Friday, April 12, 2013

Wellness Residence Bangkok - An Affordable Place to Stay Near Soi Cowboy

So there are loads of girl friendly hotels right by the go go bars of Soi Cowboy. Here's a list of most hotels in that area that are less than 10 minutes walk and some less than that.

But what if you want to stay at a hotel less than a 100 meters away from the best go go bars in Bangkok?

Then consider taking a look at the Wellness Residence, which I have never noticed from all the times I've been to Soi Cowboy. A good friend came over to visit just last week and he picked the Wellness because he's getting married soon. And he wants to sow his oats to last a life time.

And to him it looks like a good place to stay as any to short time as many girls as he possibly can while drunk. So this is his last hoorah so to speak in whoredom.

The hotel is located less than 100 meters from Soi Cowboy
He had spotted Wellness Residence once heading over to a 7 Eleven to purchase some condoms after bar fining a lady at Baccara and taking her to the short time hotel nearby. And it was closer to any hotel next to Soi Cowboy then he had known about previously.

Wellness Residence - Deluxe Room
The Wellness Residence has only 20 rooms. With so few rooms on property you would think that the rooms are small but surprisingly they are not. A deluxe room is 25 square meters with a base price of about 1200THB a night. A superior room size is 30 square meters. And the price difference between the deluxe and superior is around 200 Baht.

Need more space? The hotel has Thai superior rooms that are a whopping 40 square meters to play around with your bar girl. That room will set you back about 1600THB per night with special discounts and that's a sweet deal. Which is the room my friend chose. But a reminder even though the Wellness is guest friendly they'll allow you to take up one lady at a time. It's something my friend found out the hard way when he tried to take three Thai hookers to his room. He's always been the over zealous type.

Like many hotels within the similar budget range, there's no pool, no gym though there is a snazzy sauna. Plus free Wi-Fi internet access is of course a much appreciated amenity. But the biggest advantages for solo travelers of course is the hotel's location. You can walk to Nana Plaza in around 15 minutes or just hop into a taxi and if the son of a bitch turns on the meter it should cost under 40THB.

And the location near the hotel is busy with the Sky Train and MRT stations just minutes away on foot as well as a bunch of foreign oriented restaurants and the Terminal 21 super mall.

So I get a lot of request for which guest friendly hotels are cheap and not far from Soi Cowboy. Wellness Residence matches both descriptions just fine so it's a pretty good place to stay in Bangkok.

Here is the email confirmation from the hotel regarding its joiner policy:
Greetings from Wellness Residence,

We do not charge joiner fees. Only kindly ask visitor to leave ID card with security for your safety and well being.

Staff at Reception
Check current rates and read more guests reviews here.

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