Thursday, May 23, 2013

BKK48 Massage Parlor - You Gotta Check Them Out

One of My Top 5 Massage Spots in Bangkok

Okay, so I've been getting some pressure from the readers of this blog to spill the beans more on places I visit. Especially oil massage shops. So I'm going to throw you guys a bone on another shop I truly enjoy. It's BKK48 Massage on the left hand side of soi 22 if you're walking down from Sukhumvit road.

The closest train station is the BTS Phrom Phong Sky Train. Be sure to follow along exit #6 from the station straight to soi 22. Incidentally, the area is called Phrom Phrong and that area is where you'll find the most concentration of massage parlors that double as brothels. The walk should take about 10 minutes. Check out their website for a map.

And the 2 nearest no joiner fee hotels next to BKK48 are the Check Inn Regency and Citrus Sukhumvit 22 Hotel. Both hotels are good choices for enjoying the city's nightlife.

The reasons why I like BKK48 is simple. They have a handful of hot looking massage girls. Second reason, it's a clean joint. So far the rooms that I've been in are clean and well kept. And the girls are HOT! Oh wait, I mentioned that already. I know most guys don't give a shit if the rooms are clean or not as long as the massage girls are cute, but having a clean room to mess around in is a bonus.

There are 4 girls that I choose at BKK48 and it's a busy shop and so are my girls. So I always have to book ahead and see whom ever is available for my time. This place is popular with my Japanese buddies and it's from one friend that I've been introduced to going to in the first place. If you've already seen BKK48's website then you'll see it's completely in Japanese.

It's a medium sized shop and they have a roster of 2 dozen girls. But I would dare to say that a majority of the ladies working at BKK48 Massage are in the 6s on a scale of 10. While my favorite girls are in the 7s and 8s range. They really do have some fine looking massage girls.


How Much They Charge?


Well the prices they charge are higher but not so much when compared to other popular Japanese frequented oil massage shops around Phrom Phong.

At least their menu is simplified, Thai, oil or lotion massage, doesn't matter what you choose and are priced like this:
  • 1 hour 2200 Baht
  • 1.5 hours 2300 Baht
  • 2 hours 2400 Baht
This is an all inclusive joint so the price for sex is factored in with the massage. They may request customers to pay up front.

And I do believe in tipping your massage girl if you are satisfied with your experience. Especially if you plan on seeing her frequently. The most I tip is 300THB.

If you've read a lot of my blog posts on my jaunts to the massage parlors you'll know the Jim Hunt rule is stick with the 1 hour rate. Not unless you really think you need the half or full extra since it's not that much more. But if you don't you're throwing away money. And skip the balls massage which at BKK48 cost 300 Baht for 30 minutes.

So to end off this post I'm working on a short list of massage parlors in Phrom Phong on my website soon. It's the one of the subjects missing and I've been taking my sweet time working on it. Should be finished by early next week though. So be sure to drop in often.


  1. Bro, are all the prices only provide one shot or multiple times?

    1. Otz,

      Prices are for one shot. However, it's up to the ladies to give a customer 2 shots if she likes the customer or is in a good mood etc.

      But in general, customers only get 1 shot.