Monday, May 20, 2013

Getting Dragged into Bangkok's Apple Massage and Liked It

Apple Massage - 50 meters down Sukhumvit soi 24/1
Most of my friends know I like going to the same oil and soapy massage shops in Bangkok. However, I have started getting a bit adventurous again when it comes to exploring the city's male leisure adult entertainments.

But there are some places, where I swore I would never return to again because there are no girls I like or I find compeletly ugly.

And that was the first few impressions I've had of Apple Massage when I checked them out a few years ago and since have never gone back.

I swear the last time I was there every girl they had in the line up had horrible teeth. And the ones that did have good teeth had horrible faces. That was five years ago. And too be fair, I went back a few times and yes, they had the same sad dismal line up.

Then just yesterday, while over a few cold ones at a bar around the Phrom Phong area, a fellow expat from the US mentioned he was heading over to Apple Massage on Sukhumvit soi 24/1. I swear I nearly choked on some peanuts.  Phrom Phong has a shitload of oil massage parlors with happy endings and he had to pick Apple??

Images of snaggled toothed girls crossed my mind. And he asked if I would like to join him. Lucky I didn't have any peanuts in my mouth that time or I definitely would have choked on that one. And I felt like going down to 101 Premier Massage to give my mind a memory wiped by my favorite massage girl there.

This is a good friend of mine and I learned a long time ago that if any one says a place has pretty girls and you think otherwise you just might have insulted their taste in women. I didn't want to lie and say I'm busy because all my friends know that I don't do anything.

I explained to him why I wanted to take a pass, or at least a rain check. He in turn says I should know better, in 2 years a lot can change and turnovers are quick. In away I agree. I used to think La Defense soapy massage was horrible. But I've been going back frequently ever since I peeked inside La Defense a few months ago and found that things have turned around for the good.

But still after a few more beers of asking me to join him he finally changed my mind.

It's possible that Apple Massage can improve right? Well, it can't get any worse that's for sure. But the real kicker was that if I was genuinely not satisfied with the joint he would pay for time with the lady. Which if he had made the offer in the beginning we wouldn't have wasted our time bickering.

After quickly downing our beers we made our way to Apple Massage which as I mentioned is on Sukhumvit soi 24/1, check out their website for a map of their exact location.

Soi 24/1 and the surrounding area is like the ground zero of oil massage parlors that double as brothels in the Phrom Phong section of Bangkok. The nearest BTS Sky Train station in this area is Phrom Phong.

Plenty of no joiner fee hotels in Phrom Phong too which is why my friend loves to stay in that area.

Apple Massage is about 50 meters down the soi and very easy to find. There were a few girls sitting outside and one of them looked pretty. She even had straight teeth. Now that's a good start.

We went in and were quickly greeted by the mamasan. The place looked refreshed and improved. I asked if it's under new ownership and yes was the reply. But then again, it could be a lie. Who knows and who cares as I had my eyes locked on the pretty massage girl sitting outside.

We were shown a photo book but simply asked to see who was available at the time. I recommend doing this because the pictures you see may not be accurate.

8 girls came in and stood in front of us, including the ladies sitting outside. Being the good friend I insisted he chose first and luckily he didn't choose the girl I wanted. We both wanted an oil massage for an hour which cost 500THB each. Which is about the standard price in the area.

My massage girl was a 6.5 out of 10 in the looks department and in my opinion, we picked the best 2 girls out of f the 8. And the mamasan told us there were only 12 girls in their roster.

The experience with the girl I picked was a bit mechanical at first. But she started to have a bit of fun as we started teasing each other. Usually girls are not as relaxed if you're a new customer but this one was down right relaxed after a lot of foreplay in the shower with a nice long BJ.

I was like screw the oil massage. I could stay in that shower stall the full hour.

But I finally decided to go the full nine yards but before we went and did the dirty deed I asked how much it was for full service. She replied 1500THB and that is the usual rate so we continued.

Did I have a good time? Yes. I can lie and say I had a horrible time so my friend pays but he reads my blog. But I did enjoy that hour. Though she's not hot she's cute in that slutty way.

I would probably go back because they did change their line up of girls and maybe there are some better looking ones today at Apple Massage.

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