya these days.

It's a great place to go, friendly atmosphere and the drink prices very reasonable.

2. The Office A Go Go


Another very popular go go bar nearby competing against Champagne. Just head down a bit further towards the elbow end of Soi LK Metro and you'll find the Office A Go Go and all its glory.

They don't have the bells and whistles that you'd find in other bars around though they still have some excellent talent to keep a guy satisfied and happy. It's a newish bar in the same group as Mash and Submarine which are also within the same area. However, the Office is where the better bar girls are found.

The Office's theme is set up like what you would imagine. The girls are dressed up in kinky secretary like outfits, mini skirts with revealing push up bras and many with exposed naughty bits.

They've got a fine lineup of ladies and I have a blast there all the time because they make you feel like the boss!

The bar fine at the Office will set you back 600THB.

3. Baccara Bar Pattaya

If you've read my post here on how much I like Soi Cowboy's Baccara Bar then you wouldn't be surprised that I am a huge fan of Pattaya's Baccara Bar located right in the middle of Walking Street.

The set up is the same in both. The first floor has the best looking girls though. The second floor has a see through stage and it's where you'll find girls dancing topless and sometime full nude as well.

The atmosphere is great and you'll find it's hard to get good seats since Baccara Pattaya packs in the crowds almost every night.

Drink prices are quite reasonable with lady drinks costing 115THB and a local brew for yourself cost 59THB.The bar fine cost is 600THB at Baccara Pattaya.

You can find Baccara Bar right on the middle of Walking Street, right by Soi Happy.

4. What's Up Bar


If you want to see a great show put on by bar girls then head to What's Up Bar Pattaya around 10:30pm. Many bars have dancers that put on half assed shows that look like they were choreographed by retards.

At What's Up Bar the girls there know how to put on a great show with revealing costume get ups and nice little girl on girl action to spice things up. There are even girls to interact with while the shows are going on.

So it goes without saying that the biggest draw to What's Up are the fine dancers they employ that are completely different than the regular go go bar girls.

If you want to bar fine a dancer it'll set you back 1000THB. Plus drinks cost higher for them as well, about 165THB. You can expect to pay higher rates for sexual services as well.

Regular girls cost the standard amount which is 600THB and you can even take out the wait staff which some are very easy on the eyes and not as hardened. However, wait staff bar fines will cost you 800THB.

Yup, what's up bar is on up market scale and if you have to cash to throw around this is one of the places to do so in Pattaya.

What's Up Bar is located on Soi 15 on Walking Street so it's really easy to find.

5. Airport Bar

So I've always had a thing for air hostesses. Okay, so the bar girls working at Airport A G Go are not actual flight attendants but who gives a shit. They're still hot and provide friendly service plus the club itself is quite a place to check out.

Though some might find Airport Club a little claustrophobic. Out of the go go bars reviewed here, this is smallest of the 5 listed here. You are going to be rubbing shoulders with lots of punters. However, since they've got such a fine line up of attractive go go girls I don't mind it at all.

Drinks prices are very reasonable and bar fines will set you back 600THB.

Airport is located right on Walking Street right next to the Soi Diamond beer garden.

As I mentioned earlier on this post there are many go go bars in Pattaya that I genuinly like. But I wanted to keep everything short here just to make things easier on those who simply can't make up their minds on which to visit. That said, I will be working on a bigger list of go go bars that I personally enjoy visiting and share it all here in future posts.


  1. Hi joe,

    Thanks for the posts.
    I had below queries:
    1.Can we find a Russian or a Foreign Women in Pattaya? if yes, please suggest the best place.
    2. Are there any discotheques in pattaya, where we can find a pretty decent woman and avoid a bar fine?


    1. Hello,

      To be honest I don't actively go out in search of Russian women. But in Pattaya I remember seeing some clubs, not go go bars, with Russian dancers. Like Galaxy Cabaret and Moulin Rouge, both are on Walking Street.

      I suppose if you speak to one and the money is just right they'll head to your hotel room. However expect to pay a shitload of baht. If you're worried about paying bar fines I think you might worry more about the price of a Russian hooker.

      There are plenty of discos in Pattaya or just go to a beer garden like Soi Diamond Beer Garden on walking street. No bar fines there.

      Good Luck!

  2. Hello Sir,
    So much info on your blogs, It is a big help, I have set up a Thailand trip keeping in mind all your advices. I just want to know, a list of Bj bars in pattaya. Sorry if it is already there, and I overlooked it.


    1. Hello,

      I don't have a list but you I do believe there are quite a few over at Soi Post Office in central Pattaya.

      Try the Pump Station over there.


    2. Hello Sir,
      Thank you. I will check it out.