Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hung Like a Horse in the Land of Smiles

A few friends and I went over to Angel Massage on Sukhumvit soi 24/1 a few nights ago. One of the guys is new to the scene. A first night ever in Bangkok and as a rookie he chose to get an oil body to body massage to pop his cherry at Angel.

We all chose our girls and went off on our merry way to our separate rooms. I chose my usual girl that I called ahead to book. By the time I was about to take off my shorts my cell phone rang.

I checked the caller ID and saw it was the new guy. As a first timer he probably had a lot of questions though it would've been a bad time if he started asking at that point. Or it could've been he just needed some translation with the massage girl.

So I answered and heard the new guy chuckling like some sort of evil villian. He tells me to hold on and I hear his massage girl say in the background, "Too big. Change lady please."

I cracked up laughing out loud too. He didn't know what to do at that point so I just told him I would meet him back downstairs and see what the alternatives are.

I got down to the reception area first and when the new guy came down with his massage girl I heard her describe the new guys cock to the mamasan. She said in Thai that the new guys schlong is the length of her elbow to her wrist, which is about 9 inches. And the girth was the size of her clenched fist. Again she insisted she was having non of it.

I cracked up even more. At the same time I was shocked too. New guy just had a smirk on his face. The guy isn't physically big and kind of looks like Woody Allen. He's 5 foot 5 inches tall and 160 lbs. soaking wet. What a lucky son of a bitch!

There was no need to translate. He knew what was going on well enough.

So the mamasan showed him the available girls who could accomadate his member. There were 2 ladies who could but he didnt' like them. He liked the massage girl he was originally with. I don't blame him, she's pretty, about a 7 on a scale of 1 to 10.

It was a Mexican standoff but the new guy was cool about it. So I asked if he'd settle for a blow job. He hesitated but eventually agreed and so did the massage girl. Problem solved.

The moral of the story is you can be denied full service if you have a large kielbasa swinging between your legs. And there's not much you can do about it if a massage girl, bar girl or any other Thai hooker doesn't want it in between her legs. So one option is to just get a blow job no matter how much you want to go the full nine yards.

You can change ladies especially at the body to body massage parlors. At a go go bar you might have a difficult time. When a bar fine is paid and you take a go go bar girl back to your hotel room you might have a problem when she denies access because she's scared you might split her in two.

It's a problem that might piss off a lot of guys. Because you've already paid the bar fine and agreed on a price that includes full intercourse.

Now if you are a lucky bastard to be extraordinarily endowed and don't want to come across this issue I suggest telling the ladies what they're about to get into (or what's getting into them lol!). This way there's no concern, no cash out of the pocket or any surprises once you're back in your room.

Most importantly, don't get pissed. From the stories I've heard from many ladies, customers do get angry simply because they are too big for the ladies. Just chill out, really. Just be happy you've got a problem many guys wish they had!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

BKK48 Massage Parlor - You Gotta Check Them Out

One of My Top 5 Massage Spots in Bangkok

Okay, so I've been getting some pressure from the readers of this blog to spill the beans more on places I visit. Especially oil massage shops. So I'm going to throw you guys a bone on another shop I truly enjoy. It's BKK48 Massage on the left hand side of soi 22 if you're walking down from Sukhumvit road.

The closest train station is the BTS Phrom Phong Sky Train. Be sure to follow along exit #6 from the station straight to soi 22. Incidentally, the area is called Phrom Phrong and that area is where you'll find the most concentration of massage parlors that double as brothels. The walk should take about 10 minutes. Check out their website for a map.

And the 2 nearest no joiner fee hotels next to BKK48 are the Check Inn Regency and Citrus Sukhumvit 22 Hotel. Both hotels are good choices for enjoying the city's nightlife.

The reasons why I like BKK48 is simple. They have a handful of hot looking massage girls. Second reason, it's a clean joint. So far the rooms that I've been in are clean and well kept. And the girls are HOT! Oh wait, I mentioned that already. I know most guys don't give a shit if the rooms are clean or not as long as the massage girls are cute, but having a clean room to mess around in is a bonus.

There are 4 girls that I choose at BKK48 and it's a busy shop and so are my girls. So I always have to book ahead and see whom ever is available for my time. This place is popular with my Japanese buddies and it's from one friend that I've been introduced to going to in the first place. If you've already seen BKK48's website then you'll see it's completely in Japanese.

It's a medium sized shop and they have a roster of 2 dozen girls. But I would dare to say that a majority of the ladies working at BKK48 Massage are in the 6s on a scale of 10. While my favorite girls are in the 7s and 8s range. They really do have some fine looking massage girls.


How Much They Charge?


Well the prices they charge are higher but not so much when compared to other popular Japanese frequented oil massage shops around Phrom Phong.

At least their menu is simplified, Thai, oil or lotion massage, doesn't matter what you choose and are priced like this:
  • 1 hour 2200 Baht
  • 1.5 hours 2300 Baht
  • 2 hours 2400 Baht
This is an all inclusive joint so the price for sex is factored in with the massage. They may request customers to pay up front.

And I do believe in tipping your massage girl if you are satisfied with your experience. Especially if you plan on seeing her frequently. The most I tip is 300THB.

If you've read a lot of my blog posts on my jaunts to the massage parlors you'll know the Jim Hunt rule is stick with the 1 hour rate. Not unless you really think you need the half or full extra since it's not that much more. But if you don't you're throwing away money. And skip the balls massage which at BKK48 cost 300 Baht for 30 minutes.

So to end off this post I'm working on a short list of massage parlors in Phrom Phong on my website soon. It's the one of the subjects missing and I've been taking my sweet time working on it. Should be finished by early next week though. So be sure to drop in often.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Getting Dragged into Bangkok's Apple Massage and Liked It

Apple Massage - 50 meters down Sukhumvit soi 24/1
Most of my friends know I like going to the same oil and soapy massage shops in Bangkok. However, I have started getting a bit adventurous again when it comes to exploring the city's male leisure adult entertainments.

But there are some places, where I swore I would never return to again because there are no girls I like or I find compeletly ugly.

And that was the first few impressions I've had of Apple Massage when I checked them out a few years ago and since have never gone back.

I swear the last time I was there every girl they had in the line up had horrible teeth. And the ones that did have good teeth had horrible faces. That was five years ago. And too be fair, I went back a few times and yes, they had the same sad dismal line up.

Then just yesterday, while over a few cold ones at a bar around the Phrom Phong area, a fellow expat from the US mentioned he was heading over to Apple Massage on Sukhumvit soi 24/1. I swear I nearly choked on some peanuts.  Phrom Phong has a shitload of oil massage parlors with happy endings and he had to pick Apple??

Images of snaggled toothed girls crossed my mind. And he asked if I would like to join him. Lucky I didn't have any peanuts in my mouth that time or I definitely would have choked on that one. And I felt like going down to 101 Premier Massage to give my mind a memory wiped by my favorite massage girl there.

This is a good friend of mine and I learned a long time ago that if any one says a place has pretty girls and you think otherwise you just might have insulted their taste in women. I didn't want to lie and say I'm busy because all my friends know that I don't do anything.

I explained to him why I wanted to take a pass, or at least a rain check. He in turn says I should know better, in 2 years a lot can change and turnovers are quick. In away I agree. I used to think La Defense soapy massage was horrible. But I've been going back frequently ever since I peeked inside La Defense a few months ago and found that things have turned around for the good.

But still after a few more beers of asking me to join him he finally changed my mind.

It's possible that Apple Massage can improve right? Well, it can't get any worse that's for sure. But the real kicker was that if I was genuinely not satisfied with the joint he would pay for time with the lady. Which if he had made the offer in the beginning we wouldn't have wasted our time bickering.

After quickly downing our beers we made our way to Apple Massage which as I mentioned is on Sukhumvit soi 24/1, check out their website for a map of their exact location.

Soi 24/1 and the surrounding area is like the ground zero of oil massage parlors that double as brothels in the Phrom Phong section of Bangkok. The nearest BTS Sky Train station in this area is Phrom Phong.

Plenty of no joiner fee hotels in Phrom Phong too which is why my friend loves to stay in that area.

Apple Massage is about 50 meters down the soi and very easy to find. There were a few girls sitting outside and one of them looked pretty. She even had straight teeth. Now that's a good start.

We went in and were quickly greeted by the mamasan. The place looked refreshed and improved. I asked if it's under new ownership and yes was the reply. But then again, it could be a lie. Who knows and who cares as I had my eyes locked on the pretty massage girl sitting outside.

We were shown a photo book but simply asked to see who was available at the time. I recommend doing this because the pictures you see may not be accurate.

8 girls came in and stood in front of us, including the ladies sitting outside. Being the good friend I insisted he chose first and luckily he didn't choose the girl I wanted. We both wanted an oil massage for an hour which cost 500THB each. Which is about the standard price in the area.

My massage girl was a 6.5 out of 10 in the looks department and in my opinion, we picked the best 2 girls out of f the 8. And the mamasan told us there were only 12 girls in their roster.

The experience with the girl I picked was a bit mechanical at first. But she started to have a bit of fun as we started teasing each other. Usually girls are not as relaxed if you're a new customer but this one was down right relaxed after a lot of foreplay in the shower with a nice long BJ.

I was like screw the oil massage. I could stay in that shower stall the full hour.

But I finally decided to go the full nine yards but before we went and did the dirty deed I asked how much it was for full service. She replied 1500THB and that is the usual rate so we continued.

Did I have a good time? Yes. I can lie and say I had a horrible time so my friend pays but he reads my blog. But I did enjoy that hour. Though she's not hot she's cute in that slutty way.

I would probably go back because they did change their line up of girls and maybe there are some better looking ones today at Apple Massage.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Four Points Sheraton Bangkok Hotel

Four Points Sheraton on Sukhumvit Soi 15
Ever so often I get emails asking which hotels in Bangkok are operated and run by Americans. And of course the hotels has to have a bar girl friendly policy.

Practically all American operated hotels have no problems letting their guests invite Thai hookers for overnight stays, like the JW Marriott, Westin Grande and of course Sheraton Hotels. All which are conveniently located on Sukhumvit road in the Nana and Soi Cowboy red light districts.

A Good Value 4 Star American Hotel in Bangkok

Now there is a new Four Points Sheraton Hotel Bangkok and it's located 50 meters down Sukhumvit soi 15. It's a 4 star hotel with room rates that run around 3500THB to 4200THB, though you may find cheaper rates for low season. And it is quite a good value considering that their other American hotel counterparts cost even more. Though I figure anyone who is used to staying at Sheratons would agree the rates are reasonable.

Four Points Comfort Room - 32 s.q.m
Ok, sure you can get nicer Thai operated hotels in Bangkok if you're paying 3500THB and up. But this is an American operated hotel and I know there are people who simply prefer staying at foreign run properties. Not quite sure why there's such distrust in Thai run hotels. But I'm sure guys who prefer staying at non-Thai owned hotels have their reasons.

So anyways, as you can expect from any Sheraton operated hotel, the Four Points is a stylish quality hotel with professional services. Any gym rat would certainly be happy with this hotels fitness facility and anyone who loves to lounge around pools would be happy to know they've got a nice pool on property.

Nightlife near Four Points Sheraton Bangkok

Sukhumvit soi 15 where the hotel is located is a 5 minute walk to Soi Cowboy's go go bars. Walk 10 minutes on opposite direction and you'll find Nana Plaza's go go bars. If Thai freelancers is more to your liking then you can head over to the basement of the Ruamchitt Hotel, just a few minutes walk on soi 13 to Thermae bar, plenty of hookers there.

Looking for a BJ to past the noon time blues? Lollipop Bar on Sukhumvit soi 10 is across the road.

For a soapy massage Darlings is just right across on Sukhumvit soi 12 along with an after hours club called Insanity to pick up even more Thai hookers when the go go bars have shutdown after 2am.

There are plenty of other hot spots near the hotel but the ones mentioned above are the highlights.

Read reviews and find discount rates for Four Points Sheraton Bangkok.

Guest Friendly Confirmation:

Hi Mr. James Hunt,

Greeting from Four Points by Sheraton Bangkok, sukhumvit15

Thank you so much for your e-mail this morning. As your enquiry about a joiner fee, we would like to inform you that there’s no a joiner fee charge apply. However, if she stays overnight we would recommend you to register at the front desk or leave her ID with hotel’s security.

Should there be any further assistances, please feel free to contact us at any times.
Sudprattana Jairakpong

Guest Service Centre Agent
Four Points by Sheraton
Bangkok/Sukhumvit 15

Thursday, May 9, 2013

My Top 3 Favorite Bangkok After Hours Clubs for Thai Freelancers

Where To Get Some Action When the Go Go Bars Close

Bangkok's After Hours Clubs are Great to Visit for a Late Night Arrival...
It's not uncommon to come out empty handed at a go go bar or any other popular freelance pick up spots. And since most go go bars close at 2am by law and I've still have that itch I need scratched I'll head to one of my favorite after hours clubs on the prowl.

Also since all of these clubs close around 6am, guys arriving late to Bangkok can still get a hook up during a long layover. Just be sure to pick a hotel in central Bangkok close to the MRT subway station.

After hours clubs are located throughout the city and are a goldmine for grade A Thai hookers. And for guys looking for Thai university girls, you might want to head to anyone of the clubs I list below.

Though not every hooker inside after hours clubs are uni girls you may find many part time professionals who have day jobs, but need the extra cash to supplement their lifestyle. Or are just out looking for a rich horny foreign sponsor.

In Mixx Discoteque I've met uni girls and bank tellers who do what they do during the day and by night they are hooking and having fun.

But there are pros and cons to playing on that field. Thai freelancers in the clubs are pickier when it comes to customers. You either better have a lot of money on you or look like Justin Bieber or any member from a Korean boy band.

Because many of the best looking young Thai hookers go where ever the money is. Good news is, it's still possible to score a decent looking girl for 3000THB.

1. Mixx Discotheque Bangkok (website)

This very popular after hours club is right behind the Intercontinental Bangkok Hotel by the Ploen Chit BTS station. It's one of the poshest hotels to stay in the city. So you can kind of figure out for yourself that there are many high classed Thai hookers working the crowds of foreigners.

Once a good buddy of mine picked up a smoking hot girl. At first we thought she was a ladyboy but after a closer examination she was all lady. She was firm on her 5000THB short time rate and my friend agreed to it. He was staying at the InterContinental (which has a no joiner fee policy) and came back down in about 30 minutes.

I immediately thought he got scammed or something. Because I knew my friend can go for at least an hour. But the smile on his face proved other wise.

I asked,"What the hell happened" and he said she was so hot he blew his load in 10 minutes. But at least she was kind enough to stay for 20 minutes for a chat and give him her phone number.

The Mixx is slightly upscale and not really for the sandals and shorts budget sex tourists. But it's still possible to find decent looking girls that don't charge ridiculous rates.

But if you do have the cash to blow on hot Thai girls, this is the place to go.

2. Club Insanity (website)

Another popular after hours club located about 75 meters down Sukhumvit soi 12, which is not far from Soi Cowboy or Nana Plaza. There is another entrance on the left side of the V8 diner.

One of the main reasons why I love going to Insanity is the beautiful waitresses and bar staff. And oh yeah, their club dancers are hot. It's a good thing the club is dark because I'm sure every single guy is popping a boner while the ladies work their magic on stage.

So there are also a lot of Thai freelancers inside as well though most of them are full time professionals you will find some part timers too.

There are a lot of hotels in the area but the closest one is Ramada Hotels & Suites (also has no joiner fees) which is about a 5 minute walk from Club Insanity.

You can find plenty of freelancers that offer 1500THB short time rates but they expect you to take them to a hotel nearby. So the Ramada is a good option for those looking to short time as many ladies as possible.

3. Spicy

Out of my 3 favorite after hours clubs in Bangkok, Spicy is a real hole in a wall that would probably be on the news for being a death trap if there was ever a fire someday.

That said, it's an institution in Bangkok's red light industry and have been around for god knows how long. A vast majority of the girls working inside are full time professionals. You'll also find a mix of go go bar girls, perhaps some ladies from soapies that need to make some extra cash after hours.

Spicy is located a little past Pratunam so it's not far from Sukhumvit. Though even if I tell you the street address you would may still have a problem finding it since there are not a lot of landmarks or major hotels right next to this club.

Good news is if you flag a taxi there's a good chance the driver knows exactly where it is. Because drivers get a commission for taking customers to Spicy. There is no extra cost to you, however you still have to pay the taxi fare.

It's not a bad place at all to score some late late night poon because there's plenty of talent in the pool. And their asking rates for short time and long time is quite reasonable though you should still bargain.

One last thing I have to mention is there are plenty of taxis outside of the club during closing time, which is around 6am. It's best to take a taxi that is moving with traffic. There were instances of taxis outside Spicy club with rigged meters. They figure drunk passengers wouldn't notice.

One final thing, all of these clubs charge a 300THB entrance fee. Though with Spicy you get a coupon for a free drink. All of these after hour clubs will also waive the entrance fee if you by a bottle of JW. 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Having Some Fun at Bangkok's Colonze 2 Massage

Like many of the other soapies in the Ratchada section of Bangkok, Colonze 2 looks like a high classed body to body massage joint.

Though this soapy parlor provides special girls that are trained with the art of Nuru massage. Which really isn't all that exotic nor special to me.

Anyways, Colonze 2 is an easy place to reach. It's located about a 150 meters from the entrance of Ratchada soi 7 where Alaina Entertainment massage is located too.

There are plenty of decent no joiner fee hotels in the area...

There are many hotels near Colonze 2 and many other body to body massage parlors as well. So the area is not a bad spot at all to mess around in the soapies, especially if you have a long layover. Even if you have only a few days to mess around it's still a good area to find a budget hotel close to big massage shops. Check out this post for short reviews of hotels near the soapies that allow overnight visitors.

All taxi drivers will know of Ratchada soi 7 and taxis do not receive commissions for taking you there. An alternative is to take the MRT subway station to Thailand Cultural Centre Station and walk up instead. Just remember to use Exit #4. The walk to the parlor should take about 10 minutes.

So how are the girls? They always have a pretty good line up of ladies at least while I am there. The first floor by the entrance is where the fishbowl section is located. There are some seating areas near the fishbowl where the sideliner girls sit.

Colonze 2's fishbowl girls start from 1700THB and of course girls in that price range are a bit more mature. And the girls that can perform the nuru massage cost an extra 500THB. I would skip the nuru massage. It's nothing special at all.

Colonze 2 Massage on Ratchada Soi 7
Some of their prettier fishbowl girls can cost around 2400THB. Personally I don't mind paying for the prettier faces because the last time I've chosen a few in that price category I had good service and a fun time.

I've never picked a sideline girl from Colonze as of yet. Instead I always head up the stairs to the model lounge instead where I've found a lot of Thai university girls working for extra cash. I noticed that the best times to get to the model lounge is around 5pm to 6pm. From my experience that's the best time to find the most model girls. Though there are instances where many are already booked up. Because Colonze 2's models are very popular with the local Thai guys with cash to throw around.

The models I choose cost me about 2600THB for an hour and there are a couple of regulars I often stick with. There was one really hot looking girl with big tits, a skinny waste and a nice ass to boot but she's been picked up by a sponsor within a month of her working there.

There are a few other Colonze soapies, Colonze 1 and Colonze 4 and both are located slightly further out. I've been to all through the years and Colonze 2 is the best out of the bunch.