Monday, May 6, 2013

Having Some Fun at Bangkok's Colonze 2 Massage

Like many of the other soapies in the Ratchada section of Bangkok, Colonze 2 looks like a high classed body to body massage joint.

Though this soapy parlor provides special girls that are trained with the art of Nuru massage. Which really isn't all that exotic nor special to me.

Anyways, Colonze 2 is an easy place to reach. It's located about a 150 meters from the entrance of Ratchada soi 7 where Alaina Entertainment massage is located too.

There are plenty of decent no joiner fee hotels in the area...

There are many hotels near Colonze 2 and many other body to body massage parlors as well. So the area is not a bad spot at all to mess around in the soapies, especially if you have a long layover. Even if you have only a few days to mess around it's still a good area to find a budget hotel close to big massage shops. Check out this post for short reviews of hotels near the soapies that allow overnight visitors.

All taxi drivers will know of Ratchada soi 7 and taxis do not receive commissions for taking you there. An alternative is to take the MRT subway station to Thailand Cultural Centre Station and walk up instead. Just remember to use Exit #4. The walk to the parlor should take about 10 minutes.

So how are the girls? They always have a pretty good line up of ladies at least while I am there. The first floor by the entrance is where the fishbowl section is located. There are some seating areas near the fishbowl where the sideliner girls sit.

Colonze 2's fishbowl girls start from 1700THB and of course girls in that price range are a bit more mature. And the girls that can perform the nuru massage cost an extra 500THB. I would skip the nuru massage. It's nothing special at all.

Colonze 2 Massage on Ratchada Soi 7
Some of their prettier fishbowl girls can cost around 2400THB. Personally I don't mind paying for the prettier faces because the last time I've chosen a few in that price category I had good service and a fun time.

I've never picked a sideline girl from Colonze as of yet. Instead I always head up the stairs to the model lounge instead where I've found a lot of Thai university girls working for extra cash. I noticed that the best times to get to the model lounge is around 5pm to 6pm. From my experience that's the best time to find the most model girls. Though there are instances where many are already booked up. Because Colonze 2's models are very popular with the local Thai guys with cash to throw around.

The models I choose cost me about 2600THB for an hour and there are a couple of regulars I often stick with. There was one really hot looking girl with big tits, a skinny waste and a nice ass to boot but she's been picked up by a sponsor within a month of her working there.

There are a few other Colonze soapies, Colonze 1 and Colonze 4 and both are located slightly further out. I've been to all through the years and Colonze 2 is the best out of the bunch.

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